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NL: Jenova Isle : Capital of Governance

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As the nation grew it finally hit a point that a more organized system of government was required to run the country. The population of the Diesmaran Empire during this time had grown substantially large and was beginning to exceed the capabilities of the current administration.



Issues began to arise. Crime especially was increasingly becoming more rampant. Order was non-present and the whole city was starting to fall into a degratory state.

So it was at this time the current 'leaders' took charge and responsibility,  decided that a new and more official form of goverment needed to be establish. The meeting took place between those who held the most power and highest degree of experience and intellegence, Corporate CEOs, Lead scientists, Researchers, Academic scholars and all the like. After debates,tempers flaring and all the ranting, none of which could agree on how would the government be formed.

However one person, a vocal and active political theorist and Social sciences professor, named Gregory Salavian, with his charisma and voicefull opinions spoke out the most above everyone else. His popularity and grace had swayed the many of the populace to what he believes how the government should be formed. His ideology based of the late Jamie Diesmar would be to form a new hybrid of governments one of which that could prove strong, and effective into dealing with all matters while protecting its interests and the interest of the people. He called it the DiesmarTheorus and as such it gained the support of the many.

A new location was set up just to the west several distances away from the current city Jenova and this would be the area that forms the new government and new capital.

As much as a brilliant man Gregory Salavian was in his ideas and theories, he was never any good with names . As of which he dubbed the capital centre as, Jenova Capital, naming it after the city right next to it....

The new government was established.

And soon the new and recognizable banner of the Diesmaran Empire was flown and displayed among the city streets and populace.


The government formed was a hybrid of various different kinds of governments making it somewhat unique from the many. It was a hybrid of, Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship, Despotism.

The leader and head of the new government was given the title of High Lord. His rule was known as the High Lord's governence. Each Governence consisted of several Ministers who headed several different divisions of ministries dealing with several sorts of affairs.

The High Lord held the ultimate power and most of many issues had to go trhough him/her, consulting various ministers representative senators. Each High Lord is elected out of several eligible candidates by the candidate. Each candidate is selected based on their background, traits, personality and qualification among many things. In other words a High Lord is selected not in a political party but out of anyone in the Diesmaran Empire who posses traits worthy to be that of a leader to lead a nation. And not many actually qualify. Only selected few with gifted attributes are chosen to even qualify to be considered to be a High Lord and thus only the elite of the Elite are chosen. Being a High Lord is a life time task as of which is the most highest respected post in the new government.

Gregory Salavian soon took up head of office and was first to be named the new High Lord. His first order was to grant a new name to the nation. And thus the Diesmaran Empire was officially formed.



Now there have been numerous radical changes and add-ons to the current government. Gregory Salavian was the very first High lord chosen among the people of the Diesmaran Empire.

The Diesmaran Empire have seen over 25 High Lords in History who have taken up the noble position to govern and rule over the DIesmaran Empire, each with their own unique style that adds to the growth of the nation:

-High Lord Gregory Salavian

-High Lord Fredrick Bahmad

-High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu

-High Lord Orlivian Rollewi

-High Lord Kristen Dian

-High Lord Charlie Varenigh

-High Lord Feranhighen Dimocravich

-High Lord Daniel Whitersteen

-High Lord Dai Xin Xuen

-High Lord Chai Fei Lieu

-High Lord Castella Delanova San Piego

-High Lord Abdullah Barakhim

-High Lord Mojoba Zimwi

-High Lord Cartevella Vasidian

-High Lord Jaster Riveri

-High Lord Tohoma Kazama

-High Lord Savari Haistu

-High Lord Poliander Garis

-High Lord Imni Sakuva

-High Lord Lavian Deismo

-High Lord Agravella Orion

-High Lord Amaista Dasmian

-High Lord Ventrivicus Osidon

-High Lord Li Mei Ren

-High Lord Viktor Vasidian (Current)

Now let us move to the city. The city of Jenova Capital is offically the main city of the governing body of the Diesmaran Empire.


This site has been the grounds of many protests, celebration, and even at one point in time, a tragedy.


The area is basically the island with bridge connections to the main cities on the east and the west. The Island houses Ministry offices and Council Halls. Many foreign diplomats of many nations both on Earth and on Ezra have met here to discuss several foreign policies or simply are just diplomatic visits.

This is the main hall. Weekly meetings of ministers and representative senators are often held here to debate over various issue that should come up in the Diesmaran Empire.


As you can see as well security is particularly tight in the area.


The Statues of Jamie Diesmar and his wife Luciell


The governance offices for all High Lord Governance Ministers. These 2 buildings are the halls and offices of the main Ministers in the Diesmaran Empire. The office of the First Minister is located here as well.


The Senate Halls. Weekly senate meetings are held here by the senators in every city district of the Diesmaran Empire. Senate meetings are usually held to discuss domestic issues and any international issues that directly or indirectly relate to the Diesmaran Empire. The High Lord at times attends these meetings if the issue are of importance.


The Statue of the Colossus. A symbol of the strive to attain greatness in the Diesmaran Empire. The statue is made of actual gold and there have been over 300 attempts to steal it already.


The Spires of Jenova. Serves as a main meeting point where all sorts of diplomatic talks on all levels are held. Also is the main archive site where all history of the Diesmaran Empire are recorded as well. Each Spire carries a different meaning to each of them, Truth, Justice, Unity, Glory.


The colossul cruise ships used mainly to house meetings and events if the typical boardroom or Gathering hall gets a little too dull for national leaders to converge in. Nothing like discussing interests of national security or a declaration of war aboard a luxury cruise ship eh?



And finally some pics of the area at night






Till next time.

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I am blown away by your designs!! I have been playing sim city for years, but my cities are childs play compared to yours!! LOL! I stand in awe of your creations.

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this is more than a futuristc Cj this is a Shadow_prophet Futuristic CJ.
by this i mean your empire would be the best in its union (if you are in one?)
altough i thought that you wold be in one already with such a Briliant Cj

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another comment from me...
i like your idea of what the spires stand for...
in fact... i liked it so much that my 9 Imperials for my empire are based around yours.
hope you don't mind ( the 9 imperials are not the same as what your spires stand for) 

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man you really have blown me away my cities are total junk compared to urs (i guess most of the buildings u made urself).

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Am I seeing right? Where there some Super Stallion Helicopters parked? If yes, where do I get those, cool city by the way

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