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About this City Journal

~~EDIT~~ A New super virus ravaged through the world, killing loads of people, and leaving survivors of the sickness, changed forever.. The uninfected were placed in Safe Zones throughout...

Entries in this City Journal


The Start of it All.

Well, today I bite the bullet. I started writing the storyline..


"The first time I saw this, I almost fainted."

That is going to be about the first line in the CJ. It may change a little bit though.



Finally, A Blog!

Hey, Everyone.. I figured I should stop spamming my City Journal.

Anyways.. I created a blog, which I promise will be updated pretty much, whenever it needs to be.. (Everyday, to once a week)

Linkie: http://blogs.simtropolis.com/Froelich/

Anyways, Within the blog.. I will have teasers (which include storyline leaks, and pictures) And, anything that is related to the CJ.

I don't have any ideas for a storyline yet.. I probably won't include a solid storyline until.. The 2nd update?


Your Last Chance

This is going to be your last chance to give feedback for my new CJ..

More technical now though..

(These are going to be questions.. Answer the ones you want, but please answer all)

1. Should I start a Blog, about my CJ?

2. Should I update, once a week, or once every 2 weeks?

3. Should I create a muli Storyline? (Meaning like many characters and broad storyline)

4. How many nations should be within this war?

5. What should the size be of the nations?

6. Should I add in "Joey" as the main character?

and.. Easily the LARGEST question I have for you..

Should I keep all my Plugins? Or, start from scratch with them?

Pro's for this:

My game will crash less, meaning easier work on cities..


Will take much time.. About 2 weeks to gather Plugins, and stuff..

Please if your going to answer any questions, answer the last one!




Shocked by the amazing results, I right away started to play my favorite game of all time!... Minecraft.. Just kidding!


Anyways.. Seriosly.. I think I'm going to create a warring CJ, with some (Most) Utopia areas. Since I like the number of views to be high, i want you all to view my CJ, atleast 5 times a minute. (Just kidding?)


Ok, So.. A Warring Utopia City, Conflicting Storys.. I like!

I will be Creating the new CJ.. Sometime when I'm not busy.. So not this weekend, maybe next weekend. (I'm going up north to see some iron mines and stuff from friday to saturday.. then Travel Soccer tryouts Sunday.. (I'll probably make it considering the coach begged me to try out..)

Anyways, Leave a comment about what you want me to include..

(Some things to think about..)

1. Island Nation, or Land Nation?

2. Large Storyline pretty much making up the entire CJ

3. Small Storyline about 50% of the CJ

4. Very Small Storyline, 10% of the CJ.

5. Frequent updates?

6. Should i make this very viewer controlled?

Leave a comment about anything you want on the new CJ.. Seriosly.. I want to please you 2.gif

~Future CJ Award Winner~



Keep It Alive?

As a few of you know, My Cj story was just starting off when I ended it.

Mostly, because I became pretty bored with it.. Mosty with the way i was portraying my story. I could never write it too make it feel like I wanted it too, and I could never get pictures the way I needed them to be.. (I.E the infected couldn't be in the picture)

Anyways, I'm willing to restart this entire CJ, With a new storyline, with new everything..

Just.. Tell me what you want..

A. Rewrite my OLD storyline

B. Completely make a new Storyline (Something different from Infections and what not)

C. Utopia City

D. Warring CJ (Have a storyline based on a war (Fictional war))

Choose What you want!! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!

Seriously, I promise to devote myself to this CJ, with atleast some kind of update a week... Just, Give me a sign..


Everything that was said and done before this update, is about to change.. Though the basic idea is the same..

Anyways, the disease started as a small flu. It was novel yet, and was mutating fast. It started to infect a few hunded people everyday. Eventually, it started to spread to modern parts of Asia, and Europe. A few weeks pasted, and the Flu Virus,mutated. The infected now died, about 1/4 the time. Also, the disease spread about 3 times as fast aswell.

Large populations of the infected were pooled together, to try and prevent the spread. This, just made it much easier for the disease to mutate. It, eventually mutated to make the infected, extremely starved, and has a laxitive effect. About 5 weeks past since the infected started, and the virus mutated once more. This time, it added canalablism, extreme strength, and endless energy to the infected. The virus was continuosly mutating.

Now, the infected that were pooled together, started breaking free of their encampments. They charged through major towns, and many millions became infected. Another mutation occured, this time adding the most deadly attribute. The virus now took 2-5 weeks before it showed symptoms. Also, by the 3rd day, the infected could spread the disease. So, now people that became infected and didn't know it, fled the areas, to the america's and other places.

America, now started preparing to take on the infected. It closed airlines in 2 months of the start of the disease, and all shipments froze. Soldeirs also started being recruited. The president was then shipped to a very secure location. Also, large military complexes were being constructed, to help protect citizens from "the deadly infected".

Another month goes by, and all hell broke loose. Near 2 billion people became infected, and all of asia was desimated. 3 thermonuclear bombs were dropped on crowds of infected. The largest crowd so far, was close to 10 million infected...

About 200 million people were infected in america alone. Along with about 101 million dead, from murder, suicide, bombings, and mostly infected that attack. A mere 60,000 people are struggling to survive, and those Safe Zones, created are falling 1 by 1 by the infected.

Hey, I'm very very sorry for a long wait for a update. I, hit a dead end with the storyline, so I'm starting from scratch!

Hope you like the new storyline, it's pretty much the same. Anyways, the next 2 updates will be like this, then after that, they will be different..



Date: November 1st.

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Today is a big day for the Safe Zone. Joey, and a crew of 6 others are starting their Journey onwards to the Presidencial Safe Zone. They are going to make a revolutionary journey.

Anyways, on their way to the Pres. Safe Zone, they will head through a very large city, that is now abandoned. It will take about a month to get there, and many many pictures will be taken of the site.

Also, today is the day, where the Infected Fighting Squad, will first go into action. They have been training for the past 3 weeks, and the 15 super soldiers, will help Joey, and his crew through the first mile from the Safe Zone.

The new IFS, isn't just new here. The presidencial Safe Zone, is also starting this, and other countrys like France have also started this. They aren't traditional soldiers, they've been trained to move stealily, and make good kill shots. Meaning, mostly head shots are made. Since, the infected can survive shots to the chest. It's, extremely hard to kill these things with guns.

The Vehicle the IFS uses is a simple pick-up truck, that has been modified to have a steel bar cage in the back, and some other things.

Anyways.. Joey's first mile through the Dead Zone, went quiet well. The IFS took care of most infected, and the others were shot down by Joey's Crew.

The J Crew (Joey's Crew) have a modified Police Van. The back doors were reinforced, the wall seperating the drive/passenger seats from the back was took out. Only 6 guns were brought on board, for the crew of 7.

The J Crew has now travel about 100 miles. It's over half way to the Abandoned City. Although this is a normal 1 1/2-2 hour trip nowadays, they barely are trucking by, they are constantly having to be careful about the infected, and conserve their ammo.

Gasoline isn't much of a problem, since there are many abandoned gas stations out there, the only problem is going out to get the gas. It's very dangerous, but is has to be done.

Presidencial Safe Zone:

The infected are becoming very smart. They aren't just attacking in massive hordes like they use to, their are using stradegy. They, come in at small hordes of 20-50. About 6 of these hordes attack all at once, all over the place. Then, a second wave of infected comes, about 200 come at a time then. This, puts loads of strain on our security forces. We have, about 2 1/2 months until we are going to have to start evacuating this place.

The IFS is having a lot of effect though, going out and fighting the infected 1 on 1, is proving to be pretty effective.....

Joey's Crew is now on the out skirts of the Abandoned City. The Date is now December 3rd. Tomorrow, the J Crew, will start going through the City. So far, trouble with the infected has been very limited, let's see how it goes inside the city, where there's tons of obstacles...

Hey, I'm VERY sorry it took soooo long for me to update the CJ this time.. I've been occupied.. Anyways, The next few days will see more updates..

Stay tuned, and give feedback!

I still want you to give me what you think should come next, it proves to be very very helpful with me!



I'm also changing how I update this CJ. I'm no longer having a loose storyline i'm following. I'm now, writing segments of the story at a time. As you can see above, this is Part 1 of 5. I've got the basic idea of the other parts written out.

Anyways, the difference, is now when I think of a idea, I'll write it out, work upon it.. Then split it into parts. This means the CJ will be updated irrigulary, instead of a few times a week, it will vary. When I have a entire Storyline written out, then I'll update a lot for a few days. While Working on a storyline, there will be NO updates.

Luckily for you, I have a second story line being written now.

This is where YOU come in. I want you, to start making these storyline concepts in the comments.

Here would be a example:

"Date X, Location: X.

The Safe Zone, is running low on food, there is a large food supply at a abandoned place about 30 miles away. The IFS starts heading out there to gather the food supplys."

That, is currently being written.. I want YOU to start making storyline concepts like that for me. It will really help!




Date: September 1st.

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Construction of the expansion of Safe Zone 1, part 2 is starting today. A amount of people were selected, to be brought outside of the Safe Zone. They are selected based upon work ethic. Anyways, before construction of the other side of the tunnel will continue, a bridge is to be built, to allow the movement across the river. So, lets start.


Here's the area where we are going to build.

We can only work on the bridge for about 2 hours of each day. Making it extremly long and boring to finish.


Farms were planted, and the bridge is about half done. 20 day into construction, this bridge isn't meant' to carry much weight, but it'll work.


Here's the complete bridge. It took a while, but now materials needed for construction of the expansion of Safe Zone 1, can be harvested.

The bridge wasn't planned to well though, anyone and anything can travel across it. No stations were built to stop unwanted things from crossing it.

Anyways, lets gets started on the expansion of Safe Zone 1.


The walls are already raised, and you can already see how much bigger this is going to make the Safe Zone.


The walls were put up, and construction of the inside started.


Construction of the new part of the Safe Zone is already half done. Also, a helicopter landing was built, for the helicopter that Safe Zone 3 brought over.

All was going fine. Until, the infected started swarming the place. They were coming from the otherside of the river. No one had any idea of what to do, so they turned to Joey. He was blank at first, but after a day said that the only way they could stop it, would be to blow up the bridge. The people at first rejected the idea, but...


When the infected from across the river started some pretty large fires, minds quickly changed. Good thing that Helicopter arrived.

So, lets start it up..


It has only 3 missles that work with his copter, so it has to be careful..


Here's the copter flieing towards the bridge..


The helicopter is preparing to fire it's missle..


The helicopter fired 2 missles at once, right at the base of the bridge. It wasn't built perfectly, so it started falling apart.


And here's the helicopter coming back after blowing the bridge.

Aparrently, the infected on the other side, learned to start fires. This, could be bad.

Anyways, work finished, and it looks good.

 Journal Entry 20.

Date: October 25th.

Construction finally finished on the other side of the tunnel, the explosion of the bridge was cool, and life is good. Today though, I got a message from the General. He said, that I have a call, from the President. There is a large problem over there.

The infected on the other side of the river, have learned how to start fires, the scientists of Safe Zone 1, wonder what else they have learned. Also, this could be a big problem. Since, some crossed the river, they could meet up with the infected on our side, and teach them. If the infected on our side of the river learn to start fires, this could mean no longer can we grow crops effectivly, and that could spell trouple for Safe Zone 1.

Location: Presidencial Safe Zone.

Mr. Froelich, since you have saved the Safe Zone 1, a few times, we would first like to thank you. Second, we want to show our thanks. We understand, that everyone in your family has passed, except for your Brother. Well, we want to tell you that your Brother is over at the Presidencial Safe Zone, and we are inviting you, to come over here, to be a Military Major. We, have some pretty big problems we want you to help us with.

Anyways, get a team together, and start heading over here.

It will take about 3 months to get to the presidencial Safe Zone, and along the way, you will be going through a abandoned city, and do some observations. I Hope you make it safely to the Presidencial Safe Zone Mr. Froelich.

I really hope you liked this update, it was hard writing this one, don't know why though.. anyways.. I still want you to write up a character for me to put into this story.

There will be some interesting things happening soon enough..



First, I'd like to say sorry for now update, I've been feelin sickish, and this weekend, i'm goingt o be gone. I plan on having a update released on Moday, but i don't know..

Anyways, this isn't really a update, but more of a teaser post. It will contain teasers for what's to come...

Official Teasers!

Winter, will take it's Toll..

Raising a Child can be hard..

A Lost Brother..

Medical Break Throughs..

A Hero is reconised..

Those are the Teasers, Read them, and Speculate.. Comment on what you think they mean, and maybe I'll tell you, if your right..

Anyways, here is some info about how i'm going to be updating stuff..

As you know, I have 2 segments in most updates. The Regular Update, and the Joey Stories.. I have these 2 parts of the same story, to give you 2 persectives. It makes understanding the story better, atleast that's what I think..

The Current Date for the CJ is now August 30th. I know I skipped the entire month, but that sort of stuff happens.

Don't think that December 31st is the last day of the year, I'm changing that to July 3rd. Meaning Every July 4th, is a new year, in the story.

Now, What I want you to do, is leave a comment below, giving me the details of a new Character.

This will be a contest... Which will last some time.. But, leave a comment below, describing a Character, include the following info:



Where their from

Where they are

What they do (citizen of militant)

How they can be included into the story

How they can interact with Joey.

I want this all, and I will personally choose the best character that will fit into the story. Please note just cause I don't pick yours, won't mean it isn't a good character, it's just not the one fit for the story..

I'm going to include the new character as soon as I can into the story, after the Contest is over..

Please Take Part in the Contest! The more, the better!



Date: July 31st 2011

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Many people were unbelievably relieved, the infected crowd was pushed off, and now the first amount of people starting showing up at the gates. Estimates show that about 300 civilians, and 700 soldiers were coming in. Work on expanding the Safe Zone started right away. It would be split into 2 parts, part 1 is to build the path to get there, and part two is building the new part of the Safe Zone.

Part 1, will take about 45 days to complete, it's a big project, and is really needed.

Location: Presidencial Safe Zone Medical Research Facilitary.

Since July 4th 2011, research for a cure for the Disease, now called the Radiation Flu, though it has nothing to do with Radiation, or the Flu.

Today, less than 1 month after research has started, we made a very large breakthrough. Though, it isn't a cure, nor is it anything related to it. It is a compound, of chemicals, that act like bug spray against the infected.

It is very easily made, and will make all infected stay at least 10 feet away from where this compound is sprayed. It also lasts for a decent time, of about 6 hours.

Manufacuring of this compound has started immidiatly, and is being sent to Safe Zone 1.

We also, isolated the virus within a infected person.. More on this later..

Journal Entry 1. 31st of July 2011.

Hey, Joey again, today a load of new people showed up, and we also have been put to work. Taking down those walls and rebuilding them has got to be the worst part of the work. But, it also seems that we are going to be doing some digging. Lots of digging... I wonder what we will be diggin?

Anyways, here goes..


This is where we are starting work...


This, is after about 1 1/2 days of work..


This, is after 1 week.. Augaust already, gosh fall is gonna come soon...


This is after about 3 days of construction, I feel a load safer knowing the walls are fully enclosed.

Now comes the construction of houes, and they finally told us what we will be digging out, a Tunnel.


Here, is after 29 days of construction. Boy is it nice to have all these new houses, no longer will I share a house with 10 other people.

Oh, and the tunnel is only half done, this is a big project, and much more is to come...

Give me feedback, suggestions, and what I can do better!

Also, don't forget to rate..



Date: July 29th 2011.

Location, About a mile from Safe Zone 1.

Hey, Joey Again, I'm really tired today, and very scared.. We were woke up by sirens at around 2 Am, and told to go to the Safe House. Snipers were firing, and troops were headin to the walls. We were told, that a massive crowd, of around 25,000 infected are about a mile from our Safe Zone. Many people were freaking out by this point.

I stepped up at this point, and suggested that we try and scare the infected away... At first, the soldiers laughed upon me, but a scientist stepped up and said it could work. I was then escourted to the walls, and well, explained how it could work. Instead of hunkering down, and hiding.. Why not take a tank, and charge a them?

The plan, is to send out a single tank, and have it lauch a very bombs their way, to try and discourage them to attack. The gates to the Safe Zone, will have to be left open to allow the Tank to re-enter once they have done the damage. So, a truck is going to be stationed by their, to try and act as a barrier.

So, here goes..


Above, is the army truck, carrieing 30 soldiers. Heading to the gate.


Above, is the tank heading out the gate..


Above, is the tank getting into position.


Here's the tank firing it's first projectile.

when it landed, it seemed to have little effect on the infected, but after a minute they started backing away...

So, we decided to follow them another mile out of the Safe Zone to ensure they don't come back.


Above, is the tank starting to follow the infected..


And finally, the second projectile is fired. The infected are a good few hundred meters infront of the tank, and the trees are good at hiding them..

So, we managed to keep off 25,000 infected, still a few hundred infected attacked, but the main crowd was put off. This made history too, this was the first time we confronted infected, instead of being cooped up. This, is very good news, because prior to this, we would expect them to just ignore the vehicle, but now we know they aknowledge the vehicles, and seem to be pretty afraid of it.

This, could mean that we can start sending out scout forces, to meet head on with crowds of infected.......

Date: July 29th mid day.

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Hey, Joey again.. I was just rewarded, and stuff, and it was pretty cool. I'm actually thinking about joining the military, but don't know. Anyways, work has begun on expanding the Safe Zone again. Something about more people are coming in?

This journal has gone by real fast, better start on a new notebook.. By for now!

I hope you liked this, it's the first time i've done a "action" update..

But, just so people don't get confused.. Here's a little thing..

If you have noticed, I changed the title, with "Year 1" at it. I'm going to be making this CJ goe year by year. With dates selected from each year. At the Top of each Entry of this Cj, I will have the Date and location that the story is in now. Having a CJ like this goe year by year, makes it much easier for me to write, cause now I have a realistic time rate, and locations, and a end date.

Also, The "Joey Stories" are Journal entrys made by Joey. Joey, is the only prominent character in this CJ, that and the President. Most other characters will goe unamed, or have little effect in the story.

Some things to expect in Year 1:

Safety Zone Expansion

More "Action" parts of the CJ

More Story related Joey Stories.

And, Much more.. About 16 more to be exact!

Now, What I want you to do, is to leave a comment below, saying what you think could go next in the CJ. It really helps me with writing it!

Also, in that comment, tell me if I should continue with the Joey Stories, or just stop them now. I think they can add some cool parts to the CJ, and help give the story a different perspective, but rarely will he be a major part of the story..

Comment Below!!


~Edit~ I changed the size of the pictures, from very large, to 800x600.. Which fits very nicely in CJ format.. 9.gif


Date: July 19th 2011

Location: Somewhere in Minnesota.

We have been tracking crowds of infected for, well 15 days now. Where ever they go, we go. During these 15 days, we have seen some very interesting things. Such as, the infected, arnen't comeplete animals against eachother, like previosly thought, but more human like to each other.

Also, they share food, and protect each other.

Anyways, we stopped by at Safe Zone 33, and they give us this. They thought it could help us find some crowds of infected...


They told us, that Red dots mean crowds of 500,000 or more. Orange are 100,000 or more. And yellow are 50,000. Also, The black dot, is Safe Zone "A" or 1. And the Grey Dot, is the Presidencial Location.

Hey, It's Joey Again, life is pretty boring again, mostly cause there is once again, nothing to do. A infected was brought into the Safe Zone today, it was alive, but sedated. The soldiers said, it took 10x the normal amount of sedation medicince to put this one down. That pretty much means it took 2 elephant tranqulizers.

Anyways, Scouts said they found a large crowd of infected, coming our way. It will be here in, about 10 days, or July 29th. This is going to be the first crowd of infected to attack us, I'm both excited, and terribly scared. I just hope that Safe House thing we built, will work.

Ok, well peace, talk to you later!

Location: Presidencial Safe Zone.

We, have contacted Safe Zones 2-10. Told them, about having them move, to Safe Zone 1. (Safe zone A is safe zone 1) They have started preparations. Safe zone 1, is also making preparations. Our only hope, is that all can make it to Safe Zone 1, and that Safe Zone 1 can sustain itself until July 31st, the day this all happens.

I hope you like the story so far, Here, is something that you.. the viewers can do to help me!

In the comments below, write what you think could come next. Make it relevant to the story please, No UFO's, and stuff...

This may help: A Crowd of infected are attacking on July 29th. While, Safe Zones 2-10 are going to come on July 31st...

Please leave a comment below! Also, for now on i'd like you to help me write the story!

Anything will work, as long as it is relevant to the story. Also, it doesn't have to be long. It can be a simple outline of the next part, and i'll fill in the blanks.

Oh, and this is how I came up with the idea...

I was recently on vacation, in northern MN. We were driving from a city, to our cabin, and well.. I was looking at the Itasca State Park map. (where the mississippi starts..) Tons of lakes are in the park, and i thought, what would it be like without water, in any lakes and oceans in the world? Then, thought there could be like a place that has water somehow, and that's how I got Safe Zones. I got infected and stuff, well.. From my own imangination...

Comment below, about what you think should come next!



Date: July 4, 2011...

Location: Presidential Safe Zone

At the time of crisis, the president went full out to protect America. It closed all borders, and started building these Safe Zones. He, has a safe zone built for him, it will have the strongest defenses, and also, the research facility for a Cure to the disease the virus causes. It currently houses 10,000 soldiers, and 600 civilians. It has a landing strip, and a missile launch silo.

The massive mobs of zombies break upon the walls of this fortress, like water on rock. Nearly 100,000 infected have been killed defending this Safe Zone.

It also, has the only contact with other counts, here's some news from other countries:

1. Date: July 1st, 2011. Germany:

We have successfully protected 2 million people from infection, and have started bombing the large crowds of infected.

Some observations are:

They are getting smarter, more aggressive, started using tools.

2. Date: June 6th. China:

Bombs are on their way to all major cities, we have reports of crowds of nearly 5 million infected in some places. Nukes prove to be very effective.

Some Observations:

Infection acts like steroids, infected becoming much smarter.

3. Date: January 2011. Britain.

Infection is airborne. Many many people getting sick, we are trying our best to combat infected.


Infection is very easily spread.


Above is a Missile Silo, used to bomb large crowds of infected.


Above is the air strip, with planes that Carrie out rescue missions.


This, is the Research Facility. It, is making break through for a cure everyday.


This, is the 2 wall system, used to protect the main facility. The main facility is also on a very high hill.


Above, the center building is the presidential offices. Where, they communicate to other Safe Zones, and countys. The building on the lower left, is a barracks area for soldiers.


Here's the other side of the main facility... It's mainly housing.


This, is the entire Safe Zone. All parts of the Safe Zone are walled in, except the Farms.

I hope I'm living up to your expectations!



Some News

Radio Transmission #189..



Thisss.. iss safe zo (cuts out) number 34. We, are gettin (cuts out) by the thousands. They are learnin (cuts out) 

We are desperate, and hav (cuts out)

We found a (cuts out) and it works!

It works it work it workkk (cuts out)

Please find us, we won't las (cuts out)

Almost out of gas, food is plentiful thoug (Cuts Out)

We are coming to Safe Zone 1. Please Safe Zone 1, let us in!

End of Transmission.

That was the 10th Safe Zone to fall to these things... We, have to start building up these safe zones, make them stronger, and have more people in them.

These things are getting smarter, they are grouping together, and attacking all at once, overwhelming out defenses. Satellite photo's show crowns of near a million forming, all over the world. China, has a crowd near 5 million infected. Australia, had no direct contact with any infection, is now falling apart.

The country, had let in a infected amount of animals, for a zoo. A single animal broke lose, and infected nearly 300 people. These people didn't know about the sickness yet, and well.. It got spread very fast, It's military was very small now, due to it sending most of it to infected countrys.

How are we going to protect ourselves from the infected?

We are going to merge, all Safe zones into 1. Safe Zone 1........

Stay Tuned for more!



It's been 3 weeks since I first arrived at the Safe Zone. Life here is really really boring.. The soldiers are very strict, we have to be in bed by 9 pm, in our house by 6 pm, and wake up at 7 am. We get 2 meals a day, and aren't allowed to do much. We wear these horrible clothes, and it's just a bad place to live. But, atleast I am living.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I am Joe Froelich. I lived in St. Cloud MN for my life, or until the outbreak. My family of 4 siblings, and 2 parents, disintigrated. My 3 sisters passed away in 6 weeks after the outbreak, my mom and dad were killed, and my Brother, was forced into the military.

Now, I live in this Safe Zone, alone with 6 other people in 1 smal house. Anyways, it has been very boring.. Until lately, we've been put to work..

We were told to expand the Safe Zone, and build a Safe House. Now, I don't really know what they mean, but I have to get Started..


Above, is the wall we are going to destroy and rebuild to make it bigger...


And wow, it only took a week to build up the mounds again! Now to place the walls ontop of the mounds...


Well, I guess they made up build the Safe House first...


Wow, That was completed fast! Only 4 weeks of construction and we finished all this!


Above, is the entire Safe Zone, We now have 253 Civilians in it, and 498 Soldiers.

Anyways, some news..

China has now completely collapsed, it was over run with infected, and eventually Nuked many of it's own cities. Every Country has fallen under the OutBreak, in only 8 weeks. Estimated 4 billion people have become infected, of those 60% are zombie like creatures that barely resemble humans.

The Safe house was contructed, to house everyone in the case the infected manage to get inside the Safe Zone. Apparently, of the 60 Safe Zones across america, only 54 are inhabited now. That means that 6, have been overrun by infected.

Well, actually heres a report of one Safe Zone:

Theres a ocean of infected around our walls. We have all of our civilians in a safe house, and our soldiers have abandoned the walls. It took only 3 days for all of this to happen too. First a few started to crowd together. Then, they came in the hundreds, then thousands. We have only 4000 people at this Safe Zone, and well Their all doomed.

It's the 4th day, and it's terrible in this Safe House. We can hear the infected just outside, and it won't be long until they will be inside. I finally gave the call to bomb the Safe Zone. This is my Final Report, as Cheif of Military for Safe Zone 45.

4,000 people died within this Safe Zone, and nearly 6,000 infected.

Wow, that was a sad report. I seriosly hope it doesn't happen here.. They were by  a major city, and always had problems with infected..

Anyways, until next time..

~Joey, Survivor of the Outbreak.

Please note this is a fictional story! Though, some parts may be realistic, or molded off of real things. Such as the characters name, is also mine..


Safety Zone "A"

Before we starts, let me tell you some info prior to this...

The year is 2011, and things aren't well. China is slowly falling apart, and all of asia is desimated from a terrible virus. This virus, wasn't reconized or even known about by any other nation except Russia, until it was too late. It is a completely new virus, which can transer through the air and water. It, is resistant to all "safe" drugs, all mammals can carry it, and it takes 3 weeks of having the virus, for a person to show symptoms. 

Anyways, it was far to late to prevent the virus from traveling the globe, it was already in all major cities of the world. America right away, started selecting people, and building up "safe zones". This, is the story of those "Safe Zones".

These Safe Zones, consisted of a few hundred people, some were civilians, but most were soldiers. These "Safe Zones" were heavily armed, and protected. The reasons for this, is only 40% of people that become infected, die. The other 60% become, crazied carriers of the virus. By crazied, i mean that they aren't who they use to be. They, stop being rational, and lose all human thought. They also, become angered. Sometimes to the point in which they attack you.

Well, Lets show you the place where you will be living for the next period of time...


Above, is the entrance to the "Safe Zone". The walls are heavily guarded, with soldiers patrolling through them.


Above is the military complex, it houses 600 soldiers, and a small amount of tanks.


Above, is the housing for civilians. Only 241 live in this Safe Zone, but it is increasning steadily.


Here's just showing the Houses and military parts. Notice how the outside walls are elevated.

That's Safe Zone A. If you have any questions or comments, just say them below.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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