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City Council 3

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It's a blustery night in Redwoodburg. The wind is howling, and the rain is smashing against the small jet you and your family are in. You're heading back home from summer vacation. As the rain pelts the window, you look down at the farmlands below. There hasn't been any rain in a while, so this thunderstorm is much needed, even though the wind isn't.


The barely-visible riverside farms below the plane.

As the plane quickly descends, the downtown becomes visible. It's only 7:00, but the thick clouds block most of evening sunlight from reaching the ground.


The lights of the office buildings make the town seem bigger than it really is.

As the plane turns sharply, almost straight-down looks at the new residential areas are seen. There's a surprisingly large amount of cars out on the road for such a crappy evening. The pilot makes the expected descending speech, just like they all do.


The new residential area houses much more lower class citizens than the other areas, but low-wealth citizens are needed in the region for the industrial labor since the Industrial Park sprouted up.

"Hello, this is your pilot speaking. We ask that you now turn off all electronic devices, and please place your tray table in the upright position. Keep your seatbelts on until we are safely at the gate. Uhhh, we will be landing at Redwoodburg Regional Airport shortly. The weather now is of course rainy and windy, with a temperature of 57 degrees. The weather tomorrow is a lovely 72 degrees, with little wind. Beautiful day for some hiking, or uhh, some uhh... swimming. Thank you for flying United Airlines, and enjoy your stay in Redwoodburg or wherever your travels may take you. Have a good night."

Finally, you land safely at the airport. While waiting during the quick taxi, you can't help but gawk at the airport. It was built ahead of schedule, and most of the funds were provided by the Federal Aviation Commission and the county. It was built much bigger than it needed to be, and was also given extra room in case an expansion would ever be needed. It now serves the whole region, and was badly needed, much more needed than a grimy, ugly seaport.


The large commuter airport is a promising sign of things to come.


Now that the vacation is over, it's time to get down to business. There are two major categories of plans this time around. There's a parks/civics category, and a zoning category. Let's start with the zoning category.


Plan 1:

Zone for Agriculture

This plan would allow a hillside area to be turned into an agricultural area. Thin, terraced farms would work very well for this area, and it would further expand the region's economy.

Plan 2:

Zone for Residence

This plan would allow much needed residential zones to be placed, replacing farms. The demand for residential zoning is very high, and would grow fast. Expected growth in that area would be lower class residential.

Plan Set 2: Civics


Plan A:
Build a Police Force

This plan would grant money to be used to build two police stations, in order to increase the safety of the populace. As the city grows, a police force will be needed more and more. One police station will be downtown, another will be to the north, in the residential area.

Plan B:

Build a Public Pool

This plan would designate an area of residential zoning to be used to build a public pool. Not only would this provide the poor with a place to swim, it would increase land values and also rake in admission money.

Ladies and gentlemen, start making up your minds!

As before, I leave you all with a farewell shot. This time, it is a picture of an old pier on a tributary, with a trail leading from it. The pier was probably abandoned years ago unfortunately. It makes great photography material though, especially when the sun sets through the trees and the mountains.


Next Entry: City Council 4

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Recommended Comments

Hmmmmmm...tough choices!
Plan Set 1: The farming plan because It's good for the ecomony and it creates some jobs.
Plan Set 2: Police force because the city as said in page 2, the city isnt very safe.

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 Plan set 1: Residential plan, since the demand is very high
 Plan set 2: police stations are vital, as Area 49 had mentioned they were a choice previously but ignored.

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Plan Set 1: The farming plan first so the new residents are guaranteed to get jobs.
Plan Set 2: Police force because who needs a pool when there's a river and beach only a few feet away?

From the looks of that airport, you are really planning for expansion. My small airport was supposed to only handle general aviation!

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Fantastic CJ! I like it a lot. You've put a lot of work into this and the work is showing. As for my choices, here they are:

Plan set 1 : I would say go for Residential as the demand is asking for it. Then again, agriculture would provide jobs, but residental insures growth of your population and as a result, growth in revenue. As said, you might be setting yourself up for lack of jobs, but you gotta plan for that.

Plan set 2 : I would say go for Police. Pool would be good and despite the river being there, pools are awesome. But peace of mind for your Sims cannot be sacrificed. The saying goes : "business first, then pleasure', so protect your sims and then give them recreation in the future.

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Very nice, interactive journals are always nice and you are also a very good city builder! :)

Set 1: Residential first, because the demand is high. Farms can come if needed later.

Set 2: Safety always first! Public swimming pool isn't so important as a good police force!

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 Voting is now closed.

Residential won over Agriculture 5 to 2. Residential zoning will now replace a small area of farms.

Police was unanimous, 7 to 0. Two police stations will be zoned, because who needs a pool when you got crystal clear water nearby, purified by a large purification plant?

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 Thanks! It's my first time making any custom airport. Normally I just live with the Maxis one. And don't worry about missing the voting; there'll be many other opportunities to vote ;)

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Plan 1: Farm. It will provide essential growth needed to further increase demand.
Plan 2: Police, by a mile. If you add extra protection, you might increase R$$ and R$$$ desirability in nearby areas, thus making it so that residential area might not be only R$.
Nice CJ!


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