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NL : Jenova : City of the skies

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Order and peace were once again restored among mankind. The crisis which was to be the ending doom of the world was resolved thanks to the resources gathered from the new world. The colonization of Ezra was a huge success. Development of the colony steadily rose and soon enough, a grand metropolis had risen from the ground up. A city of over 500 million people.

The new city now several milenias old since the first establishment of the colony grew larger and its influence has expanded. Economically as well, the city became a powerhouse and a giant in the economy comparitively to the many nations on Earth. So much so in fact that the city in itself was effectively a nation. Unfortunately as well, back on Earth, many nation leaders saw this as well, and as such they saw this as a threat as they fear that the Ezraian people will grow too strong and they would lose their place as the superpowers.

Soon later in the years, an announcement was made that would throw the world into a new age of turmoil. Several national leaders on earth had made a declaration demanding shift of authorative and goverment power back to the respective nations on earth which had first funded the project in its first days. In effect, the colony would be divided and given control to the respective goverments.

However, this idea did not sit well with the people. In fact they hated it. They believed that the city of which they built on Ezra was theirs as it was their lineage and harwork that created and shaped it to what it is. The Ezraian representative voiced these opinions back to Earth asking them to reconsider this arrangement. The national leaders declined, implementing an act that should any revolt be made against this, would result in serious consequences. So the people of Ezra had no choice.... they revolted.

Soon all hell broke loose not only on Earth but also Ezra, As the planet was a considerable distance away from Earth, the governing military and authority could not reach Ezra as of the moment, giving the Ezraians plenty of time a chance to revolt against those they deemed as "oppressors". The Ezraians, with technology and manpower on their side, the constructed the weapons that almost brought an end to the nations who had tried to oppose them.

The wars waged for a year. The Ezraian colony holds the highest advantage compared to the so-called superpowers of Earth. But the war needed to end. And it needed to end immediately. And soon came the prefect opportunitty to do so. Researchers of Ezra had discovered a new form of immense energy created from anti-matter and as of which it was decided that this would be used to bring the opposing nations of Earth to its knees. THe first antimatter bomb was used. It was sent and detonated in one of the largest capital cities on Earth. The blast destroyed and wiped out the entire city in a flash as it made the nuclear bomb look like nothing more than miniature fireworks. No one was killed in the blast as the city was evacuated knowing of the imminent attack. The warning came from the Ezraian themselves as they did not want to kill civilians but to show the nations wha tthey were capable of.

Pressure from the people and the might of the Ezraians , the nations of Earth surrendered and the war won, in the favour of the people of Ezra. Soon talks were held and the demands were made, that the people of Ezra and that Ezra in itslf will from now on and be forever free and independent from the goverments of Earth. And this was unanimously agreed to with no conditions.

The people of Ezra were now free. And many saw this as a new oppurtunity. And this was a mark of a new start. Now that Ezra was indipendent from the clutches of Earth, why not venture forth and establish new grounds. And so they did.

Many, filled with ideologies and new prospects gathered themselves up and journeyed forth to new lands on Ezra, each establishing new countries and new goverments in accordance to their respective ideas. Those who still remained in the former Ezraian city did so, establishing a goverment there as how they have planned for so long. The city still stands there, growing developing. It had the name changed to the names of the 2 of the 3 founders who had founded the initial Ezraian Colony, Oonto Rotocco.

Those who ventured off numbered in the thousands each, not nearly enough to establish new nations, but one of which was about to just do that impossible task. A movement of well over 200,000 people conisting of engineers and researchers, following the ideologies of Jamie Diesmar, went on and travelled to the southwestern parts of the continent, and it is there they will leave their mark on history.


Soon hereafter the colony was abolished and soon several new nations were born out of the ashes. One of which carried the name of the one of the great founders and soon of which, the Diesmaran Empire was born. Though initially it was named the Diesmaran Colony. Their new location was placed in the southwest parts of the region and as such from there they began building up the nation.

It's basis for goverment establishment at the time were minnow but they were based on the philosophical teachings of Jamie Diesmar in his later years before his passing.He envisioned the possibility of creating a new form of society that would be different, learning from the mistakes of many nations, those still present and those that have fallen long ago. A new utopia, of peace, harmony and prosperity.

Construction and development were in the heaviest some had seen in history. But to add to an advantage, many of the Diesmaran Empire's new nationals were that of the former engineers and urban development experts from the old colony. This made progress in construction move at a rapid pace which further on later in time, earned the nation's reputation as the fastest urban development in history.



The people knew they couldn't depend on foreign funding and aid to make this country grow so what they planned was to create for now a self sustaining nation and through ingenuity of construction and agricultural research knowledge of which they have learned they created the  Agricultural centers which are still being used to feed the populace even untill this day.



They had to increase their research as well and development. Researches were initially self funded but soon afterwards many became interested in the prospects and invested by opening up their own companies as well. One of which was the famous Somy new tech industries.


The region became so fast growing that within just a decade the new colony had flourished so well that it was astonishing. So much so that they even began to export their products , mostly thanks to their agricultural development and high tech hardware and software innovations. Exports were made back to earth through the initially constructed space port which also significantly contributed to the rapidly growing economy.


At the pace the future was looking brought for this newfound nation, Just like how Jamie Diesmar saw.



That day from its magnificent yet humble beginnings was a milestone in History on Ezra over a millenia ago, and this is the Jenova we see now:


As the development grew in that once small region, so did the population. Foreign investors had come from all over Earth and on Ezra as well as several self made companies, It was at this growth stage that the political system was finally implemented and a form of "Father knows best state" was born and its governance was made to an elected dictator who rules the country with an strong position but compassionate wisdom. The rules of governence and political systems are adopted from various styles of politics mixing this nation which has a state of rule combining it with democracy, imperialisme, and socialism while stemming firmly to its roots and ideologies of Jamie Diesmar.

And over 3 million people work, reside and live in this city. Despite the compact nature of this city traffic and pollution has never been a problem. Technology has helped in this area in many ways in transportation wise, underground high speed rail commute and effective bus systems as well as the new ordinance passed by the goverment  encouraging people to use forms of mass transits have made the city streets relatively free flowing and traffic jams are low. And pollution is at an all time low thanks to the advancement in technology of reducing emmisions of carbon and any other form of pollutants into the atmosphere. We will get into details on how later but for now let us continue shall we?

The city is filled with skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Mostly that of commercial and resedential suites. of many enterprising companies, both local and international



And in here we have the Jenovian Cosmoliner port. Eversince the Diesmara Empire adopted use of antimatter and Cosmoliner Flight Technology, Cosmoloiners are now the country's main form of aviation slowly replacing Commercial Airplanes though those are still used in effect today as forms travel. Cosmoliners are generally faster, efficient and can carry much larger amounts of passengers.

There have only been a recent push towards manufacturing new era technology and advanced spaceships. Mass prodcution of these ships have been on the increase and now fills the skies over the Diesmaran Empire.


The Diesmaran empire prides itself on its innovation in urban development and in recognition of the empire's entrance into its first millenia since it's establishment,began a project of a supertower known as the Amaista which has officilaly dominated the skyline of the Diesmaran Empire. This feat holds the record for the tallest structure and the fastest built structure in hisotry as it was built in 2 years after a regionwide project was launched. The Amaista now stands in the Diesmaran Empire as the symbol of the Future for the people of the nation. Soon after which several other supertower projects were built but none could match up to the Amaista standing over 2000 meters tall and it serves as a resedential, commercial and goverment complex as well.


Here is a night shot as well


As some will say no that engineering has pushed beyond its limits to the sky. Construction has already reached it's limitations of how high it can go an any other projects would be far too expensive. So if the Diesmaran Empire cannot go any higher, how bout lower?


As seen here this other project came when the Empire found itself in need of more office and resedential space so urban developers formed a brilliant i dea and began building the city not just on top of the land but in it as well and the new geo cityscape was initiated which has development and business demand booming yet again. And it has continued to go on even further... or shall we say deeper.


Here is also the beginning of the industrial area which later connects to the industrial district of Vinira but these ones are still in Jenova. Many companies, new and old have established themselves here as well. The most common copanies are biotech companies, technological manufatcutring and development companies and a whole lot more.

Though Jenova has served basically as the hub for business corporations and companies in the day, at night it is a whole different story.

The city turns into one huge nightclub for all. Celebreties and tycoons of whatever fields break loose in the night (most especially on weekends) to party and many buildings accommodate these nightclubs and party halls. For that reason the city is always alive.





And thus when the next day comes we shall move on to a different district in the empire. There are a lot more things that the Diesmaran Empire has to offer to show to the world and so much more history to go along with it. So untill then here is a night shot of the whole city.


Till the next update when the morning comes in the Diesmaran Empire.

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The starships are from models which i found on sci-fi meshes and converted it through BAT into the game. So technically they are only in my possession now.

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Thoase my friend, are recreations of the USS Voyager in the United Federation of Planets fleet in Star Trek. :D
Which i HAVE to say are the best parts of your CJ, those beautiful blue glassed towers coming in second.

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Some of the really tall buildings are from a Corusant BATs that I used to have a long time ago, I think from a Japanese BAT site. Glad to see someone made good use of them. BTW, this Cj is brilliant.

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10\10 awesome stuff.


And how does one provide power to so many buildings?

Nuclear Plants in a different city. Just make sure they have proper fire coverage unless you want a nuclear meltdown

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