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Stuck up North

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GeniusXL: Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for mentioning that, I probably took some bad quality photos when I was in level 6 zoom, and hopefully you’ll see a difference in the following update


Aidcity4: The first one, Wye Station by Ill Tonkso can be found Here.  The second one, SMP Small Dutch Train Station by thequiltedllama, can be found Here.


TekindusT: Thank you! And I thought I was just adding ‘variety’ in, hopefully updates continue to be as good!


K50dude: Thank you as well! Haha, those tracks caught my eye as well when I was taking the photos

Samerton: Thanks! Hopefully I can make my new CJ even better. It'll come out soon!




As the train kept going, the farms started to fade away to trees, and eventually pine trees. Tom almost fell asleep on the train, even though it was the middle of the day.




The region got more mountainous, and Tom could see that the train was traveling into a valley that was becoming narrower the farther it went




Tom thought how great the scenery was, even though he had been through many of these areas already. Tom also grew increasingly concerned over how far the train was going, and how he was going to get back to his car.




Soon though, farms starting appearing, it seemed as if the train was nearing civilization!




Many farms had their own windmills.




As the train kept going, more and more signs of civilization appeared, such as houses, bus stops, and even paved roads. A small patch of industry stuck out, it was in a bit of an awkward position.




Soon, the train was slowing down, much to Tom’s delight, it was pulling up to a station.




It was a small, rather nice Station. Tom stepped out and saw that out front read “Salome Central Station”. Apparently this town was called Salome. Tom started walking around some of the shops, hoping he could find someone to talk to or some sort of way back.




Off to the side there looked like a couple of trains that were about to head in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, they were freight trains. Finally, Tom managed to find a general store, and strike up a conversation with the clerk.


“Excuse me, I just got off a train here, and I was wondering how often trains pass through this town?” Tom asked.


“Well, about every week or so. However, they do stay for overnight.” The clerk responded “Say, whats your name?” he continued


“Oh! Tom, and you?”




“Nice to meet you Fred, say, is there a place I can stay for tonight?” Tom asked again


“Of course! Down the road a ways there’s a bed & breakfast, or you might want to try one of the farms. The farmers around here are awfully nice.” Fred said.


“Great, thank you! Also, I’d like this bottle of water…” At that point, Tom realized he had lost his wallet…possibly while running to catch a train. Fortunately, the clerk was understanding, and Tom walked away with a drink of water, feeling much better.




On his way out, Tom say that the city council had posted something on the wall of the general store…




This is where you can vote!


The ‘City’ of Salome has been wanting to attract wealthier residents, but it seems that any attempts up to this point have been unsuccessful. The building of a small clinic and schoolhouse has not helped significantly, and the volunteer fire brigade also does not seem to allure wealthier residents. So far, it seems that parks have done the most to attract them, yet there still is not a large wealthy population. Therefore, the city is proposing to improve the space outlined above. The choices are as follows:


A)    Create a large public park. Certainly this will attract high-wealth residents!


B)    Build a small police station on a corner. Wealthy residents like to feel safe


C)    Create commercial space only accessible by pedestrians. By attracting high-wealth businesses, certainly wealthy residents will follow


D)    Build a public library to compliment the small school across town.


Tom walked down to where the clerk had told him, and soon came across the bed & breakfast.




Tom stepped in, but remembered that he had lost his wallet, so he would have to choose a distinctly less comfortable place to sleep. He headed towards some farms he saw on the way up.



(Uh-oh, I spy renegade zones, they need to be developed, pronto!)

Eventually, Tom was able to find a nice spot to sleep, in the spare room of a barn of a corn field. As the sun set, Tom debated what he should do next…


It appears as if Tom has lost his wallet and is very far north…should he return to the train station and keep riding the train north the next day? Try and work for money to return south? Or should Tom try and catch a freight train going south? Or hitchhike?


That’s all for this update! See you all next time!

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Awesome! It seems to be that I missed the previous entry. So I say build a park for the plan, and that Tom (BTW, he's my friend's name so it seems funny thinking that he would be lost and such, since hes not that type of person :P ) should take the rest he needs (he fell asleep on the train, a big sign that he needs rest) and tomorrow travel by train again; I dont think he'll ever get back to his car anymore!

I have Q: why can't he just buy a map and learn his way around, then he'll be able to get home? Just a thought though, not to offend this journal or anything.

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Very nice train riding scenes! I vote build a kind of "civic center" for the city, with B and D maybe? If that doesn't fit (because I doubt it will) just go B. Also, tom should keep riding North, I would like to see some snow!

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This CJ features some of the best STR usage I have seen. The train shots are very nice and offer that realistic touch with both in-city and rural track. 

I have to ask... Would you mind sharing where you picked up that ploppable set of trains with the green engine?

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