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Come see The Federated Kingdom of Heimen

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56. Lake Stil

It has been a long time since my last activity here on Simtropolis, since April 2013 (!) to be exact. Thanks to this rainy summer and the enormous amount of available custom content I recently started playing SC4 again, of which you can see a bit of the result here: I introduce the Island of Stil!

Stil is a small republic (Stilnem Repblik) that encompasses the volcanic island of the same name. Its volcanic history made for a very mountainous landscape. The middle of the island is marked by the deep blue old crater lake (Lag w-Stil). Most of the 34.000 inhabitants live in the valley that connects the lake to the harbor, scattered around the coast there are some small towns and hamlets. 

As the update title has revealed, during this update we will focus on the crater lake and the towns on its shores.

In the middle of the lake Templom Arkan (the old monastery) pops up above the water. For centuries this has been a refuge for a dozen of monks and pilgrims from the island. Nowadays it is still in use by the monastery, and accessible to the public. Usually the island is mostly reached by a 50 metre swim across from the shore


Leg-y-fels sits on the most inland shore. North to South a part of the lake ring road , Sand kar z-Leg (A1) can be seen. To the West is the road (A8) that twist its way up to the towns of Pas and Fels-w-Haw


Driving around on Stil, you will never be bored by a dull straight, flat road.


The town of Fels-w-Ekr, endpoint of tram line B, towards the right it runs through the densely populated valley down to the harbor.



The most outward end of the lake is decorated by the Kolum Se-Tonisem (Column of Saint-Anthony), patron saint of the island. The avenue going to the North is considered the main street of the island, as most governmental institutions and major stores are situated along the way


To finish this update an overview picture of the lake (still a bit rough around the edges)







Very neatly designed little area. I like the close ups but I also really like how you added the landscape overview. I always love to see the context of people's work and not just close up. Good work.

@MilitantRadical: Thanks for your most kind words!

Looks great! Nice work :)

@Dubaidude303: Thanks!

I am amazed. I cannot utter any words to describe the magnanimity, the beauty of this update. :O

Except, there may be one... FANTASTIC!!!! :)

@Ggamgus: Haha thanks mate!

I love the lake, and the pic with the castle, makes me imagine a time before those roads, and mighty battles being fought!

@Forthwall: This area used to be inhabited by the Vikings: mighty battled guaranteed.

I like the water and the lake :)

@Mayorjacks: Than you, water plays always an important role in my cities.


In this update a short view of the small village of Hensbår, situated at the place where the Witz flows into the river Låpe. Though it has only 4,000-something inhabitants it is a mjor regional center for transport and commerce.


Because of the steep hills inbetween the valleys the village’s neighbourhoods are defined by the valleys they’re in.


Thanks for reading!

One more thing…

We get a new king in The Netherlands tommorow!

Hurray for King Willem-Alexander!





Bon voyage to Mr. Johansen!

Great pictures!

@Ggamgus: Il m’a dit de te dire ‘merci beaucoup’. Which is probably not grammatically correct or anything but oh wel :)

Nice story line and transportation networks. Looking forward to more! Maybe you need to give those sims that have trouble finding a seat on the train another alternative: Highways!

@Texan: I didn’t expect to hear anything else from a Texan ;) There is a highway running just on the other side of the hills. The problem in many European is, is that highways are even more crowded, and finding any place to park is merely impossible.

I like the S-TOG design, very slick

@Forthwall: Thanks! :D

Like how roads are realistic

@Moderncitylover26: That’s what I tried to achieve :)

Looking really good! People on slower computers and/or internet connections would probably appreciate if you changed your images to .JPEG format, though. The PNGs can take forever to load.

@IndianaJoe: Thanks, I indeed didn’t really think of that ever before as my internet is quite quick. From this updaye on I will publish everything in a .JPG format. Thanks for you advice!

Some Scottish-Gaelic music on the background


In this update we visit the small village of Bærby. Inhabitants: barely 3.000. Situatian: just at the end of a mountain lake, right where the river Bær begins. It is crossed by a national road, T19 which runs East-West trough the province of Tissenfjell. Almost parallel to the road runs the Tissenjernban, one of the highest railways in Heimen. A warm welcome to Bærby!


A few kilometers down the lake shore is the hamlet of Helsøy, part of Bærby Kommune


The village center is small and situated around Jernbansplas, Railway Square


While the center is located on the shore the village it self is located up the hills


Its major tourist attraction, and reason of existence is the Festning, the old castle located on a rock overlooking the lake.






Lovely graphics :D

@Forthwall: Thanks, I

hope you like the graphics in this update too!

I love it! :D

@Ggamgus: Good to hear

that :golly:

Yeah nice detailed

update! full storyline

@Testuser1234: I hope you

think the same about this update!

Update 51:

Kassel & Østredal

Today I have for the first time since a long time a normal update for you!

I realize some of the pictures are over-edited, I just liked to mess around a bit

in GIMP.

As I mentioned in the last teaser we will be exploring the end of line B in this

update: the area around the stations Kassel and Østredal.


Every day I wake up and open the curtains I realize why I live in the suburbs: the glorious

view of the Hørstberget mountain over the small village I live in.

My name is Espen Johansen. I am happily married and have three children, two boys and one

small girl. In daily live I teach German at a middle school in Stalpen, the big



It is still dark outside as I prepare my breakfast. A cup of strong coffee and some rusk

with ham. As everyone else of my family members is still sleeping I close the

door gently as I leave. It’s only a short walk to the bus station. I am just in

time to jump on the bus, with many other commuters we ride in five minutes to

the train station


Along with

almost everyone else in the bus I leave the bus and make it to the platforms. A

short beep as I keep my transport card above the reader and the small gates

open in front of me.


Every morning I take line B to Nord Promenaden station, which acts as the central

station in the S-Tog network and switch there to line F, where I get out just

in front of my School.

As Kassel is the terminus of this line I’m always lucky in finding a place to sit.

In only two minutes the train slowly starts to move. We leave the station and head around

the corner over the railway bridge



Slowly the sun starts to raise above the horizon, leaving the village center in a orange

glow. The light house along the port moves its red beam slowly towards the lake


The village center around the port is only small but we can find all we need here. The

esplanade always makes for a nice place for summer evening walks


Soon as the port leaves our sight the train heads in a tunnel. Above us the suburban

developments crawl over the mountains, on the other end of the tunnel is the

Stalpen valley


The train exits the tunnel and almost immediately stops at Østredal station.


I hope you all enjoyed this update!


In my CJ Heimen, the background information has always been one of personal favourites. During two years I made a lot of newspapers, transport maps, flags, road signs and more. In this update I have a compilation of some of the best of those I have made. I hope you like it!


Road signs give an extra dimension to the highway system, or actually any road showcased in a CJ. I made a couple of road signs for my CJ, most of them involved some sort of ‘road trip’

The first road trip was along the river Tuur. The road passed along a lot of small rural villages, below are a couple of my favourite pictures from

this update.






Below are some of the other signs I produced, in chronological order:

51.6|The entrance sign of the village of Soetedal


51.7-10|Highway signage





5.11-12|The latest generation of road signs, made with InkScape




Newspapers are always a nice addition to a CJ, I’ve never been really good at making them myself though. I did make a couple and, inspired by the CJ Utgard, I plan to make some more in the near future. Telvision channel TVH also showed its face one time. HeimenTourism has been the most loyal advertiser…

5.13|My first ever newspaper, save as a .jpg in paint, so horribly pixilated.


5.14-16|Then came the Heimen Telegraph. Better quality than The International




5.17-19|The mobile version of the Heimen Telegraph was continued for quite some time, I'll try to re-introduce it soon





5.20-22|Heimen television channels TVH and HPT, now merged into HRK








As I didn’t want to spam you to dead with even more pictures, making for an endless loading time, the second half of this update will be released later this week.

I hope you enjoyed it!



Fantastic! I love how the towns are expanding along the river. Very realistic.


@Ggamgus: That’s exactly what i tries to achieve, thanks!

Nice Region view, Nice to see how it developed


@Republicmaster: Thank you very much! I won’t stop expanding it!

Love these regional pictures..

I think the new terrain and water mod makes the area look totally different from the first pictures with the maxis original.

@Fox: I’m glad I converted to terrain mods, thanks!



Great indeed

@Sucram17: Thanks!

Yay cognrats!

@Forthwall: Thank you :D

Happy 50th birthday!!

Can't wait to see the next 50!

@Fox: I can’t wait either!

The stuff about the CJ psychology is so true.

@Clarkjordan12345: It’s a tough truth but let’s use it in our advantage, I always try to comment on as many CJ’s a possible :)

Congrats on 50! Time for another :D

@Republicmaster: Thank you! It is coming :)

Currently I am playing the region Heimen since the start of my CJ, about three years. I terraformed it entirely by hand and it has seen many revisions. Throughout the years I took multiple region view pictures. I only found five of them, they give a nice view of how the region growed. I also added a picture as the region looks today, the result of years of playing simcity. I hope you enjoy!

50.1|May ‘11|Almost half a year after the start of my CJ the region is mostly concentrated along the river Tuur. The city of Ture shows it dominance in the North, nowadays Ture is only half of what it used to be


50.2|June ‘11| After one month of intensive gaming the region had a Southern expansion, such as will be ever present in the region. In the very South the beginning of the city of Arden is visible. The suburbs of Bijsterveld (Centre-right) also saw some sprawling.


50.3|October ‘11| Major rural expansion along route B11. The first signs of the nowadays central river Lope, then in the South are here. I abandoned the bay to the east only a couple of months later. I tried many different in that area but until now I couldn’t find anything satisfying.


50.4|Februari ‘12| Almost one year ago, the region is very much as it looks now, it actually is even larger. The Southern Lope river is entirely terrafomed, just as the Heurstberg mountaineous area. West of those mountains the city of Stalpen was founded.


50.5|August ‘12| I decided to delete many cities or rebuild them. In the centre of the region the International Airport Alex II was built.


50.6|Jauary ‘13|Many cities saw revisions or were entirely rebuild in the last half year. Especially the city of Stalpen, just west of the mountain lake grew very quick since the start of 2013, it is close to be the most populous city of Heimen, just after Ture and Bijsterveld.

Click here for full resolution


50.7| The same region view, combined with the names of all cities and villages. There are numerous hamlets that aren’t shown on this map

Click here for ful resolution


I hope you liked it, the final part of the anniversary update will arrive next week!



Looks cold! Lol

@Dubaidude303: Yes it certainly is, tomorrow we can ice skate on natural ice!

The picture is almost similar to views in my home city, only that we have more snow. :)

@Soer_II: Your username sounds Danish, is it? We didn’t receive any more snow, tomorrow there’s expected to fall about 5-8 cm :D

That picture is, indeed, truly amazing... :O

@Ggamgus: That picture was taken in a forest less then half a mile from where I live!

Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Bust out the warm cocoa!

@Schulmanator: I developed a warm cocoa-addicition last week ;)

Animal Arithmetic by the Icelandic Jónsi, lead singer from the famous and awesome Sigur Rós

The power of the commentor

Though any ‘real’ artist would never admit it, it is widely known in the world of cityjournalism that it is here all about the commentors. Commentors, or the lack of, can make or break a city journal. Commentors are the reason you’re updating for, when nobody posts a comment you will slowly loose your motivation to keep you CJ.

As was the case when I first started my CJ in 2011. The first entry received a lot of comments. The following though got barely any attention. Understandable though, when I look back at the picture I posted, not that interesting. For a couple of times I went trough a CJ-depression, if I may hereby introduce this term. I had the intentions to abandon my CJ as no-one enjoyed watching it anyway.

Luckily I didn’t. Slowly but steadily I started working on my simcity skills, and with that I received more and more comments. Especially when I started to post in the forums I got a boost of attention to this CJ.

All the commentors that posted in Heimen from the very start until December 31 2012 are listed below. I was astounded by how many it were, 75!

Number 34 up to 75 (1 post) would come here.

Every comment that came from a person that only posted once is appreciated equal to any other comment. At their next visit they will receive a place in the list below.


33. Dreamtown

32. Hampi

31. IL

30. Jakis

29. Jettyjockey

28. Nedal2001

27. Packersfan

26. Paulmc

25. Republicmaster

24. Shanemelbourne

23. Simul8ter8

22. Skycraper 241


21. 111222333444

20. Skyscraper241

19. Simplemente

18. Sucram17

17. Testuser1234


16. City_master

15. Datschikinhed

14. Hazani Pratama

13. Jack20h2

12. Rewright

11. Towerdude


10. Adooxx (5)

9. NMUspidey (5)

8. Nathanthemayor (6)

7. 100000000000000 (7)

6. Benedict ( 8)


5. Ggamgus (10) Turned into a regular commentor the second half of last year. Always positive, with a sharp eye for errors. I made a flag my self that accidentally quite much/completely resembled the flag of Bahrain, #mapgeekfail

4. Simlink (13) Comments the comment no-one else makes: if all the comments are about a forest you’ll post about the photo-editing, thanks for your different views all the time!

3. Simcoug (15) Makes well argumentated comments, always great to read them!

2. Fox (18) The pink comments are always filled with kind words and usable constructive criticism. If I find a comment in my CJ I can usually find a comment on the same entry on the other place I publish my CJ. I feel honoured that someone takes the time to go trough my CJ twice.

1. Schulmanator (31) Simtropolis’ favourite cat is always there to place a funny comment, preferably about hot cocoa. Among one of the first to comment on my CJ, and ever since the most regular commentor. Thanks for all of your comments!

Emotional retroperspectives on the history of this CJ, revelations and more following this weekend in the continued anniversary update!

Thanks for 50 updates people!



Replies + Photograph


Amazing scenery Daniel! I imagine it would be fun taking my Lambo on those roads :)

@10^13: Thanks! I’d love to aswell, though Heimen police officers tend to be very strict…


Seriously, there needs to be an edit function on here :)

@10^13 (II): Haha you made my day! The fact that you actually do know my name means enough to me :golly:

Lol fail ace :P Excellent lake work you have there :D

@Forthwall: He shall be forgiven! ;) Thanks, it took me quite a while to terraform it all by hand.

LOL Ace:P Really nice stuff you have here :D

@Republicmaster: I’m glad you like it!

What texture do you use to get those mountains?

@Aakl: I switched last week to the Sudden Valley terrain mod. I thought it fitted better to the Nordic location of my country than my previous terrain mod. You an find the mod over at the LEX http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2867 (To download it you need to register at SC4devotion)

Nature at its best!

Thanks for sharing :D

@Daybreak: The best comment I could have wished for :D

Beautiful scenery.. although the maxis trees detract a little from the beauty.. I'd recommend you look in to some custom flora.

I think this would be a lovely place to holiday too.. so maybe a campsite could allocated some space or some log cabins by the lake?

@Fox: Thanks for your comment! As I told in the forums I’m working on it :)

At the moment I am in the middle of mid-term examinations, making it hard to produce an update. They end this thursday, I hope to publish an entry then.

Not ‘any’ entry though. The 50th entry in this CJ! Which will be coincidentally a delayed-end-of-the-year-2012 update. And what a joy: the start of season three will be during the same update. What a coincedence!

Hope to see you all at my little CJ party!

Because I can’t leave you without any pictures: here’s the winter view I experienced this afternoon on my way cycling from school back home, amazing isn’t it?




Replies to the last update 48. Stalpen’s S-Tog

Fancy Map and great subway design!

@Forthwall: Thanks! It was designed similar to Copenhagen’s S-Tog

Great map, very nice and organized... :) I happen to borrow real-life subway maps. :P

@Ggamgus: This one looks a lot like the real life version of Copenhagen’s commuter train system, so it’s somewhat borrowed aswell :)

Great map! Even better that it works in game.

@Simcoug: Yes, I was surprised it did! Though the city keeps crashing at the moment, I’ll try to make it work and after that I can show it here :golly:

Awesome! You have great extra in your CJ :)

@Schulmanator: Thanks! That’s what vanilla CJ’s have to do to be somewhat attractive around all the other CJ’s

Great map! Also remembers me of the Oslo Metro and its Ring Line.

@Sylvio Jorge: A sharp eye you have! It indeed is, besides Copenhagen I took a look at Oslo and Berlin.


49.1|Hørstberget Nasjonal Park is on the program today. Being one of the mid-sized national parks in Heimen it protects the Hørst Mountain from its roots in the sea to the glaciers on the very top of the mountain. The park is located in the south of the country, thus only sparsely covered in snow at the moment.

49.2| In the lower part of the fells woodlands dominate. The fjords are not as steep nor as spectacular as those found north but nevertheless worth a visit. Winderfjord is one of the many fjords that cuts in the coast. A road is following the fjord. This road, called ‘Panoramavei’, Panorama Road, is the only road in the national park, making it all the way up.


49.3|A bit higher, in the hills, lies a small lake; Lake Witz. Its waters are well famous for being some of the clearest –and warmest– found in the Nordic country. It is said that one is no truly Heimensker until one has swum here.


49.4|On a small peninsula between the lake and one of it’s many side pools we spot the first wild life! Two magnificent mooses are having a walk down to the water to drink.


The tree line is found quickly as we climb. The highlands make a deserted landscape, only small shrubbery is able to grow in this vast merciless landscape. Winds blow over the cold white summits.

49.5|During ice age enormous glaciers carved out valleys in the mountain. While carving harder layers of rock were exposed. Such as here, at Odinstolen, a the valley curves around a granite column, which is standing proudly over the small road. No wonder why it was named Odinstolen by the locals a long time ago, ‘the seat of Odin’, the most powerful god in their mythology.


I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Stalpen's S-Tog

Yay! Can't wait! :)

@Ggmagus: Thanks for commenting so regulary! Here is this year’s first update :)

Happy New Year Can't wait! :D

@Republicmaster: Thanks, your waiting has been answered!

Heimen turned out to be at number 13 (!) in the forums and number 92 in the CJ section of Benedict’s top 100 CJ of 2012! I want to thank all of my dear commenters, soon I will deidcate an update to all of you :D

Today I’ll show you the first bit of my simcity project this week. The S-Tog [es’ toog] in Stalpen is a commuter train system great;y inspired by Copenhagens S-Tog and Berlin’s S-Bahn. I have builded railways in simcity often but this is the first one that’s actually working. The stations are located in an area the size of about 10 by 10 km. Along the central ring, stations are usually about one kilometer from each other. The further away from the city center, the longer the distance between each station.

De S-Tog stations have transfers to the national railways and the subway (T-Banen). The subway system is almost entirely inside the S-Tog oval ring.

The S-Tog serves an area populated with about 250,000 people at the moment. Plans are made to extend line B to the south and line D to the northwest.


More about the S-Tog and the city of Stalpen coming soon...


New year's Update

Looks very nice, a merry Christmas to you !

@Towerdude: Thank you, I certainly had a merry Christmad, hope you did aswell!

Yes, very nice indeed...

@Ggamgus: Thank you, happy new year!

happy xmass!

@testuser1234: Thank you, and I had :)

Best wishes and merry Christmas to you as well.. Thanks for sharing your christmas pictures.

Your airport looks interesting, love the underpasses under the runway.

@Fox: I am really glad you liked it fox! I posted about the airport earlier, have a look if you wish: here http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/2106/entry-16889-the-international-airport/ and here http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/2106/entry-16975-alex-ii-international-airport/

2012 has been my most active year on simtropolis so far. I really enjoyed CJing Heimen and I want to thank everyone who commented here :)

I hope 2013 will be an even better year, with all luck and health to you; and of course merry cityjournaling!

This is the view I had yesterday from my window, isn’t it amazing? New year’s eve turns the sky in instant chaos in The Netherlands. As you might know we like our personal freedom quite a lot. This is also reflected in our fireworks. Far as I know there are only a couple of professional firework shows, mostly in the big cities. Everyone else fires their own firework, which makes for a indescribable 360 degrees panorama of colours and sound troughout our little country.


And before I forget:

Season three already, oh my…



Christmas Time



@Jakis: Thank you!

Awesome! I wish I had the patience and skill to create maps like these.

@Simcoug: Thank you, it indeed does take a lot of time but I think it’s worth it! If you ever want me to make a map, just let me know :)

As I said in the forums, those maps are great! So much detail and so intricate.

@Fox: Thanks another time :D

Update 47|Christmas Time

This song is from the Norwegian Christmas Tv-show ‘Jul I Svingen’, for some time broadcasted in The Netherlands too. Every time I am in need of an instant moment of joy I listen this song from 2:10, enjoy!


It’s Christmas time! Godt Jul og Godt Nytt År, Fijne Kerst en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! As the people of Heimen wish you in their bilinguility. This friday, as you all probably must have noted, it was not the end of the world, nor it was in Heimen. Here everyone was just celebrating midwinter. Midwinter is often celebrated combined with Christmas and many families spend the time inbetween with their families aswell. Today the preparations are made for the Christmas dinners. Presents, brought by Father Winter lying under the Christmas trees…

But for now some post cards from all over Heimen:




Original picture: http://realphoto.se/blog/?p=22 | Preikestolen, Norway


A merry Christmas everyone!




Another amazing update! I took my sweet time reading all about your region - the detail is just WOW! Loved it!

@Nedal2001: Thank you so much, I’m a honoured to read such a comment!

Great information and pics! The flag of Hedmark looks like the flag of Bahrain rotated. :)

@Ggamgus: Thank you, haha I didn’t notice that yet ;)

I think I liked the wetlands picture the best. The flags all look good, even with the typo you put a lot of effort into this and it's a good update nonetheless!

@NMUspidey: I will devote an update to the wetlands soon! I’m glad the typo’s weren’t to bad :D

Very nice and detailed CJ! :)

@Blakeway: Thanks! That’s exactly wht I’m trying to achieve.


@Hazami Pratama: Short comments are equally welcome, thanks a lot!

Nice looking news article :D

@Schulmanator: Merci beaucoup!


@Wcraig: Thanks for your comment!


@Hazani Pratane2: Thanks!

The replies from above are from two months ago. I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t find any time to update my city journal. It has been a super busy two months, a summary: I turned 16, I went to the National Model European Parliament, debated in the Dutch senate, speeched in the Dutch house of representatives, went on a week-long school trip to Berlin, saw the world championships cycling in Limburg, in the South of The Netherlands. And of course: school. As many of us will know this institution has a tendency to take us away from the important things in life; such as SC4, obviously.

Long story short: I was incredibly busy and hope to be more active around here!

Update 45: Maps!

Today I have for you some maps I had lying around. Some of these I have published before, in the ‘Show us you maps’ thread. Most of them are about the transportation around the region of Heimen I’m working in. All of them are functional in game.

45.1 | Ture underground

My first ever map is characterized by a circle line, from which other lines spur in the suburbs. Interisting fact about this one is that it’s upside down. I actually forgot about it myself, if it weren’t that my eye fell on the first station of line 2; ‘Bos in Dal-Zuid’. Which translates as ‘Forest in Valley South’. Most stations are named after the streets they’re on, some after a neighbourhoud and several after the valley or hill they’re on. The lines were named after the neighbourhood they spurred in, seen from the black circle line.


45.2 | Ture underground – line 1

This map is visible in all trains on line 1 (Stock Exchange Line) note that a shortcut is possible by taking the red Saint-Peter’s Line


45.3 | Bijsterveld Beltway


45.4 | Bijsterveld bus network

This map shows the bus lines of the capital city of Bijsterveld. In-game it stretches over vife medium cities. Most of the line follow a certain road (Line W: William IV Avenue) or follow a certain canal (Line S: Circle Canal). Lines B, F and N are meant as local suburban ‘people collectors’, to give access to the main lines.


45.5 | HKS – National Railways

This last map is of the current in-game network of railways.


I hope you liked it, comments are truly appreciated




As promised, here is part two of the National Atlas provincial factbook. This one is a little shorter than the previous one: vife provinces instead of ten. This because it takes a lot of time to produce such a large update, which I don’t have anymore as school started this week. The remaining five can be expected later this, or next week.

Enjoy reading!

Please take your time for the pictures to load, it might take a while.

Note: The first two pictures are the same as in the previous update, the others are new

















I hope you liked this update, please let me know. Every comments are honestly appreciated



great update! I do not want to get lost in those woods! Nice flags too.

@Sucram17: Thank you! Neither would I, you can get lost easily in the north.

Great job at preseing Heimen Atlas, good graphics and great stories... From my exerience at this CJ, we will see urban shots next update, so I can't wait...

@Grstudios: Thank you very much :D You would be right if I didn’t change my plans. The next update will schowcase the urban part of Heimen. Although ‘urban’, Heimen doesn’t really have that large cities. I hope you liked today’s update!

Great information update!

@10^13: Thanks for commenting!



Awesome flag.

@Jacob Guahardo: Thanks, there are many more flags in this update!

Dat flag... dos colors! :P

Great job. :D

@Ggamgus: Yes! Confused? Thanks for commenting mate!

Nice Flag.

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks a lot!

Good looking flag.

@IL: Thanks, I hope you like the ones in this update aswell!


I know I promised to do his update yesterday. Unfortunately for you I was yesterday In Utrecht when a Chinese came to me and asked what the monument on a square was for. I translated the poem. Things went as they went but I ended up giving them a tour trough the city which lasted the entire afternoon :D

Anyways, here it is, I have put a lot of time and effort on making the update. I really hope you will like it!

-I tried to keep the resolution as high as possible so you can see every detail, please take some time for the pictures to load-

Insetad of just the provincial flags I made the National Atlas of Heimen. Instead of the usual atlas this is more a magazine with maps, flags, information, stories and pictures. The department of Cartography and the Heimen Tourism Agency made a deal and it’s offered to all of you for free!



























This is by far the largest update I have ever made. I’ve put al my creativity in it, and I really hope you enjoyed it!


Teaser time!

That castle looks great! Amazing work

@10000000000000: Thank you very much!

Love the setting for the castle.

@Fox: I want to thank you for taking time to comment here and in the other CJ section!


@Simul8ter8: Thaaaaanks!

Very nice :)

@IL: Good to see you here! Thanks for commeting :D

loving that advertising poster !

@TowerDude: Thank you! The original picture is in Norway, the copyright holder of awe-spiring post card pictures!

42.5 Teaser time!

I returned from France a week ago but I haven't found any time to produce an update yet, I hope I will soon.

Of course I don't want to leave you so long without anything so I have a teaser for you.

I have been making flags for all the twenty provinces of Heimen, only a couple of to go and then I'm finished!

Here is the flag of the province of Malmergouw, one of my favourites:


Please let me know what you think about it :) I really hope to make a full update soon!


La réponse:

Damn... i've no idea on how to make my subway chart... You've nice lines there, meanwhile my lines do loops and look crazy even if they've a very valid logic behind them. Nice work.

@Moskva: I’ve send you a PM, I hope it will help you!

Incredibly nice done there!

@Sucram17: Thanks a lot! =D


I’ve been preparing this update for quite a long time but suddenly temperatures rose and I went out all day on random bike trips exploring the area I live; I discovered an abandoned railway station and much more exciting stuff. =D For those who are interested, I posted some pictures on instagram you can find me as @michael_nagel. But now: on to the update!


Today we’re visiting Bijsterborch. Remains of older castles are dating back to the 9th century, the contemporary one is from the 13th century. It had a strategic funtion as it was guarding the Bijster Lake but is was also situated at the crossing of multiple trade routes across Heimen.

These days it’s no longer part of the Heimic defense but a major attraction to tourist in the Middelheimen province. The castle sits high on the hill top and offers spectacular views of the Lake. Fertile fields roll gently down the hill towards the fresh water of the lake. For those who arrive to Heimen by airplane, have a good look to the north when you arrive at Alex II international airport as you can see the castle towers on clear days just before the plane touches down.

Why don’t you have a look at the castle, you can stroll around on the many bike and walking paths trough the fields, have a dive in the cold refreshing water and dry your self in the sun with a delicious ice cream at the Donjon square inside the castle walls. After walk trough centuries of history in the museum, exhibiting unique expositions about the castle life. For those who want to see even more of the castle rooms are available in the Keep it self. Or go on a mid night walk, who dares to wander around the castle, lit by flares and perhaps inhabited by ghosts?

Please click on all the pictures to view them in all their full resolution glory :D

Oh and play this song, “played by the castle band” for the complete medieval experience!




Mega mosaic/panorama, don't forget do click to see it in full size:


*Subtly sponsored by HeimenTourism*


As it’s looks like right now you shouldn’t expect any update in the next three weeks as I go on holiday and have other activities, so everyone: have a happy summe! (Or enjoy your winter if you live down under!)

Comments are higly appreciated, so please leave one if you have time (:



Let's hope that they will be able to forge a lasting peace.

@Schulmanator: Let's hope it will, we'll find out soon...


The storyline of the Illium-Calistan is to be continued soon but for now I have a filler update about the Railways in Heimen.

They are operated by HKS, abbreviaton of "Heimense Koninklijke Spoormaartschappij", Heimic Royal Railway Company in English.

The map below is the railway network I've build so far in my region.


This is the station and interchange at Arden-Kikkerberg (Frog mountain). Right after the station the rail was only able to gain the needed height by making a loop over it self. this ingenious part of rail construction is one of the busiest tracks in the country. (The area around the loop is not finished yet.)


I also made some signage for on the stations

First is the station sign, the name of the station is on top, under are the height above sea level, and the municpality and province where the station is situated.


This sign hangs above the platforms. It shows the end destination of the train and the upcoming stops.


Thanks for taking time to read my CJ, comments are more then welcome please leave one!


"Very nice image with the airplane wing in the background of the window. :)"

@Corydreinhardt: Thank you! :D

"nice realistic style airport pic set =)

but with planes it would more interesting :)"

"the first picture is amazing but i would suggest you get this airort pack for added realism

@Testuser1234, @Westy 177: Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I don’t have Rush Hour, so most custom content doesn’t work :C


My photo-editing skills aren’t really good, so please look trough it (; Make sure you’ve read the previous update:


Last update we followed Eilífr Goðrúnarson on his way to Heimen by plain. He’s a journalist and is here to report the Illium-Calistan peace summit.


We arrived this morning at Heimen Square. A huge crowd gathered, some people even stayed here the night, just to have a good spot to see Her Majesty Queen Alexandra Lynn Sariah II of Illium. The people who came here have al kind of backgrounds. Some of them are living just around the corner, or nearby at least. But on the other hand there are many people who travelled far to witness this historical event. Last week HeimAir even scheduled double of the usual flights to the Illium Empire. The crowd is a mix of different people, as I mentioned already, a mix of both pro-Illium and pro-Calistan people. As Calistan is currently occupied by Illium troops none of them could come here. Fact is that during the last century, and the great war many Calistani people fled to Eunomia to find a better future. The Calistani troughout Eunomia are generally known as hard working, silent, people that never complain, they’re happy with what they’ve got here: freedom and safety for their families. The worst, unimaginable things have happened to them during the many civil wars and the following dictatorship and of course the great war.

What all these people have in common is hope, they have hope that this meeting can bring peace to Calistan after all those years. They don’t want this anymore, no-one does, but for some reason war is like a returning curse for the Imerean country.

Currently there’s not much to see, the summit is held inside the building behind solid wooden doors. Neither could the people see much of the queen, she stayed inside her car, the president of Calistan didn’t show his face either.

When I’m sitting here, looking at the Bell tower I have a dèja vu moment. Weird those dèja vu things.

Right the now there’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing to see, so nothing to tell the people back home in Eisland. The only thing I can do is wait, we shall wait until something happens. Hopefully the bells in the Bell tower will ring one of these days.

Now I remember why I got this dèja vu, de Rijksdag looks this way exactly the way it looked in my middle school history book. It’s a black-white picture of de tower with on the Eislandic flag. It was hung there shortly after it declared independence from Heimen. Nobody was there to celebrate it, it was immediately recognized by the Heimic government, nobody cared about that rock somewhere out there in the ocean. Hopefully we’ll see both the Illium as the Calistan flag flying there soon, wíth the entire world know about it.

To be continued…


"Independence of Eisland.

Rijksdag in Bijsterveld"



From the forum CJ section:

Well, we already have a Tri Cities Airport in my homeland of East Tennessee.... http://www.triflight.com/ So instead how about the “Alex II Bijsterveld Regional Airport”

@Schulmanator: Haha, I didn’t know that, I indeed named it after King Alex II.

I wish I could make airports like that. D:

@Jack3oh3: I’m sure you can, I did not have any experience with airports ever before, why don’t you give it a try?

Always a fan of Region shots. Looking forward to your 'full time' return :)

@Simcoug: Thank you, I hope ou enjoyed it!

Her Majesty Queen Alexandra Lynn Sariah II is on her way to your capitol, Vivapanda! Looks like she'll land at the new airport pretty soon. :) It looks fantastic!

@Datschikinhed: We are looking forward to her arrival!

Cool looking region .. can't wait to see that airport up close.

@Fox: Thanks! Here it is, I hope you like it (:

From the new CJ section:

That's one hell of an airport!.... nice work

@Shanemelbourne: It sure is huge , I tried to scale it realisticly, thans a lot!

I agree, the airport is excellent! :D

@Ggamgus: Thank you! I hope you still think about the same way.

Beautiful region and its airport is accurate for it.

@Jorgecarillo: Thanks a lot, that’s what I tried to achieve! :D

Before you start reading please have a look at the Illium CJ and the map of Nova to make sure you understand the story

Illium CJ:

Nova map (note the countries: Calistan, Illium Empire, Eisland and Heimen):



Good day, my name is Eilífr Goðrúnarson, I am from Eisland. I have the most amazing job there is: international correspondent for the Dágensnytt, the leading news channel in Eisland. My next job is to report the peace summit between Calistan ant the Illium Empire, which is hosted in Bijsterveld. We are almost there, about 15 minutes a go we saw the Heimic coast and fjords rise from the sea, just another 15 minutes before we arrive at the airport.

<<Dames en Heren, we hebben een voorspoedige vlucht gehad en we staan op het punt de landing in te zetten op het Internationale Vliegveld Alex II. Het is deels bevolkt en zeer aangenaam, 18 graden Celsius in Bijsterveld. Ik wens u een prettig verblijf in Heimen. Bedankt voor het vliegen met HeimAir.>>

<<Ladies and Gentlemen, we have had a nice steady flight and we are about to land at Alex II International Airport. It is partly cloudy and a comfortable 18 degrees Celcius in Bijsterveld. I wish you a nice stay in Heimen. Thanks for flying HeimAir.>>

*Bling* <<Please fasten your seatbelts>>


*Bump* The plane touches the ground, I have to yawn a couple of times to get the pressure in my ears back to normal


‘It sure is nice weather, better than in Eisland’ I tell my camera men. He laughs: ‘well could it be not?’ Her reffers to the snow that fell in many parts on the island just two weeks ago, our country is cold, but even for us this is exceptional.

50106070.jpgThe cargo and

The cargo and maintance buildings


The airplane slowly approaches the gates. I get my backpack and my laptop to get as quick as possible on solid ground. I may be from a fishermen’s family but both ships and planes make me a little sea sick.


Gate 3C, the Jet Bridge is connected to plane quicker than I could hope. As a kid I always loved walking troigh the “Elephant noses” as I called them. After the obligatory shake-the-hands-of-the-crew-members we walk in the grey tube. Finally there.

Well, where was I? Oh yes, the peace summit between Calistan and Illium. There is no doubt this is going to be the most important news item of the year. Both nations are in war for as long as I can remember. I have been raised with the idea of Calistan being the evil and Illium the good guy. Eisland –and Heimen, and every member of the Union of Evropian Nations- have been supporting Illium since the beginning. Last year however, everything completely changed. Illium did what no one ever thought, or hope dto happen, the used their nuclear power to bomb Las Colinas. Never I will forget that day. I was working on the head wuarteers in Ísafjörđúr, when the news arrived. Everybody was shocked. Marta was hit worst by the news, her parents fled from Calistan when she was only a baby. Her family still lives around Las Colinas, that day she lost her uncle, aunt en cousin.


Picture made by DaTSchikinhed

But was it worth it? It probably was, look at the result: I am here to witness the peace summit. We will never know for how long the war would have continued if this did not happen, but we can almost say for sure that there would have been more victims.


Meanwhile we have passed trough customs, which goes very easy when your traveling in the Union Customs Zone. We also picked up our lugage and are off to get our rental car.

As we leave the airport building the sun shines on our heads, what a beautiufl day.


So far the story line, it will be continued soon.



I hope you enjoyed it, it is still really busy during the last weeks of school (three to go). Please leave a comment if you have time. (:




As you can see I’m working on a large airport in my region. I haven’t chosen any name yet, this is where I need your help. I thought of some names, I would like you to leave your vote in a comment bellow.

Tri-cities Airport

The airport is situated in the middle of the three most important cities of Heimen: Ture, Bijsterveld and Arden

Bijstermeren Airport

Bijstermeren are the lakes visible next to the aiport. They are very popular for local to swim on sunny days. They also are a landmark for the pilots and the ones seated in the plains when flying to Heimen.

Alex II Bijsterveld Airport

King Alex II opened the airport in 1903, then only a small strip of concrete used by the first planes of the Heimic army.


You are free to come up with your own names

I’m looking forward to hear from you and I hope to post a full update about the airport soon!


From the new CJ section:


@Dubaidude232: Thank you!

Looks great.. a little bright though. Great use of Maxis buildings.

@Fox: I was trying to create a summer day, thanks!

From the forum CJ section:

Glad to see you back! :)

@Schulmanator: Thanks, I hope to be here more soon, though the last weeks of school are really busy.

Pretty picture! Hope to see more... :)

@Sim_link: Thanks a lot! More is coming soon…

Glad to see you back posting. Looking forward to a full update.

@Simcoug: Thank you, it might take a while to be completely back :(

Great update, love the use of the maxis buildings.

@Fox: Thank you very much!


Real life (School, sports, friend, and enjoying the nice weather) is really busy on me now, so I haven’t been able to make an update, neither I have played Simcity for over a month :( But I don’t want to leave you so long without anything, so here one picture of an area I was working on.


Replies from last update

Sucks about the Photobucket issue.. Those little satelite dishes are very cool. :wub:

@Fox: I fixed it by using flickr, I hope it will remain a bit longer :)

Sad to hear about the images, I hope it gets fixed soon. :( but I like this photo!!! :)

@Sumul8ter8: Thanks, they’re fixed now.

Love the little satelite dishes.

@Fox: Thank you! They’re made by Maxis though ;)

Cool! Now ET can indeed phone home!

@Schulmanator: Haha, your comments always make me smile!


@Hahei: Thank you!.

Amazing job, as always. 5/5, as always. Hehe, but I don't think you should use Photobucket. It has a lot of problems, so you should use Flickr. Flickr never gave me any problems before. But again, excellent job! :)

@Ggamgus: Thanks for the tip! This update is flickr based!


Replies from the "Forum" CJ section

That's a clever idea with the bikepaths between the roads. :) I like it!

@Jack3oh3: I place a lot of biking paths between my roads, it creates nice wide, green avenues.

Still looking good. Great stuff again :)

@Schulmanator: Thanks a lot, I’m happy you still enjoy it!

very nice and calm train ride, i like it! That last picture looks really nice, the tunnels, the station, the parks and the units make it feel really real.

great work :)

@City_master: Thanks! That picture is my favourite too :)

As I said over in the CJ section .. Nice update and love the rail tunnel under the road.

@Fox: Great to see another comment from you!

I love how your tracks cut through the hillside - very realistic detail.

@Simcoug: I liked how the straight hills made a big contrast with the smooth hills too :)

Wow more exciting updates!And I could see who inspired you to do your roadtour in the April 15 update

@Nathanthemayor: Thank you! Haha you can? :)

From the “new’ CJ section

Another great update! I really love that rail tunnel that passes under the road in the 6th picture.

@Fox : Thanks a lot! The road going over the rail line is one of the main roads heading out of the city.

Very nice. Ever consider using the Fractional Angle Rail (FARR) sets to avoid the zig-zags ?

@Jetty Jockey: Thanks! I do not have Rush Hour, so that won’t go :(

need to report this entry to Simtropolis. There's a one-star button here! There should only be a five-star button on this CJ!!!!!!!!!!

@Ggamgus: Thank you so much!


Photobucket blocked my pictures of last updates :( I’ll probably fix that some time.

Real life has been really busy, so only a quick update today.

The Oortsweeghe Synthesis Radio Telescope (OSRT) is an aperture synthesis interferometer near Oortsweeghe, Middelheimen. It consists of a linear array of 5 antennas on a North-South line, located on Arden Hill. The telescope was completed in 1973 and underwent a major upgrade between 1998-2003.

(click to see in full resolution)


Next week I’ll be on holiday in Malta, so no update then. Comments are really appreciated, so please leave on if you have time :D


Ture Rail Line


Replies from “Eskintuna National Park”

From the “old” CJ section:

Awesome update, love the peaceful greenery of it all.

@Fox: Thanks! That’s what I tried to make it like.

From the “new” CJ section:

Cool update, and love the wiki links.

@Fox: Antoher comment? I like that! I have the wiki links to provide information for the ones interested, so I won’t bore all the others ;) I’m glad you like them

dislike ..... dis i like :)

@Kakado_to_save: Huh? You confuse me :) So I guess you liked it? If so thanks!

Nice update. At first I thuoght it said Eskilstuna wich is a small city in sweden. There's a big and famous zoo there too. Anyway nice one.

@Sucram17: I’ve looked up Eskiltuna and I found out I’ve actually been there once on holiday! The north of Heimen is somewhat inspired by Norway and Sweden, so I probably named the NP unconsciously that way :D I’m happy that you liked the update!

Nothing below excellent. Great work, vivapanda! :D

@Ggamgus: Thank you so much!

Awesome! Great stuff! And great graphics!

@Schulmanator: Thank you! I took me a while to get it in this resolution :)

I see why such territory must be reserved , it's too gorgeous to fall under the hands of civilization...

@ 10000000000000: Thanks! If more countries on earth thought this way…

Great cliffs!

@SimCoug: Thank you, I just got that rock mod, its Dogfight’s, from the BSC file exchange I believe.

If I was driving on this beautiful landscape I could get distracted and fall off the cliffs .. hahaha :D, great picture ! :)

@Paulmc: Hahaha, thanks a lot! I guess you should rather take the walking path instead!

Wow ! Now that's some scenic landscaping.. The only improvement I could suggest would be more , more, more !

@Jetty Jockey: Thanks! There will sure be more soon, so stay tuned!


Hello all! Recently I showed you a picture of the very first station in Heimen: Bijsterveld Central Station (the one below). I finished the first couple of kilometres of rail line recently so I can show them to you. Today we will travel over the Ture Rail Line, which connects the city Of Bijsterveld to the City of Ture. You might now Ture already from the Ture Ring Road I’ve showcased here. Well on to the update!


Slowly the train leaves from Bijsterveld-Centraal


Soon we’re already in the suburban neighbourhoods.


We pass the first station Bijsterveld-Buitendyk, a commuter station. Many trains pass along but we have a stop.


The station used to be on the outskirts of the city, but new development has surrounded the station.


And soon we leave again. We pass under one of the mayor roads leading out of Bijsterveld into the Central Heimen Farmlands.


The rail makes a wide turn and goes under the Bijsterveld Orbital Highway


The area around here is very calm and hilly, the trains cut straight trough the hills.



(Just imagine that this part is a little smoother)


We enter the first station of Ture: Ture-Westerhoek


The map of the “entire” railway system in Heimen. It’s not much yet, but I guess it will be nice to see it evolve. The Heimic railways are operated by HKS, which is short for “Royal Heimic Railways”


I hope you liked it, please leave a comment if you have time :)


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