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About this City Journal

See this wonderful city grow from its humble beginning to the magnificent metropolis that it is today

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Well... after a while I'm back with an update. The thing is, since I dont BAT it would impossible to keep it going with the history city... plus I deleted it hahaha my mistake I know... so I've decided to keep on recreating Buenos Aires... but!!! and I mean it... I do... seriously... modern times!!!

So now I'm gonna show you what I've been working on these 3 or 4 days? YEAH... kinda 3 and a half days...


This is a look around the crossing on 9 de Julio and Corrientes...


This is the same pic... BUT! with one block absolutely completed!! YAY!


Avenue 9 de Julio... I believe this is the widest avenue in the world? correct if I'm wrong...


Well... this is what a typical block from nowadays looks like in Buenos Aires... some argentinians are following this cj and they know and can confirm that this is pretty much what it looks like... you see... Buenos Aires is really frenchy... it is also known as the Paris from Latin America



This is a pic of the whole area... it's not finished... believe it or not... THIS TOOK ME A REALLY LONG TIME TO PUT TOGETHER!!!


Close-up on 9 de Julio... the avenue is enormous! I love it... I think I did the best 9 de Julio considering the game's limitations...






Status Update!

So hey everybody, this entry isn't about an actual update...

Basically what's being going on lately...

1) Somehow... my region is no longer in my game, I dont know what happened... I guess I erased without knowing it until I actually got into the game... The thing is I thought that a copy of the original thing and it turned out it wasnt.

2) With that said, I only have my second Buenos Aires region, which is barely started since its the modern city. The whole thing was divided into two parts, the foundation and the history, and the Buenos Aires we see nowadays.

3) SOOOOOO, I started playing my modern city, I was develping it and I came across a huuuuuuuugeeee, and I mean a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE problem!! I NEED AN OBELISK! the thing is, the avenue 9 de julio, has an obelisk as a landmark that is 1x1 tiles... AAAAAAND, its 67 mts... so I need someone to please BAT it... I mean, without Obelisco, there's no Buenos Aires... the Obelisco is the most famous landmark in the city... SO PLEASE... anyone...

I'll be posting pics on what Im working... I promise you will like it!


Welcome back!


4mac4c: Thank you... I appreciate you stopping by!!!

hijodecordoba: Well... I went to Asuncion for 10 days... I thought an update was necessary but I really wanted to enjoy my vacations so no SIMCITY hahaha... hope you enjoy this one!

Well, as I shoowed you on the last update, the city was growing really fast. The port started to developed and soon a second platform was needed.

You can see the 2 platforms needed for the port expansion.


Here's a view of the city with its current expansion, this is year 1586


So far the city was standing without a fort, and it was going well without it. By 1590 the idea of having became really strong since British ships were seen on the Brazilian coast, this raised some fear among the people.

What happened next is the goverment from the city sent a letter to the Spanish crown to ask for permission to build a fortress, of course, they needed the money and the permission to build one. The crown accepted it and the construction of the fortress began:


Here is a typical street in Buenos Aires in 1590:


I hope you enjoy this update as much as I did...



Well, it's been a while since the last update since I went on vacations and I really enjoyed them... so no simcity 4 during vacations=no update...



After people left Buenos Aires, the old city was abandoned and burned down so that no one could live again at it. So people were forced to go live in Asuncion, which was the city we visited last time.

After 40 years the Spanish crown realised they needed to regain control of the South America entrance, which was Buenos Aires. So they decided to make a second foundation of it and make it the entrance to the rest of the empire. Of course, the main goal was for the Spaniards to take the gold and silver from Peru, then they would take it to Asuncion and ship it to Buenos Aires, then from Buenos Aires to Spain.

What Spaniards didnt realised is that giving Buenos Aires a second chance would make the city grow faster than any city around. The thing is that only 4 cities by that time were considered "cities"... Soooooo....

They sent people from Asuncion, and they led by Garay, they founded Buenos Aires... AGAIN... almost at the same spot.

The city grew really fast. The idea was to create big blocks and make them in a square shape so all the space was used.

From its foundation Buenos Aires was planned... so it makes it really unique and very different from the previous foundations in America

Buenos Aires 1580... ships arrived


Second Foundation... made some buildings and unloaded the ships


Buenos Aires 1585... after 5 years of its second foundation, the city grew amazingly fast, and became the second biggest city in the empire


The Cathedral


Constructing to the outsides to expand...



Hello, so far we've seen the first foundation of Buen Ayre, the city under attack, and finally the retreat of the Spaniards from the city.

In the last entry, you could see in the pic that everything was destroyed, but it wasnt destroyed only by the indians. The Spaniards forced to burn down everything so that the people that didnt want to move had no other option than to move.

Also, I said that people moved North, well, today is time to visit that North

This is Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción... or.... Asunción.

Asunción was the biggest city founded by Spanish. The city was strategically placed near Río Paraguay so that they could transport stuff from Spain to Asunción by ships and make sure they would arrive.

Asunción is in the heart of South America, and it was also the capital of the Spanish conquest. It is said that Asunción is the mother of South America because all the journeys started here.

Asunción was developed with the goal of making the route of gold from Peru to Spain easier, so basically having Asunción was like having a port in the middle of the continent that had an exit to Spain and the rest of Europe.

Asunción 1575:


This is the Asunción Cathedral, also the center of the settlement


Asunción, majestic city, the Spaniard's pinacle of colonization.


The port of Asunción, the busiest port from all South America, everything that went to South America in the Spanish empire came through this port.


The city, and its way out...

I really hope you enjoy this update, it was something that cannot be avoided, since the next foundation of Buenos Aires is thanks to the people in here... well the people from here actually were the Buenos Aires population, but, that will be discussed in the next update, comment, rate... SHARE!


Hello... welcome back.

If you read the last update well... IT's time for another one!

Well, after some time the city started to have some troubles with the food. Food was the main problem in the city because of two reasons:

1) no people work the land, which means no vegetables at all

2) there were no cows... no sheeps... no nothing

Based on those two points we can all assume that Buen Ayre had its days counted. According to some books, people started to die, so the people left started to eat whatever they had around, which included dogs... horses... belts... shoes... anything they could find... until they finally made it to people. Oh yes, they started to feed on the deads.

One day, indians came to help out a little a offered them food. By the second day, indians were tired of feeding them because of the fact that no one at buen ayre seemed to worked to earn it or pay for it... so they retreated.

Mendoza, sent two scouts to look for the indians and forced them to work for him, but the indians killed the two messengers and attacked the settlement of Buen Ayre.


Indians had the advantage since Buen Ayre had no defenses against them except of the fear indians had with the guns (the only thing that kept them out of the settlement).

After 15 days, the indians retreated, some said because they started to starved... it is not certain what happened, but what it is certain is that the city became nothing but ruins


By 1541, the people had to leave Buen Ayre. The city was abandoned and the people of Buen Ayre became part of an expedition to the north.


Stay tune, dont miss the resurrection of the city!!


Welcome everybody! this is my first city journal, and it will be based on my hometown from its first foundation on 1536 to today's modern metropolis.

A little not to long history background:

"Seaman Juan Díaz de Solís, navigating in the name of Spain, was the first European to reach the Río de la Plata in 1516. His expedition was cut short when he was killed during an attack by the native Charrúa tribe in what is now Uruguay.

Depiction of Juan de Garay and the second founding of Buenos Aires, 1580The city of Buenos Aires was first established as Ciudad de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre[7] (literally "City of Our Lady Saint Mary of the Fair Winds") after Our Lady of Bonaria (Patron Saint of the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari) on 2 February 1536 by a Spanish expedition led by Pedro de Mendoza . The settlement founded by Mendoza was located in what is today the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, south of the city center.

More attacks by the indigenous peoples forced the settlers away, and in 1541 the site was abandoned." -from wikipedia.com

Buen Ayre wasnt much of a big deal, it was really small, had no protection against outsiders and it was really isolated from the rest of the settlements. The city had no walls, not a big population, and it did not have a lot of people living at it. Every settlement needed walls to "protect" from the indians, every town needed population to work and grow faster, but this town had non of those.

So, what to do? nothing... that is exactly what they did, they just lived with what they had... which eventually led them to this, the settlement of Buen Ayre:


This is the original settlement...


The "seaport" of the Buen Ayre... not to busy right?


And, the general look of the city...

Hope you enjoy... please, comment... rate...


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