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About this City Journal

Does Redwoodburg sink or swim? It's your call.

Entries in this City Journal


It's a blustery night in Redwoodburg. The wind is howling, and the rain is smashing against the small jet you and your family are in. You're heading back home from summer vacation. As the rain pelts the window, you look down at the farmlands below. There hasn't been any rain in a while, so this thunderstorm is much needed, even though the wind isn't.


The barely-visible riverside farms below the plane.

As the plane quickly descends, the downtown becomes visible. It's only 7:00, but the thick clouds block most of evening sunlight from reaching the ground.


The lights of the office buildings make the town seem bigger than it really is.

As the plane turns sharply, almost straight-down looks at the new residential areas are seen. There's a surprisingly large amount of cars out on the road for such a crappy evening. The pilot makes the expected descending speech, just like they all do.


The new residential area houses much more lower class citizens than the other areas, but low-wealth citizens are needed in the region for the industrial labor since the Industrial Park sprouted up.

"Hello, this is your pilot speaking. We ask that you now turn off all electronic devices, and please place your tray table in the upright position. Keep your seatbelts on until we are safely at the gate. Uhhh, we will be landing at Redwoodburg Regional Airport shortly. The weather now is of course rainy and windy, with a temperature of 57 degrees. The weather tomorrow is a lovely 72 degrees, with little wind. Beautiful day for some hiking, or uhh, some uhh... swimming. Thank you for flying United Airlines, and enjoy your stay in Redwoodburg or wherever your travels may take you. Have a good night."

Finally, you land safely at the airport. While waiting during the quick taxi, you can't help but gawk at the airport. It was built ahead of schedule, and most of the funds were provided by the Federal Aviation Commission and the county. It was built much bigger than it needed to be, and was also given extra room in case an expansion would ever be needed. It now serves the whole region, and was badly needed, much more needed than a grimy, ugly seaport.


The large commuter airport is a promising sign of things to come.


Now that the vacation is over, it's time to get down to business. There are two major categories of plans this time around. There's a parks/civics category, and a zoning category. Let's start with the zoning category.


Plan 1:

Zone for Agriculture

This plan would allow a hillside area to be turned into an agricultural area. Thin, terraced farms would work very well for this area, and it would further expand the region's economy.

Plan 2:

Zone for Residence

This plan would allow much needed residential zones to be placed, replacing farms. The demand for residential zoning is very high, and would grow fast. Expected growth in that area would be lower class residential.

Plan Set 2: Civics


Plan A:
Build a Police Force

This plan would grant money to be used to build two police stations, in order to increase the safety of the populace. As the city grows, a police force will be needed more and more. One police station will be downtown, another will be to the north, in the residential area.

Plan B:

Build a Public Pool

This plan would designate an area of residential zoning to be used to build a public pool. Not only would this provide the poor with a place to swim, it would increase land values and also rake in admission money.

Ladies and gentlemen, start making up your minds!

As before, I leave you all with a farewell shot. This time, it is a picture of an old pier on a tributary, with a trail leading from it. The pier was probably abandoned years ago unfortunately. It makes great photography material though, especially when the sun sets through the trees and the mountains.


Next Entry: City Council 4


 I'm back from vacation!!!!! :D


It's that time of year again. Boy have things sure changed. The industrial park was voted in 2 - 1. It sprung up fast the second it was zoned. The whole park was bought out by a wealth of companies within one month of it's completion. Within three months, all the buildings there were complete.


A view of the park in midday

The new water treatment plant was cleaning the water 'till it sparkled in the sunlight, and the citizens, especially the farmers, were delighted. Now they could sell their water softeners. And their industrial water boilers. And their high-capacity water filters. The industry was happy too. Their water wasn't a sludge, but crystal clear when they poured it into their chemical stews or sprayed it on their fires. The water treatment plant was also voted in 2-1.


The water treatment plant after construction

Because of this, Jupiter Marine decided to plop down a new yacht club. It did a good job bringing in the rich.


The new marina on a beautiful evening.

Also, some stretches of R-N17 and R-N16, the two major roadways connecting the city to the world, have been upgraded from the old, pothole-ridden roads to new, sleek, smooth ANT networks. They're new roadways designed by the Department of Network Addons, in the capitol city. They work great.


The new ANT network on R-N17 between Redwoodburg and Rivermouth

Now that all the updates are over, it's time to sit down and begin City Council. The next big topic is building some sort of port, whether it be air or sea. The first idea is a seaport.



This plan includes building an industrial seaport, along the length of the industrial park. This plan would make industry explode in all sectors. This plan also will tie in with large industrial zones being set up if it is built.





This plan, along with Plan A, is very ambitious. It would be a small municipal airport, that is badly needed in the fairly isolated area that Redwoodburg and Rivermouth is in. There would be one small concourse, and one small terminal. There would be one small paved landing strip, of course, too.


You think you have your mind made up, as you leave. The voting takes place soon. (NOTE: Vote in the comment section below)

While you drive down beautiful main street, on the new red brick streets, you look over to the river. It sure is a beautiful day.


Next Entry: Results 2

Comments Appreciated! 

 Ahhh... Sunday morning. The birds are chirping, wind is whistling through the trees. A beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. After a long week of planning and contemplating, it's a good day for a day trip. Around 9:00 you pack up the kids and head to Lake Cattail State Park. The park is only a mile away, just across the river from the cottages of Lake Cattail township. After passing by some farms and plenty of trees, you finally get to a toll both, where the passes are sold. You pull up to a parking lot, where there is a small nature center and a blind.


You then grab a visitors map. The map outlines all of the trails and points of interest in the large park.


Right next to the park is the massive Redwood-Sequoia National Wildlife Reserve, that is the largest wildlife reserve in the entire country, almost 150,000 square miles worth of land. The very northern tip of the reserve touches the state park, and recently that northern section has gotten big plans. In the land within 5 miles of the state park, trails are being planned, some longer than 10 miles. At the eastern end, camping parks are planned. The trails and camping areas will draw thousands to the area, and will make the area a tourist haven.

Anyway, you spend the afternoon lazily at the beach, where the waters are surprisingly warm.


Later, the kids are bored, and the park is still unexplored. You dry off, and grab the water bottles from the car. You are set to go hiking the trails of the park, and see the amazing scenery Lake Cattail State Park has to offer. First Trail: Cattail Creek Trail, a small tributary that drains from none other than Lake Cattail.

Cattail Creek Trail:


Finally, you reach the end. Lake Cattail is a beautiful sight. The water slowly trickles down from a spring, into the lake. From there, the water goes gushing down Cattail Falls, and the fast flowing creek starts. The water's clear enough to go swimming, but there's more to see.


After you walk back, you start the journey up Mt. Calgary Trail. Mt.Calgary is the tallest mountain in the region, and you can see for miles and miles at the summit. It's a long walk though.


As the sun fades away, you head back down the trail. The day trip was a fun distraction from the long, sometimes boring Sunday, but it's time to go home.


Keep voting in City Council 1 everyone! The poll isn't closed yet!


 NOTE: The City Council entries aren't going to treat you to my Photoshop skillz or interesting pictures, instead they will show you lame-o MS Paint pictures. This is where the city building stuff gets done. The next entry will be a "Results" entry, and it will be set up like the Introduction.


It's a beautiful, sunny day. The birds are chirping, and tourists are walking down Main Street, buying their souvenirs. Not too interesting. It's been a little over a week since you moved here, and everything's settled in. The kids are off to their first day at school, and your spouse is off at the school teaching. Time for you to go to work.

Of course, your job is City Planner, the mayor's main advisor. You used to plan suburbs, but you were looking for a challenge. Redwoodburg, being a rare tourist boomtown, has a new set of challenges that make it one of the few in the nation like it. Anyway, there's a city board meeting, where this year's main plans will be presented. These plans are big enough to drastically affect the town, and may affect population growth and city opinion.

Now it's time to get down to business. You go inside town hall, and walk into a conference room, where you find all the most powerful people in town, and elsewhere. There's the mayor, the spokesperson for the Clean Water Foundation, the CEO of Jupiter Marine (A small marine company), and an industry lobbyist. In front of you is a large stack of paper. Now since reading all that right now would be a drag, you flip to all the diagrams. The meeting is now in session, and the plans are presented.



Plan Set 1

Plan 1- Build a Police Station

This plan would specify a row of shops, currently for sale, would be bought by the city and used to build a new police station. The police station would be effective within the town itself. This plan would make our streets safer.

With the plan presented, a local in the room stands up. He starts a short speech:

"Hello everyone. everyone who's lived here a while knows me. Those who don't, I'm John Ross. I was once a deputy in Collinsburgh. We all know what happened early on. The town didn't invest enough money into the police force, and for a good twenty years the town was overrun with criminals. We can stop it before it starts if we just invest in a police station that covers the downtown area, where the bars and such are. The way I remember, lots of crimes happen around bars. The guys get tipsy, start throwin' stuff around, ya know... Anyway, if you get a good police force the city's safer and more people move in. I hear a resort might open up if the area's safe... but that's just rumors."

He sits down.

Plan 2- Build two Water Treatment Plants

This plan would allow two areas of farmland to be used for water treatment plants. The cost of these are high, but state and federal subsidies may allow up to 65% of the total cost to be paid for by the state and federal governments.

Next, a lady starts a speech.

"Now, some y'all know I'm the spokesperson for the Clean Water Foundation. Now, being a gardener and a nature lover, I know how important our water is, 'specially our lakes and rivers. Raise your hand if ya love fishin' off the seawall? (Nearly everyone raises their hand) Exactly. Well, if y'all looked closely, you'd notice the water by the farms are a brown sludge. If we built these treatment plants, the groundwater would be treated before it runs into the river. Think of all the three-eyed fish we'd be catching if we didn't fix it."

Next, the CEO of Jupiter Marine stands up.

"If we cleaned that sludge up I'd be happy to finance a Yacht Club. The waters here are great, and beautiful. Once the rich people move in, they're gonna love the Yacht Club, not to mention the boost in land value and tax income...."




Plan Set 2: Zoning

Plan A: Zone for Commerce and Residential

(Side Option: Continue the Seawall)

For this, a local businessman stands up.

"Hi. For those of you that don't know me, I'm the owner of a camera store. I sell memory cards, camera, for low low prices. Anyway, the town is small. For me, there isn't a large enough population base for me to make a decent profit. Sure, the tourists come and go, but if we want a dot on the map that says "Redwoodburg" then we need to grow. The demand is there people! This town is a tourist town. If we wanna cash in on it, we gotta invest in it. We don't need any industry clogging up the air. Just step outside and smell the air... smells like flowers, don't it? It DOESNT smell like fumes. Lets keep it that way."

Plan B: Zone for Light Industry

For this plan, a fat cat stands up.

"Hello everyone. I'm the owner of a plastics molding company, and we're looking for some new property. If I were you, Mr. TwoSmokes, I'd invest in industry. Sure, the air isn't gonna smell like an air freshener, but it sure does bring in the dough. Industry makes money, and some of that money goes to the town. If I'm correct, the town is in a small deficit. That small deficit would turn into a large surplus if you encourage industry. Besides, when the recession hits you're gonna want to base your income over commodities, not families of four on their summer vacation."


After some small issues, the crowd leaves, and you examine the stat page.


The stat page doesn't cover all the issues brought up, but it helps a bit.

NOTE: You must chose a plan from each plan set. For example, you want the police station and the water treatment plant. That can't happen, because they are both in the same plan set. I will be looking over the results later, and a results update will follow. Happy choosing!

Next Entry: Results 1


The wind and the rain thrash against the windshield of your car violently while you slowly climb a steep section of a very old, worn down, beat up road. The rain is so thick that you can only see a few yards ahead, on this old, unpredictable road, called Route-N17. You've been driving it for an hour, and it seems like it's been forever. 


Finally, while driving at the top of a mountain, you spot something. It looked like a town. Redwoodburg? You grab your map. Nope, it wasn't Redwoodburg. It was Rivermouth. The town had around 200 people, and it was a sleepy little town that grew near an old spring. The water was known far and wide, and quack doctors said it cured all sorts of ailments. Then the spring dried up, and the town's growth stunted. Your job is to help the town be a boomtown once more, after focusing on Redwoodburg.


You continue driving, while the big scarlet bridge fades in the rearview mirror. Every so often, a dirt road shoots off the side of the old, worn down Route-N17. Small cottages line the roads, and each one seems to have a dock. According to the map, you are in Lake Cattail township. The town boasts a tributary, and a very potent region for the recent tourism sector.


Finally, you reach a high bridge, that connects the island where Redwoodburg is to the rest of the world. On the other side, you find a quaint little community. Along the sides of the road are small offices, parks, and shops. The place just seems like it's supposed to be a tourist destination. The town has lots of potential.


On the outer rim of the town, in the northernmost city block, is a small collection of two-story houses. The rain coming down very hard, you pull up to the driveway of your new house. It's close to Main Street, and also is near the massive conifers that blanket the landscape for miles around.


Finally, you settle in. Some of your stuff is there, the stuff that you brought in the car. The moving van comes tomorrow, and so does your spouse and two kids. The rain starts to come down even harder, and the storm drains struggle to prevent a flash flood, as the water collects in the street. When you look out the window you can see the choppy river waters crash against the seawall, put there nearly 60 years ago to secure the shoreline of the sea level island. Without it, the island would flood all the time. You relax in the lawn chair you brought along, taking in the faint mountains in the distance. This town will be much less stressful than the city life of Forestville.


Next Entry: City Council 1

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