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OSITM Constuction Site Report: A de-fortified town



Hello to All!

Day 6 of my OSITM 4in1 Special week. 1.gif Today I'll show a construction site of my latest project. Rather ambitious, maybe the last reason to eventually master the BAT for me ... oh well ...

OSITM Constuction Site Report: A de-fortified town

France is rather well known for his fortifications - not only due to its master engineer Vauban who was a master in designing fortifications as well as breaking through them (you may say that one was the reason for the other). He also laid the basics for modern soil mechanics. Quite a lot of them have survived the course of time, even the citadel of Verdun though or because it wasn't involved in the hell of 1916. His most well known would be Neuf-Brisach a planned city within a fortification built by Vauban, regarded as a ideal town of iots time.

If you ever have the chance of going there for a day you really should visit the fortifications. Take some time and wear good comfortably shoes - you'll need both but it's worth it!

The ring of fortification Vauban built at the Frenmch borders kept France in relative piece for a long time. It was Napoleon Bonaparte with his tactic of ignoring the fortifications and battles in the free areas who should decrease the value of this defense ring combined with the vast developement of artillerie in the 19th century but eventually turning useless at the rise of modern warfare.

There are discussions which war was the first "modern war" - The American Civil War 1861-65 or the war between France and Germany 1870/71. Regarding modern infantry and the use of rifles it was the American Civil War. But both Confederated as well as Union troups used old fashioned straight shooting cannons that were completely outdated by the huge ballistic artillerie used in the war of 1870/71. As an example you can take Neuf Brisach: it was shot down by German ballistic artillery within days. The straight shooting artillery of the civil war wouldn't have been able to do this. But then again compared with the Old World there haven't been really strong fortifications in North America at that time.

Not so much well known are the German fortifications. Be it cause or consequence wh knows. But a lot of German towns ans small towns have been fortified - Köln, Koblenz, Mainz, Mannheim, Ulm, Würzburg, Ingolstadt, Landau, Germersheim, Bellheim, Philippsburg, Rastatt (where the German Revolution was beaten down in 1849), Breisach, just to name a few of them. Most of the fortifications have gone, quite some due to the restrictions of the treaty of Versailles, but you can still guess the walls and trenches on the city maps.


My inspirations for the town which beginnings I'll show today are a mixture of Mannheim, Germersheim and Neuf-Brisach. The town is / was limited by a octagonal wall / trench. Inside it is separated in quadrats with a big central plaza (like Neuf Brisach and - much bigger - Mannheim.  The wall itself was strengthened by eight bastions which have partially disappeared but can be still guessed in the road layout.

The central plaza is located where the two main city axis / roads met in the middle  of the octagon. I showd the system in the animation above.


Three bastions that have survived not all - partially (wet trenches) and completely. However: Since I did not modelled the glacis the bastion is too high - the walls are always below ground / wall level in order to be protected against direct cannon hits.


An almost disappeared bastion. Most fortificated exploded right after the fortification walls were given up in the second half of the 19th century. Here you can still see the wet trenches as a kanal surround a park (which is still to be built ...  21.gif)


Two bastions. While the bastions in the middle of the sides of the octagon weren't so difficult the bastions at the corners of the octagon are a problem - actually they needed to be designed as FAR + FAC  24.gif


Depending on the availability of sufficient water trenches are either dry or (at least temporarily) wet. Strassbourg has wet trenches as the Île runs through them. In Landau and Germersheim the local creek could be ponded to flood the trenches in case of defending the town.

I decided to have wet trenches all the time. 1.gif


There is / should be / was a gate on the place where you can see the GLR station - something like the Weissenburger Tor in Germersheim. Like other buildings that were necessary for a fortification - magazins, armoury and caserns frtifictaion gates are completely non existent in SC4 based my knowledge ... 8.gif

(I checked and downloaded Yoder's BATs but they are too representative, not militarily simple enough for my need)


Sometimes you need to be very creative if you want to have  diagonals and trams ... 2.gif


The overview from the last pic. You can see two bastion - one more or less complete one hidden in the street layout.


I said it before - the kanals used as trenches weren't deep enough for my taste. So I tried out budsybud's highway walls in combination with different kanal sets. Unfortunately there are no real extenders in SG kanal set. So I tried both PEG's CSK2 and the new kanals of CallagrafX.


Lokks rather good bur ...

PEG'S will disappear - no diagonals 28.gif.


CallagrafX' set has neither extenders nor diagonals but I confess: I fell in love with that water texture.

But either someone does me a favour and creates the missing pieces or ... well, I did see the BAT behind the corner with that diabolical grin meaning "Eventually I will get even Papa Nardo" ...  22.gif


D'oh! - of course this is OC 11 ...  24.gif

Well, unless I can solve the above probleme I'll have some fun in W2W. BTW: If its not diagonal it's not plopped! 2.gif16.gif


Well, the traffic query said Tram traffic is high ...  21.gif I changed it later to tram-on-road though.  24.gif


Something I don't see very often are the great smooth curvers of the elevated heavy rail. Why?


Outside the old walls I am going to do a big RR station. Some of its facilities are already plopped. 1.gif


An overview of the already finished railway facilities.


No, no bastion this time - just a diagonal highway  1.gif

That's it for today. This one is my most ambitious project, I'm not sure if it will be necessary to blow ip that city to restart or not at the moment. And there's that problem with the BAT ...  21.gif

Hopy you liked it. Tomorrow's the last day of my OSITM week. See you then!

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif


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Wow!!  Amazing planning, I really enjoyed this update!

Question: In the Peg's CSK 2 canal pics, is the tunnel part of buddybud's assortment or sunken highway pieces?  

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@DCMetro34: Thanks for the compliment!  Yes, the tunnel is part of buddybud's highway walls.

@Samerton: Thanks for the compliment! 

@ImVhOzzi: Thanks for the compliment! 

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