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Devlin (AFDES)

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Update 13: Night Falls over Devlin Center

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As I promised to Mike, here's the nightshots.







New interchange in Thalia


Inner city traffic (Is that maxis highway I see? 3.gif)


And a little blooper.


That's all for now, thanks for visiting Devlin!

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in the 8th picture where did you get that MIS curved elevator piece? is it unreleased? it looks cool plus there are alot of interchanges where that would be practical.

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I see an unrelesed RHW item as well... but of course, I can't disobey your rules. The city looks beautiful at night, I like how the interchange is right in the middle of the city in the third picture, it's very different compared to other cities i've seen.

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 Great pictures. Your transportation system must be really effective to allow for that kind of growth.

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Warning, this is a extremely long post, each ° is a different point that i was trying to make, please be patient with me, it was 5 AM

firstly, what did you use to make your region screenshot on page 19? thats * insert explicit here* 'ing awesome! .

Addressing your country in general:
°  from looking at your region view the area around H375-H10 is extremely crowded, this is to be expected, as it is your CBD. but the city is really picking up there, i think that H375 - H10 is going to have to be expanded even more very soon and it will become freely flowing instead of partial access ( cant reach the north bound lanes from the middle western and eastern lanes unless there is some sort of diverging point im missing.)

° The work to R23 you did in the last post will greatly benefit the sims more than you know!

° the night shots look awesome!

Commenting solely on the region view:

° again nice work. i absolutely love this region view!

° i think the second map will be a smashing success, i like the way its set up

° on the transit map i got kinda confused. the solid lines are actual freeway and the dotted lines are proposed plans for it? if so then what are the yellow colored solid and dotted lines?

° The 76 bridge which connects the large island to the mainland is gonna be awesome! but how are you going to get it to slant like on the region map and what is it exactly connecting?lmao

° and what in H-E- ( double hockey sticks) is the H2 doing over in the corner when it loops around itself? lolz

( i absolutely  the CJ man!)


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Reply to mini-mega reply by iowndiscti:

1. I used this program called Region Census to get the entire region in a single image, then using inkscape, I rotated and skewed it until the perspective became roughtly a top down view and the edges were square. Then I simply drew over it.

2. Mmhm, its the capital. It's already very large, and the setup works quite well. By the traffic amounts now and in the past, it should last another good 50-100 years.

3. Oh I know Traffic is flowing there very smoothly and commute times for the people it served have dropped.

4. Thanks!

5. Thanks!

6. Then I shall do more of them

7. Solid white lines are Highest Class Highways (hence, shortened its H-##) Orange are Route Majors (shortened as R-##). The dotted lines are under construction or planned.

8. Oh... you will see. I won't be saying how until it rolls around. But H-76 links Skyne Island (the northern one) and its cities (to be built) to South Island (so creative ) and further back to the mainland.

9. Had to lose a couple hundered feet in elevation somehow

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Kingdiz: Yup! 

k50: Bah, you can ask what it is, its a ground to elevated MIS 90 degree curve that swamp_ig developed over at SC4D, and is planned to be integrated (along with stability fixes to FLEXFly A1 and the introduction of A2) with RHW v4.1. Thanks! Its loosely inspired by how Akron, OH has an interchange almost in the middle of the city.

Paulo: Thanks!

Tekin: Thanks! And yeah, its an issue that the city hall has... not too smart of maxis to have it rotate through any flora prop.

Crushed: WHERE WHERE WHERE!?! And yup. I'm going to have to stick with custom town halls from now on...

Kol: Mhmm, unreleased. See above.

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Erm... I don't know how to put it softly, so I'll just say it now:

Delvin is amazing. 

Those night shots are ... well... amazing

And from earlier updates, its just amazing.

I need to invest in a thesaurus.

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Wow.  More than a little blooper.  Lots of bloopers.  My city hall does that too.  Ya never know what the hell is going to plant itself in the front yard in any given moment.  Makes me nuts.  :P

Cities are looking very pretty!  :)  Interchanges could use a bit of flora to liven them up, but otherwise, I don't think I'd change much.  :)


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You have created an amazing city!!! Can you  tell me where did u get the texture for the maxis highway? Thank u 

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