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Trenton Trams

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Mars250: Thanks for your comments, and your vote! I've listened to what you suggested, and thats why I created something just for people like you, you'll see later in the post. Also, one vote for C!

K50Dude: Thanks for your vote! One vote for A!

Paul5: Thanks for your vote, and thats two votes for C!

simcitymasterman: Trams come with the NAM, I believe. You can check off a box when you install them.

Anarcho-X: Thank you very much for your comments, they always help me improve and feel better about my city-building style. 3.gif Also, like Mars250, I have a surprise for you! Three votes for C! Hooray!

naftixe: Thanks for your comment, and your vote! I was also thinking it'd add character, but maybe I just like trains too much 9.gif. Two votes for A!

tim.12.game: Thanks for your vote! I like your idea as well, but it might go off the track a little from my realistic goals, however thank your for your comment! Also, three votes for A!

In Other News: After an extremely close vote, the council decided to build the new tram system! Initially, votes were counted and it was a tie between option A and option C! However, one man stepped into the building and cited that if the tram system is built, and is built right, it would itself attract high-wealth residents! Some doubt if that is true, however he was the tie-breaker. Work on the new line will begin immediately!

For those who have been itching to see a satellite view, look no further!


Click the photo for a Full-resolution photo! Its Huge!

After much talk and babbling, I can now present the...


Bright and early in the morning, I woke up, checked out of my hotel, and hopped on a bus. I was still tired, and the air outside was still dark, so I didn’t bother looking out my window for a while.

By the time the sun was up though, I was greeted by something I don’t usually see in BrookStone.



Masses of Warehouses and factories, as far as I could see.



It turns out, that due to the population explosion in Calgary and LexingtonBay, Lockheart, with its lax developing laws and minimal regulations on pollution levels, has become an industrial powerhouse to serve the populations of the two cities.



I apparently was passing a brand-new sector, and one of the largest Lockheart has built yet. Farther off, and I could not see this, more and more trees were being cut down by ever-expanding logging businesses.



It seems that with population expansion must also come the expansion of dirty industry. Lockheart has among the most pristine landscapes in BrookStone, yet only about 5% of the land is protected as park space. The rest is open game for industries wanting to set up shop. However, I was soon past Lockheart, and entered Trenton.



Which, incidentally, looked far more beautiful and unspoiled than the city just 2km north of it! The suburbs I passed through were absolutely stunning, and I traveled along with Trenton’s brand-new Tram line!



I saw a lot of new suburbs popping up to replace farms, and they did look really nice! It seems like Trenton is climbing up the social ladder. Later on I would be told that middle class residents make up around 38% of the population in Trenton.



I noticed that one of the existing commercial parks had the tram line run into it, and I say the boys in urban planning sure did I good job blending it in! Although, that’s just my opinion.



I finally got to the newest part of Trenton, the great new boardwalk that has been built! It was very large, and I decided to hop off the bus and walk or take the tram from here. The edge of the docks featured a fishing pier and a fisherman’s club.



Businesses predominantly take space near the boardwalk, however affluent members of society dot the docks and live up in the hills behind the boardwalk.



Main st. even features a ferry terminal and food court!



This was the end of boardwalk, and it took me nearly half the day to walk! It was also the end of the tram line. I went into the station, and noticed a bulletin. It was a proposal for which new tram design should be used, and they all looked very nice and very fitting for Trenton.


 This is where you can Vote! Trenton's new tram line is great, but all tram lines need trams! It seems the council just can't decide what tram to use, so they've chosen the four best, and put them up to vote!


A: This tram is very modern, sleek, and efficient, however it might not fit in with the less-than-modern surroundings


B: Based off Toronto's tram, this one is a single car, and fits in more with the style of the city. It also has quite a large capacity for one cabin.


C: This tram is much smaller, and therfore more manuverable than B, however it has a smaller capacity.


D: This tram is just multiple C-Units hooked together, they may stop traffic, but much more carrying capacity.

However, I did not have time to look at the pros and cons of each one in depth, since I had to catch the next train. I was off, but this time, to one of the more remote cities, Quentin. I would be making my way through Quentin, into Tavlon, and then back to Calgary and Spokane again. Have a good night!


For those of you looking to make a BrookStone-style region, I present...


Making a region is dreadfully simple, start with this map, The Republic of Wamusco, by Vandy. Spokane and Karling are actually out of this radius, since I expanded it. Please, PM me if you want the expanded map, i'll try to get that on the STEX.

As well, these are essential mods, you'll spot them all over my CJ.

-Big Red Fish's slope mod, found Here. (Beware, this is a very extreme mod, I only use it in my BrookStone region, and sometimes I have to take it out)

-Cycledogg's Columbus terrain mod, found Here. (I believe that is it, PM me if it doesn't work.)

-The NAM (I hope I don't need to provide a link, just search NAM on the STEX or LEX)

-The Single Track Mod, which can be found Here. (LEX Required)

-Mattb325's houses, all of them, or some, if you can't fit all of them. Click Here* and start downloading! (LEX Required) *I actually don't think this link will work, so go to the LEX and type 'Mattb325' in the creator search box.

-Lots of Ill Tonkso's stuff, I download the smaller buildings. Link

-Farm lots from BSC. Go to the LEX and look under 'Farming' and 'Farming SF' in the drop-down Category menu. Sorry, I just don't have the time to find all the farms myself.

-The SAM, found Here


Allright! So hopefully you found everything relatively painlessly. Now, I've just provided some tips, because in reality, everyone has their own building style, and each building style is great in its own way! So, a couple of pointers:

--Lay down some rails. To me, roads are less important, since rails were the main carriers of people before suburbanization. I always lay these down first.

--Find a suitable location. A giant hill is not suitable. A valley or coastal plain is much better. start in flat areas, then work up the mountain.

--Don't be afraid to start with just some farms and a couple houses. Thats how things happen in the real world!

--Water and education don't come for a while, water after 500-1K residents, and education after 1K -2K residents.

--Plan out your routes. You are limited by the slope mod, so it if very critical to plan a route that will make the road blend in with the surrounding terrain. use the Radiation graph to find out where steep slopes are, if you can't identify them in the game.

--Don't be afraid to use the levelling tool around the ocean. I do it to create more land, and to make my coastline straight. It's just easier, and not very many people can tell that the area used to be rough or natural.

--Do be afraid to use the levelling tool around hills. Don't flatten out entire hills. As much as you can, avoid cliffs, and avoid flattening out large swatches of land

--Zone whats in demand. I'm starting to sound like CSG and his natural growth, but its how I do it as well!

--Bus stops and fun! Bus stops are essential, then trains, then trams, then subways. Last but not least, have fun with it! feel like doing some sculpting today? Go ahead! make a new business park? thats ok! Feel like destroying some farms? its all part of urbanization!

Good luck guys!

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That's one hell of a useful update dude!
Thanks for all the tricks and all the amazing stuff!
Simple and efficient tutorial with all the best custom content.

You can be sure that I'll drop by later :)

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Oops I forgot to vote, and it's my duty to do it, so here I am.
A will look very out of space in your city.
C just won't fit in Trenton.
You don't need D to serve your town.

B is the perfect one: realistic, nice and efficient. That's my vote.

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