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  1. Antara: Battle Scars

    Side note: don't look for me as kingkazma. My new account with my new email will be KingKazma25. cheers!
  2. Antara: Battle Scars

    Don't worry! To me, I view this as an opportunity to make this CJ much more polished. It will not leave off, but instead start new with better plugins, a better map, and a better story line. But the two nations warring plot will still be there, don't worry! Antara 0.2 will be ready in about 2 weeks. maybe ill make a trailer
  3. It's 2050. As you leave work, the weather and time reading projects on to the sky. You take a quick walk to the parking garage to retrieve your car. With cleared speedways, pedestrian access is fast and safe. As you enter the building, the door scans your iris and identifies you. The signal is sent to your car, which undocks. The car is powered by diamagnetic levitation, meaning that without friction your car could go across the country on a full battery. You get inside. "Home," you say, and the car computes a GPS route that will take you home quickly-then begins to drive itself. Crossing an intersection, a speeding car hits you. Emergency workers rush you to the hospital, where it is found you have 2 broken ribs and a ruptured lung. No problem. You get a shot of stem cells and nanobots, and the doctor releases you in an hour. About your job-you work as a scientist in a large research firm downtown, devoted to production of new materials-superconductors, semiconductors, carbon fibers, etc. It's a pretty average job, but it has its perks-you can take that bulletproof rainjacket home with you! As you get home, your iris is scanned again. You are let in, where a CCTV camera scans your mood-your tired. The room automatically adjusts-it dims the lights and the programmable matter sofa converts into a comfy bed. Welcome to Positive Impact Future. Positive Impact Future (or PIF for short) would be a mod that completely alters Simcity 4. The mod takes a utopian future and converts it into a high-tech pollution free wonderland. Industries would be mainly clean and any polluters would be sequestered. Commerce would revolve around technology, with Recharge Ports instead of gas stations, etc. Residences would be highly advanced to comfortably hold many sims. All of these buildings would draw power and water from themselves, reducing utility costs individually and city-wide. Power stations would be small and renewable, and garbage would be chemically altered, then recycled. Civic structures would be designed to be high-tech and clean. Transport would be faster and electrically powered. Right now, I need some people to help BAT and mod this. It is obviously a very large mod, so it will take a long time to develop. Anyone can help, regardless of skill level, and everyone is welcome! Who would like to join?
  4. Antara: Battle Scars

    Everyone, This message is to express my apologies. After a freak digital corruption wave, my entire Simcity folder (including plugins, regions, and cities) have been corrupted. I will probably spend a few weeks redownloading my plugins. Expect to see a new, more polished Antara by late February to early March. Cheers!
  5. Update 24: EcoTechnoLogic

    Nice Cj! Where did you get the dome? I've been searching everywhere and I can't find it.<br><br>Kazma<br>
  6. CAPTAIN'S LOG 00176

    Whoa. This is by far the most outstanding entry I have seen in this series. An alien civilization? I love a good plot line. Keep up the good work! Kazma
  7. Building curved bridges

    By "lock" he means making sure a tile isn't affected when terraforming a region. Because regional-scale terraforming isn't available in SimCity 4, you have to use an off-program terraformer (like SC4Terraformer). I like that program because it gives lots of freedom and can protect cities you don't want to change. By "locking" you can protect a city from being terraformed and thus destroyed. I hope this helps!
  8. Update 20: Oh no, new teaser!

    This CJ has been awesome from the start, and it still is. Nice work!
  9. This is true. We can go only as far as .dll and .dat.Hacking the .Exe would require a source code. If we had that code, we could do literally anything, from multicore threading to abnormally shaped cities. Simply, they're not going to give it to us unless they think it's worth it. How would it be worth it? We could pay a few million dollars or they could be given a share of ST or we could make a deal (we make a new Simcity, sell it, and give our profits to them.) None of these ideas are feasible,pretty, easy, or fast for either side-ST or EA. Seeing as we have all this against us, we should probably just live with our mods. Unless we create a petition with 10 dollars per signer, it won't work. Kazma
  10. Warn Status-Help!

    Great. Thanks! Kazma
  11. Warn Status-Help!

    I have a problem. I have followed the rules to the letter but my Warn Status bar is showing up. It's empty, but it's scaring me. Why is it happening and how do I remove it? I'm kind of new here (12 posts, reputation 0) and I maybe broke a rule I didn't know about. Can I have some help? Sincerely, Kazma