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Chapter 9 : Welcome Mr Governor

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Personal Message:

Thank you all for your votes. After counting the votes, i hereby declare the "Old Police Headquarters" as the winner of the venue. Our citizens are pleased with the decision!

In this entry, there will be alot of images i've created to simulate the event. I hope you guys like it.


Chapter 9 : Welcome Mr Governor

After a meeting with the Mayor, the related authorities and the organising committee, The Old Police Headquarters, at Headquarters Road, was chosen as the venue for the Governor's meet. The Governor of Cannasera is due to visit Selbring City in September for a meeting and have a public speech with the citizens of Selbring.


Pic A : The news channel broadcasted the results live during the 1pm news. The next day, it was in the headlines of the local newspapers. Immediately preparations work had to be done as the authorities were told that the Governor was bringing forward his visit due to a change of schedule.


Pic B : Police were told to cordon the area while authorities and the organising committee visit the venue to decide on the preparation procedures. On the day itself, 10 police personnels will be stationed in the MRS Headquarters Station (centre of pic) and ushers to direct provide assistance to commuters. The citizens are also advised to avoid using this station as it would be closed.


Pic C : The map shows the road closures on the day of the event. Road blocks would be set up at areas marked with a cross. The road closures will start as early as 8am on the day of event to 8pm.


Pic D : Snipers will be positioned at the areas circled to increase security at the venue


Pic E : Snipers will be positioned at the areas circled to increase security at the venue

Finally on the 29th August, the Governor of Cannasera, Mark Donhan, has arrived in Selbring. He was scheduled to visit in September but the visit was brought forward due to certain reasons with his schedule.


Pic F : Roadblocks and barricades being set up along the designated areas. At least 1200 police personnels were deployed in several parts of the city to increase security and direct traffic while the Governor's convoy could reach the venue safely.


Pic G : The barricades were put to block off the areas from the public. However citizens may stand by the barricades to witness the Governor's visit.


Pic H : This site will be one of the routes the Governor's convoy will take. They will head southwards. In the meantime, the barricades are still positioned to block off any traffic.


Pic i : The Police Sniper Unit positions themselves on one of the designated locations. (See if you can spot the 2 snipers)

The crowd cheers as the Governor arrives with his convoy. Many citizens have turned up to witness this event. Under the hot afternoon sun, many were seen with caps and umbrellas. The crowd was rather controllable and there were not much problems from them. The Governor would address the press and the authorities and have a meeting in the Old Police Headquarters. Thereafter in the next few days, he will visit selected estates to meet the public. After all, the elections was arriving soon.


Pic J : Under the tents will be where the Governor will give his speech in front of the press and various authorities. The Mayor is also present along with his aides. Police personnel are stationed every few metres to ensure total security and order.

In this meeting, the Governor will discuss several issues with the authorities governing Selbring. The issues are the rejuvenation of housing estates, cost of public transportation, expansion of Selbring's industrial sectors and the problem of Selbring's increasing unemployment problem as more move to Selbring to seek for employment opportunities.

Till then we'll see you in the next entry. I hope you like this entry!

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Very nice job with it all, looks wonderful! I would guess that's photoshopping.....so nice photoshopping.


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@Reikhardt : Hey thank you! I used photoshop and drew the tents from scratch :D I wanted to draw more other vehicles but couldn't find a place for them, and the drawings tired me out. i took 3 days for this :P

@Skyscraperguy : Yes they are serious with the security to prevent from attacks (:

@DCMetro : Thank You! Yea you got that right, Photoshop works wonders. :D

@Schulmanator : Thank you very much!

@Guibanez_ : Thank you! I hope you liked it.

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Photoshop master! I love this post the most. It spells, C r e a t i v i t y ! Keep it up!

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@YashiroNanakase : Thank you very much! :D

@Paulobergonci : Thanks a bundle man! :D

@Velbob : Thank you velbob, i'm glad you loved it! :D

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