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  1. Government Buildings

    Well done
  2. The Story Continues...

    The story is so cool!!
  3. The Infected Attack...

    I think your CJ is very cool, and the storyline is very interesting, and I think Joey should go to the army, and because of he's strategies could someday became lider of the safe zone. Continue with the good work :)
  4. Coquelicot Center

    It's so cooool!!!! Well done ;)
  5. Uptown Appartments

    It' s very cool ;)
  6. park inn hotel Berlin

    It's simple but nice!
  7. KUMHO ASIANA group company

    I like modern asyan architecture, is full of color.
  8. NYBT 77 Water Street

    I like this little building! It will look nice in my city.