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Safe Zone Expansion, & Medical Break Throughs

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Date: July 31st 2011

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Many people were unbelievably relieved, the infected crowd was pushed off, and now the first amount of people starting showing up at the gates. Estimates show that about 300 civilians, and 700 soldiers were coming in. Work on expanding the Safe Zone started right away. It would be split into 2 parts, part 1 is to build the path to get there, and part two is building the new part of the Safe Zone.

Part 1, will take about 45 days to complete, it's a big project, and is really needed.

Location: Presidencial Safe Zone Medical Research Facilitary.

Since July 4th 2011, research for a cure for the Disease, now called the Radiation Flu, though it has nothing to do with Radiation, or the Flu.

Today, less than 1 month after research has started, we made a very large breakthrough. Though, it isn't a cure, nor is it anything related to it. It is a compound, of chemicals, that act like bug spray against the infected.

It is very easily made, and will make all infected stay at least 10 feet away from where this compound is sprayed. It also lasts for a decent time, of about 6 hours.

Manufacuring of this compound has started immidiatly, and is being sent to Safe Zone 1.

We also, isolated the virus within a infected person.. More on this later..

Journal Entry 1. 31st of July 2011.

Hey, Joey again, today a load of new people showed up, and we also have been put to work. Taking down those walls and rebuilding them has got to be the worst part of the work. But, it also seems that we are going to be doing some digging. Lots of digging... I wonder what we will be diggin?

Anyways, here goes..


This is where we are starting work...


This, is after about 1 1/2 days of work..


This, is after 1 week.. Augaust already, gosh fall is gonna come soon...


This is after about 3 days of construction, I feel a load safer knowing the walls are fully enclosed.

Now comes the construction of houes, and they finally told us what we will be digging out, a Tunnel.


Here, is after 29 days of construction. Boy is it nice to have all these new houses, no longer will I share a house with 10 other people.

Oh, and the tunnel is only half done, this is a big project, and much more is to come...

Give me feedback, suggestions, and what I can do better!

Also, don't forget to rate..


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Recommended Comments

this CJ is very entertaining to read, but may I suggest some retaining walls, instead of just plain grass? However, as there world has been overrun by zombie like infected, who has the time for retaining walls!!!

Very nice!

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Maybe it would look better with actual walls, instead of lots plopped on a terraformed ground. I dont know though, its up to you, since it looks good as it is. Just a suggestion.

Anyway, great CJ!

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I suggest leaving the original wall on and then build around it and then domolish old wall it would be safer

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Shyguy, Be patient! Ha, I have to build another Safe zone basically, anyways the otherside of the tunnel will be shown today.. Thanks for the comment..

Tepodon, Retaining walls would be nice, everytime it rains half the walls wash into the streets, so civilians have to remake them, thanks for the comment..

MayorAwesome, actual walls would look better, but thikn about it.. How are they going to expand with them? Rebuild a wall that took modern tech to build, when with the current walls, just takes dirt and rocks.. Much more realistic to epxand with my way isn't it? Anyways, thanks for the comment!

dghh70, it would be safer, but would be very hard to do. It'd take over twice as long to remake the walls since they have to go over the existing walls, so it probably wouldn't be much safer, since being exposed for 6 days means 6 days of potential attack, but being exposed 3 days, means only 3 days of potencial attack..

Anyways, thanks for the comments everyone!

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Sometime today A little teaser for what's to come:

During construction of the new part of Safety Zone 1, it is threatened by a amount of infected. The "repellant" scientists have developed against the infected hasn't arrived at Safety Zone 1 yet, and it'll only be a matter of time before construction plans fall apart.. What can be done?


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