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The Infected Attack...

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Date: July 29th 2011.

Location, About a mile from Safe Zone 1.

Hey, Joey Again, I'm really tired today, and very scared.. We were woke up by sirens at around 2 Am, and told to go to the Safe House. Snipers were firing, and troops were headin to the walls. We were told, that a massive crowd, of around 25,000 infected are about a mile from our Safe Zone. Many people were freaking out by this point.

I stepped up at this point, and suggested that we try and scare the infected away... At first, the soldiers laughed upon me, but a scientist stepped up and said it could work. I was then escourted to the walls, and well, explained how it could work. Instead of hunkering down, and hiding.. Why not take a tank, and charge a them?

The plan, is to send out a single tank, and have it lauch a very bombs their way, to try and discourage them to attack. The gates to the Safe Zone, will have to be left open to allow the Tank to re-enter once they have done the damage. So, a truck is going to be stationed by their, to try and act as a barrier.

So, here goes..


Above, is the army truck, carrieing 30 soldiers. Heading to the gate.


Above, is the tank heading out the gate..


Above, is the tank getting into position.


Here's the tank firing it's first projectile.

when it landed, it seemed to have little effect on the infected, but after a minute they started backing away...

So, we decided to follow them another mile out of the Safe Zone to ensure they don't come back.


Above, is the tank starting to follow the infected..


And finally, the second projectile is fired. The infected are a good few hundred meters infront of the tank, and the trees are good at hiding them..

So, we managed to keep off 25,000 infected, still a few hundred infected attacked, but the main crowd was put off. This made history too, this was the first time we confronted infected, instead of being cooped up. This, is very good news, because prior to this, we would expect them to just ignore the vehicle, but now we know they aknowledge the vehicles, and seem to be pretty afraid of it.

This, could mean that we can start sending out scout forces, to meet head on with crowds of infected.......

Date: July 29th mid day.

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Hey, Joey again.. I was just rewarded, and stuff, and it was pretty cool. I'm actually thinking about joining the military, but don't know. Anyways, work has begun on expanding the Safe Zone again. Something about more people are coming in?

This journal has gone by real fast, better start on a new notebook.. By for now!

I hope you liked this, it's the first time i've done a "action" update..

But, just so people don't get confused.. Here's a little thing..

If you have noticed, I changed the title, with "Year 1" at it. I'm going to be making this CJ goe year by year. With dates selected from each year. At the Top of each Entry of this Cj, I will have the Date and location that the story is in now. Having a CJ like this goe year by year, makes it much easier for me to write, cause now I have a realistic time rate, and locations, and a end date.

Also, The "Joey Stories" are Journal entrys made by Joey. Joey, is the only prominent character in this CJ, that and the President. Most other characters will goe unamed, or have little effect in the story.

Some things to expect in Year 1:

Safety Zone Expansion

More "Action" parts of the CJ

More Story related Joey Stories.

And, Much more.. About 16 more to be exact!

Now, What I want you to do, is to leave a comment below, saying what you think could go next in the CJ. It really helps me with writing it!

Also, in that comment, tell me if I should continue with the Joey Stories, or just stop them now. I think they can add some cool parts to the CJ, and help give the story a different perspective, but rarely will he be a major part of the story..

Comment Below!!


~Edit~ I changed the size of the pictures, from very large, to 800x600.. Which fits very nicely in CJ format.. 9.gif

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Recommended Comments

Hey! I missed a lot of updates. lol I went back to look at them though. lol Well, All I have to say that the storyline is AWESOME! I think you should keep it the way it is. BTW, this CJ is very entertaining and interesting.

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I think your CJ is very cool, and the storyline is very interesting, and I think Joey should go to the army, and because of he's strategies could someday became lider of the safe zone.
Continue with the good work :)

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 hmmm, what ever these creatures are they are much more intelligent than any zombie like creature i have ever heard. does anyone even know what the main objective of the people who are infected but not dead is?

nice CJ, if you need any help with the storyline, just Private message me 

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Oh wow thanks for these awesome comments, I started this CJ with very low expectations, and now i'm very happy I have started it..

Dude, don't give it away But, it's not like he's going to just join the army,,,,

It is unclear of the intentions of the infected, it's just nice to know your catching on with them being smarter than your average zombie thing
I do have to say, that Some Interesting finds about them, are going to happen.....

Also, I really like the way the CJ is going.. I will most certainly PM you, the second I lose a good storyline..
I'm going to be needin help with Year 2, when the time comes.. but that won't be for a while..

Anyways, thanks everyone for these comments and support!

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Wow, very exiting. As i said earlier, try the SNM Military mod, its on SC4Devotion's LEX. Othervise, theres not so much to say :) 5 stars!

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MayorAwesome, Thanks for clarifing that for me.. I was frantic for 3 hours looking all over the stex.. Found some cool things though... Also, this was my first "Action" update, (you guys know what i mean...) and, some more better quality pictures, will be in here.. But, that won't be until Joey develops as a character...


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Glad to help :) Heres a link BTW if you need it: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/fr_main.htm

Make sure to look through all the pages.

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Thanks again, and are all those dependencys needed? I'd rather not have to get them all, especially since I already have near 2.5 gigs..


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As a suggestion I think if the zombie things are 10X stronger then they should eat more than normal maybe. That  could be why large groups of zombies attack is because what food is left around after the outbreak is not enough to feed tens or hundreds of thousands of zombies so they think that safe zones have food. Just an idea possibly a crazy one at that. Anyway great story so far. Its very entertaining

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That is a valid suggestion, and something like that may be incorperated into the storyline.. You'll just have to watch and see

Plus, do you guys think it would make sense to make a entry, explaining what has happened so far in the story? It wouldn't be as detailed as each part of the story, but just some need parts of the story, so it would be easier for people to read old posts and parts of the story..


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I think the infected just need a hug... Lol, just kidding.
Great CJ and can't wait for more!

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