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Chapter 5 : A Park For Everyone

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Personal Message :

Thank you all for following and your support. Selbring is finally back after redevelopment. Although it isn't as developed as the old Selbring, the newer Selbring is improved and a little different and will be less populated than the old one. I changed the banner too, to make it a new start for this new city. Thank you!

Here is a picture of a residential development in the old City, the Sepeling Canal, which grew at the last moments before it crashed and in which i felt that it was the most beautiful throughout the old City.


Do you guys remember the Sepeling Canal in Entry 3? This was how it grew out. I will recreate Sepeling Canal in this new city too.


Chapter 5 : A Park For Everyone

Back at the previous entry, a case emerged as a development was left abandoned after the contractor in charge was unhappy with certain issues regarding the project. Here is a recap of what happened.


The Case:

Contractor claims that...

- We did not fund him enough for this project. The contract stated the project was at an estimated T$38 million and we were to fund him 80% of the total amount first, then pay him the remaining upon completion. We funded him exactly as promised in the contract.

- The limited supply of construction materials and resources caused an increase in material prices. Thus more funding needed.

- Lack of funds meant more time needed, unable to hire more workers and unable to follow safety regulations.

The Contractor's Profile:

Name : Paterson Development and Construction Agency

Popularity : Relatively popular

Record : Has handled 6 projects without problems in the past 8 years.

Kayden now needs your help. Please vote for the decision to be made (Deadline 29th July)

1. Sack this contractor and compensate him as he requested (T$20.2 million as his expenses so far)

2. Continue working with him and provide him with his needed fundings (unable to come up with an estimate, depends on him)

3. Sue him and take him to court ( 50-50 chance)


Majority of the votes went in favour for Choice 2. Thus the story continues...

After considering all the factors and risks, I decided that things would be better if we acceded to his requests. Who knows maybe it was really the case, furthermore, I put into consideration the previous 6 projects that was completed. Thus Ben arranged a meeting with the contractor and we agreed on the new terms. However the press got wind of this meeting and we appeared in the papers, for the wrong reasons.


Pic A

: The press reported critics and analysts critisizing the Ministry's decision in this case.

(I will show the picture of the completed estate later [to make it like it needs time to build])

Apart from this issue, there were more to be done at our Department. Selbring is a growing city and residential projects were aplenty. Recently the Cannasera State Government announced that it would invest in T$103 billion in rejuvenating old residential districts in the whole of Cannasera. This project was to be called Parks@Home 2015, in which the government targets to bring parks to almost all the residents in Selbring by 2015.

Selbring, being the largest city of South Cannasera, would be top priority in this major project.

As said before, the government has planned residential developments that for every 3 grids of residential development, there will be a grid for recreational purposes.


Pic B : The Princess Place Estate. Residents have wide spaces to exercise, relax and enjoy. Occasionally, special events would be held at these open spaces too such as National Day celebrations, Christmas Celebrations etc.


Pic C : Paddock Plains Estate has been one of the oldest estates in Selbring. However it undergone upgrading and beautification works to create more open spaces for residents.


Pic D : The newer Merdin Hills Estates had more trees planted around them throughout the years to help in reducing nose and pollution from the nearby E-12 (Selbring East Expressway) Residents can also jog around the perimeter of the estate.


Pic E : The Edwards Avenue Estate.


Pic F : Caulise Road Estate was built in the 1970s and was one of the first few estates to be rejuvenated in 2002.

However there are still more estates that have yet to be upgraded and rejuvenated. Therefore the Ministry Of Housing will make a visit to all the estates in Selbring to review areas which will be upgraded or rejuvenated.

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Guest velbob


love the newspaper! good photoshop skills there! keep up the good work!

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