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Chapter 7 : East Banks, Selbring City

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Personal Message :

Let me move away from just housing alone as i think it'll be boring just to do the same old thing over and over again. I'll be showing more of the other areas of Selbring. Industries, commercials, farms etc. Hope you'll like it!


Chapter 7 : East Banks, Selbring City

Enough of my job, now I would like to introduce to you Selbring as a whole, going into the various districts of Selbring.

East Banks will be our first focus section. East Banks is the oldest district in Selbring City itself. East Banks sits on the eastern section of the Claire Canal which is actually a river that flows into Claire Basin from the Coast of South Cannasera. But because it was too short and small to be called a river, the city planners named it a canal and set up water works at the basin.

(Will do a map soon for better understanding)

In the 1800s, foreign merchants and businessmen came to Selbring and settled in. East Banks was then the central trading centre of Selbring. It had a port, a fort protecting the area and other major infrastructures. However East Banks was destroyed in the WW2 by the Buetonese and the business centre was moved westwards to the current Central Selton CBD after the WW2.  

Here are some notable areas in East Banks:


Pic A : Automobile Avenue. It is a popular district for car dealers. Therefore the name of the avenue was established. The first car company to set up it's business here was Tigerian brand, Lenos Motors, in 1950. Now it's home to more than 10 different brand of dealership.


Pic B : The Bridge East Boulevard. It is the most congested section of the district. Much of East Banks are low rise commercial buildings and the ones you see here are one of the tallest in the district.


Pic C: This is the East Banks Library. Built in 1992, it is located along Bridge East Boulevard and the library for the residential development nearby. It's unique design of opened books is the works of reknown architect Benard Books.

(btw my traffic lights are faced the wrong side 8.gif. I'm using the Left-Hand Mod, but after installing the new NAM, it became this way)


Pic D : Battery Lane Roundabout is located at the southern section of East Banks. The tower in the centre of the roundabout is the protected remains of the tower of the Eastern Fort, built in the 1800s, to protect East Banks when it was a trading centre. It was destroyed in the WW2 and the remains is made a monument.


Pic E : Terena Park is a recreational park that sits in between East Banks district and Kispany district. The pond was upgraded and more walkways were added. The pond is now available for activities such as paddle boats and fishing.


Pic F : Elis Hills Hospital is the main hospital in East Banks. It is one of the oldest hospital in the city. Elis Hills Hospital has 3 Blocks and sits on the Elis Hill.


Pic G : Closeup of Elis Hills Hospital


Pic H : Closeup of Elis Hills Hospital


Pic I : Penaring Central was the main administrative area of Selbring city in the 1800 to 1940s. It is now a cultural centre with many of its old landmarks preserved as tourist attractions and culutural centres. It sits along the Claire Canal (top)


Pic J : Penaring Central at night



Site 1 : Selbring Memorial Hall (above)

This was built to commemorate and honour the brave soldiers who defended Selbring in the WW2. It was documented that 1300 men were killed and wounded in the Battle of Cannasera.




Site 2 : Central Library in 1920 (top) and Central Library today

The Central Library is Selbring City's main library. Built in 1910, it is the oldest and most historical library of the city.




Site 3 : The Gramocian Hall in 1930 (top) and Gramocian Hall today

Built after Sir Thomas Gramocian, a British General of the British base here in the 1800s, is the home of the Selbring Post Centre in 1900s to 1955. Today it is a exhibition and heritage hall for cultural events to be held.




Site 4 : The East Bank Government Office in 1931(top) and Selbring Arts Museum today.

In 1902, the current Selbring Arts Museum was built and was called the East Bank Government Office. It housed many government departments. During the WW2, parts of the building was destroyed and was rebuilt after the war. It was left vacant till 1972 when the Government designated it as an arts museum.



Site 5 : The St.Helens Court (above)

Built in 1946, the St.Helens Court was a home to the St.Helens Shelter, a welfare organisation that provided a shelter and food to refugees from neighbouring New Ford (refer to Post 2) when it was occupied by the Buetonese in the WW2. Today it is a music school with a restaurant on its first level.




Site 6 : Central Police Headquarters (1939) and Old Central Police Headquarters today

The Central Police Headquarters was Selbring City's police headquarters from 1890s to 1953. It was one of the few buildings to survive the WW2 bombings. It was influential in the war time period as it was the city's only way to provide law and order amidst the turmoil. Today it is a Police Museum which houses exihibits of the Tigerian Police Force.


The Governor of Cannasera will be visiting the city in September and the Ministry of Home Affairs have ordered a meeting as to where the Governor's public meeting and talk will be held. The 6 sites above are the chosen sites for the event. Your job is to help vote for the venue.

Please vote:

1. Selbring Memorial Hall

2. Central Library

3. Gramocian Hall

4. The Selbring Arts Museum

5. St.Helens Court

6. Old Central Police Headquarters

Voting Closes on the 27th August. Do Vote! Thank You! The next entry will be about the event and your voted venue.

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Recommended Comments

Love it - the town looks great. And the traffic lights facing the wrong way means I have the perfect excuse for my driving! :P

Anywho, I vote for #3 for the meeting.

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Very nice pics, nice photoshopping too. I love all the custom content, and I'll vote option 6.


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