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Statistics, Stats, and More...

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Date: July 19th 2011

Location: Somewhere in Minnesota.

We have been tracking crowds of infected for, well 15 days now. Where ever they go, we go. During these 15 days, we have seen some very interesting things. Such as, the infected, arnen't comeplete animals against eachother, like previosly thought, but more human like to each other.

Also, they share food, and protect each other.

Anyways, we stopped by at Safe Zone 33, and they give us this. They thought it could help us find some crowds of infected...


They told us, that Red dots mean crowds of 500,000 or more. Orange are 100,000 or more. And yellow are 50,000. Also, The black dot, is Safe Zone "A" or 1. And the Grey Dot, is the Presidencial Location.

Hey, It's Joey Again, life is pretty boring again, mostly cause there is once again, nothing to do. A infected was brought into the Safe Zone today, it was alive, but sedated. The soldiers said, it took 10x the normal amount of sedation medicince to put this one down. That pretty much means it took 2 elephant tranqulizers.

Anyways, Scouts said they found a large crowd of infected, coming our way. It will be here in, about 10 days, or July 29th. This is going to be the first crowd of infected to attack us, I'm both excited, and terribly scared. I just hope that Safe House thing we built, will work.

Ok, well peace, talk to you later!

Location: Presidencial Safe Zone.

We, have contacted Safe Zones 2-10. Told them, about having them move, to Safe Zone 1. (Safe zone A is safe zone 1) They have started preparations. Safe zone 1, is also making preparations. Our only hope, is that all can make it to Safe Zone 1, and that Safe Zone 1 can sustain itself until July 31st, the day this all happens.

I hope you like the story so far, Here, is something that you.. the viewers can do to help me!

In the comments below, write what you think could come next. Make it relevant to the story please, No UFO's, and stuff...

This may help: A Crowd of infected are attacking on July 29th. While, Safe Zones 2-10 are going to come on July 31st...

Please leave a comment below! Also, for now on i'd like you to help me write the story!

Anything will work, as long as it is relevant to the story. Also, it doesn't have to be long. It can be a simple outline of the next part, and i'll fill in the blanks.

Oh, and this is how I came up with the idea...

I was recently on vacation, in northern MN. We were driving from a city, to our cabin, and well.. I was looking at the Itasca State Park map. (where the mississippi starts..) Tons of lakes are in the park, and i thought, what would it be like without water, in any lakes and oceans in the world? Then, thought there could be like a place that has water somehow, and that's how I got Safe Zones. I got infected and stuff, well.. From my own imangination...

Comment below, about what you think should come next!


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Very intresting. Im glad i found this. It would be cool if a safe zone/-s would run out of supplies, so they would have to go scavenge for food, water etc. Anyway, im very pleased with what you've got so far, keep it up!

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