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OSITM Special 4: Highrise! Or: The deeper meaning of "(mostly) rural"!

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Hello to All!

I am bit late today, sorry, but an especially clever exemplar of the tribe which is called Turks thought it would be a good idea to look after our apartment houses main electric line.  7.gif As a result of this we had no electricity for hours ... 

Today's Friday, Day 5 of my OSITM 4in1 special week, and after lots of rural pictures we will discover the meaning of "(mostly) rural"! 9.gif

OSITM Special 4: Highrise! Or: The deeper meaning of "(mostly) rural"!

Sometimes even me need some changes after having plopped some 50 million trees on my rural maps.Then I like to do some (dirty  2.gif) industry or breed out some highrises. In such highrise area my focus is on a working traffic infrastucture with a lot mass transits, more or less all the game + NAM offers me (except monorail, I prefer the (G)HSR 2.gif).

OSITM 5.01

Overview. What started as a midrise worker quarter at the lower edge of the map soon developed into a highrise city, the most dense in my region to be exactly.

OSITM 5.02

The other part of Grünwinkel. There's some industry on the other side of the river, too.

OSITM 5.03

I showed this situatiion in "Show us your NAM jigsaw puzzles" on SC4D  - but without the buildings. Again - all grown!  16.gif

OSITM 5.04

I was inspired by the Istanbul metro station "Merter" which is situated at such a 45 degree angel to the city highway. The bripizza station don't fit perfectyl to the diagonal avenue but I haven't found a better alternative. That does not mean that I don't like this station it's just the pillar on the avenue.

Anim 1

And as you can see it works fine.  Wink

OSITM 5.05

The overall setup. There are a lot of blind fields next to the Maxis diagonal avenue onramp that hinders me to do the developement I wanted to do on these empty spots ...  Mmmm

OSITM 5.06

On the other side of the highway I stayed elevated with the tram and used even elRail over road (behind these prentiss towers, there are 11 of them on this map  Huh) before I crossed the heavy rail and continued elevated untill the river bridge which is partially seen in 5.03.

OSITM 5.07

This time I made even more parks than I usually do ... Wink

OSITM 5.08

But then again it's these situation I like in urban situation when I start puzzling with the NAM... Possible in an urban setup, not suitable at all for a small village ...

OSITM 5.09

And on this map I had a lot of joy developing a working network for pedestrians. While this setup here is pure eyecandy made out of JeroniJs white tarmac trails ...

Anim 2

... I used here marast's footpaths and the NAM pedestrian Plazas to create a real working additional pedestrian network. The standart parks and recreational lot could be easily added to get a nice park there. Smiley

Anim 3

And I really was satisfied with the results as you can see! Wink

OSITM 5.10

I sat hours in the LE to create a nice plaza here. In the end I all deleted my LE works and used Khiyana's car park, two marast plazas, a stature plaza and the NAM pedestrian plazas .

OSITM 5.11

I like that shot. And now you know my HSR / Monorail automata skin, too ...

OSITM 5.12

A railway station between highrises. It isn't used too much as the neighbour map is still empty and most internal traffic is GLR traffic.

OSITM 5.13

A closeup.

OSITM 5.14

For the lovers of industrial shots!

OSITM 5.15

And another one.

That's it for today. Please don't be too disappointed, urban developement isn't my main focus and this map is rater young and still kind of a construction site.

Tomorrow we will visit another construction site. Untill then

Have fun! See you tomorrow!

Bernhard 44.gif

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Recommended Comments

I must say, it's really funny to watch something this different in your CJ. All these posts with green and lush scenery, and.. kaboom.. asphalt, steel and concrete. 

I really like your plazas and park trails. This is something I'm currently working on myself; making all those pedestrian areas look properly integrated in my city. It's also inspiring how the HSR cuts through your city. I haven't gotten there myself just yet, but eventually I'll face some HSR construction dilemmas myself as well.

Great update, Bernhard! 

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It's good to see you are not a one trick pony! You show the same atttention to detail to your urban layouts as your rural.

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Yeah, now I understand. It´s the same like I do: sometimes we all need it dirty or big... Great town, but I prefer the rural pics. Maybe cause I´m living in Frankfurt Main: there are skyscrapers enough to see. And how You compose your landscapes is in one word: fantastic. Everytime I look, I find things and techniques worth to be copied and learned. And You are a person, who show´s how he work.
Thanks and greets, eufl

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Working the NAM that good reminds me of the good ol' days of the Greater Terrain Region  Way to grow the buildings too, it looks nice!

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@heitomat: Well, every one needs to break out of his golden cage, isn't it?
The HSR isn't finished at all - a lot of diagnal crossings need some puzzle pieces, some are missing but all in all it does look better than the monorail that I never liked at all.

@Reikhardt: Thanks for your compliment! 

@eufl: Hehe, you see, Istanbul is even bigger ... Glad you could learn something

@ImVhOzzi: Thanks for your compliment! 

@k50dude: Well, this CJ is probably as "old" as The Greater Terrain"  ... I always had a lot of fun with the NAM puzzles and only an overpass here and there in my villages wasn't enough.

@TekindusT: Thanks for your compliment! 

@jj88: Thanks for your compliment! 

@TheMentalist: Thanks for your compliment! 

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