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Chapter 10 : Away from the city scene

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Personal Message : 

Thank you guys for your support. From this entry on, i will adopt a new style of posting. I will not focus just on housing but every aspect of Tigeria. However the main character, Kayden Yhonsae, still remains the same.

This entry is my first attempt at agriculture zones. Hope you like it!


Chapter 10 : Away from the city scene

After everything that has happened over in Selbring City, I am now feeling the stress that comes along with this job. I miss the times when I was back home, where things were slower, the streets were not so busy. The only time I had to queue up was at the supermarket. Over in the city, I have to practically queue up for everything!

I decided to take the weekends off and unwind myself. But where to? Ben introduced me a place not too far away that would definitely take the stress off me. This place was Jelenton, situated on the southern tip of Lagosta (a district off Selbring).

Short Introduction about Lagosta:

It sits on the southern most point of Cannasera, and the nearest towards neighbouring country, New Ford. The area comprises of farms and small towns. It was a battle site of the World War 2.

It is about a 30 minutes drive on the E-10 from Selbring City.


Pic 1 : Entering Jelenton via the E80 Southern Expressway, i took an exit at Jelenton Route and the first sight was this town, Stable Point.

Stable Point is the largest town in Jelenton. Its name comes about in the past as this town used to be filled with horse rearing farms. However much were destroyed during the World War 2 and now, due to its location and water source, it became the main town of Jelenton. Currently there are about 100 residents living in Stables Point.


Pic 2 : Commercial establishments are signs that this town is a small bustling business centre in this area. Borders Bookstore is one of the largest occupants. Many of these shops attract tourists and visitors from many parts of the state. Here you can find bicycle rentals, vehicle rentals, food outlets and even small inns. Recently a new attraction has been added, Horse Drawn Carriages!


Pic 3 : The Stable Circle is a historic and landmark symbol of this town. This circle links the farm routes with the town. A symbolic meaning that the town is where farmers can sell their harvest and produce.


Pic 4 : A small section of residential development. Many of these residents either work on farms or in the town. However the residents here are of an average age of 45. The younger residents have ventured out towards the city. Only a few remain to help out in the family.


Pic 5 : Another picture of the residential development. The school seen here is 1 of the 2 elementary schools in Jelenton.


Pic 6 : The two mansions belong to the town's richest merchants, Mr Wilfred Choy and Mr Jan Yhonsae. They own a few farms in the area. However they are also philanthrophists to the town, contributing money to improve the town's looks and infrastructure.


Pic 7 : A man-made reservoir is the source of water to many farms. The small river runs through some farms to provide the necessary water for farming.


Pic 8 : Lower down the river, there are farm establishments of various sorts.


Pic 9 : Sitting by the river is this " Happy Farm Chalet ". These are holiday chalets for rent at an affordable costs. Visitors and tourists can rent these small chalets and visit the farms nearby for a short farming experience and enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace. It is a popular hit with many urban dwellers as they bring their families along for a short weekend holiday. Milk a cow or plow some seeds, it's your choice! Some shops nearby allow tourists to buy necessities and take part in recreational activities such as cycling.


Pic 10 : These farms are a common sight throughout Jelenton. Almost all of these are commercial farms supplying produce to the cities. Although small in size, but they adopt high-tech farming techniques to increase yields. Visitors are allowed to visit as long as they apply for the Farm Tour Package where they have an unlimited access to all these farms with a simple pass. However make sure the farm owner knows you are here.


Pic 11 : The 4 ponds you see here are part of the Fi Fi's Fish Farm. Here in these ponds, farmers rear big and delicious fishes for your neverending craving for seafood.


Pic 12 : These huge windmills are a power source to the farms. Due to the fact that Jelenton is near the sea, the winds here are aplenty. Thus planners have taken advantage of this natural gift to provide a cleaner and efficient power source to the farms. These windmills can be spotted throughout the area.


Pic 13 : To complement the windmills, power lines also run throughout the area from a geothermic power station outside the area.


Pic 14 : West of Stable Point is Selapin Town. This small town runs along the Jelenton West Road. It is the secondary town of Jelenton.


Pic 15 : East of Stable Point is Cycillia Road  . A church and some small shops are all that comprises of this plot of development.


Pic 16 : Towards the north-western direction of Stable Point is the Ping Shan Temple. Ping Shan in Mandarin is "Peaceful Hill".  Devotees from many parts of Cannasera flock to these well-known temple believed to answer prayers immediately. This temple was set up by Mr Wilfred Choy, one of the areas richest. (refer to Pic 6)


Pic 17 : Seen here is the Tempuri Pond. Right is the Tigerian Channel. Beyond the waters is neighbouring New Ford.


Pic 18 : Desmonds Farm is the only access to the beach line. Much of the coastal line is covered with thick forests. This is the only route to the beach. How was it formed? It was a result of artillery bombings in the World War 2.

That's all for my short trip to Jelenton. Next entry i will explore more of Lagosta and hopefully when I'm back at Selbring City, I will be recharged. Here are some pictures of Jelenton from bird's eye view.



Hope you enjoy this entry! 


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Very nice. I like how you have an eye for the details like parking lots at various places and trees at the sides of the streets.

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I've been following you for a while. I really liked the old and new pics of the cities. Cheers and keep going, we are all reading :)

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@kelistmac : Hey thanks! I love yours too. I felt like going Berlin after seeing your CJ :D

@n_wilson : Thank you! Yea i want my sims to have parking spaces and not fret over for them (:

@Jolly_Roger : Thank you for your compliments :D Yep i'll go on as long as I play simcity4.

@Paulobergonci : Thank you! Haha I was thinking that showing all areas was better. Unless there are some ugly parts. :X

@Eldado: Hey thank you! I was worried i had too many trees, but i love greenery around. :D

@Schulmanator : Hey thanks alot for your compliment!

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