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NL: Jenova Bay : City on the lake.

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Its been many years since High Lord Gregory Salavian took power as the very first High Lord of the Diesmaran Empire. Establishing laws, writing up the constitutions while building up progress in the nation. He became the first iconic symbol of the Diesmaran Empire and and inspiration, as well as aspration of how a leader should be. However like all men, great or small, they soon meet the equalizer of all. High Lord Gregory Salavian was soon afterwards laid to rest. His resting place may be found in

Many years past on as the next High Lord, High Lord Fredrick Bahmad took charge and it was he who then orchestrated more major developments and had began to expand the city branching out eastwards from the capital city Jenova. We will learn more about this later on but what interests us is the next High Lord that came after Fredrick Bahmad.

Her name was High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu once before was a scholar in the fields of Political Science and Urban architectual studies as her major fields of expertise, working as the head of research in a local company in the Diesmaran Empire. She was soon chosen and eventually given the title and power of the new High Lord of the Diesmaran Empire. Instead of expanding the development continuing further to east  , she set her sights on the west.

Her reason as to why she made the decision was unclear, but unofficial reports during the time quoted her saying the following:

"I always liked the beaches on that side, so I think it would look nice if we built the cites there."

So on that note, the expansion moving westward began and the first area to be developed was the bay next to the city of Jenova and north of the Government capital. The area was named, Jenova bay....yes....she was not very good at naming things as well.


Lets view the development of this particular city district as how High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu overwatched the project.

First was the placing of the rail tracks for the expansion of the local mass rail transit system.


And as how the Diesmaran Empire is famous for its rapid development and construction, within the week, everything else went up as well.


Then the tracks just moved along as it went, along and along and along,


Untill they faced a road block that stalled the development.....or in this case a mountain.


And once informed of this High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu went on the field herself to examine the situation. And as she pondered around what to do next, it wasn't untill she walked down to the bay area overlooking the beach, where inspiration struck her.


She then gave the direct order that would mark her as public enemy number one for all environmental activists,from here all the way back to earth forever.

"Flatten the mountain!!"


"After that take all the pieces of the mountain and form an Island over by the bay area, creating two small lagoons here. NOW GET TO IT."

And so....they did:




Some may say High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu was a few straws short of the haystack in those days when she took up office. But in the present days, some would highly disagree and called her a visionaire, for this is Jenova bay today,


The Island which was formed out of the mountain which was..flattened has now been turned to this,


One of the most famous structures in the Diesmaran Empire, the Taidasu Palace and Resort. has become an icon for the wealthy and the many of the Diesmaran Empire. The Taidasu Palace is a 5 star luxury resort placed in the direct center of the mass.

The resort also features 2 man made lagoons, also from the mountains which were... flattened.


Much effort was made here and also through the guidance of High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu that focused on enhancing the beauty of this area.

And it is because of this iconic structure as well that Jenova bay attracts many highly wealth people from all over and beyond. It has become as well the pinale symbol of the many now high wealth residents in the Diesmaran Empire and most of which can be found right here as well in Jenova bay.

Another notable area of Jenova Bay is the nearby convention centre which plays host to many exhibitons from around the world and from Earth as well.


Hmm seems like there is something going on today, lots of people.

However there is one similarity that Jenova bay shares with the City of Jenova, and that is that life only truly comes on at night. Being the haven for the rich and wealthy, there is no shortage of entertainment and nightlife especially in Jenova Bay as well.



More skyscraper structures dominate the skyline as how do the many city districts in the northern lands of the Diesmaran Empire.



Now that we covered this district, lets move up north soon, we have a lot more districts and cities to cover before we reach our destination at Geranahigen to the west. Till then, when the next morning comes.


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yeeeaaah... i would love to live here!, But i have an Empire already. so i would visit here in the summer Break...
oh and my CJ is called the Macadamia Empire. 

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what the???? why no replies is this Cj DEAD OR SOMETHING

(shouts) HELLLLOOOOO!!!!!!

hmm no reply.... well that means only one thing.
its  dead

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