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  1. The Halloween Ending

    Well due to some difficulties with school i havent been able to make a New Cj.But im and going to make one which will be up and running by october this year .Srry about the wait.Will have a preview coming up in july
  2. Tom Aquires something useful

    I think west
  3. Views of the finished capital

    i really like the last pic with that modern light rail.
  4. The Countryside

    Wow that is a very realistic update,cant wait for more.
  5. The Halloween Ending

    Thx ill probaly secedule for a preview by New Year.
  6. Pandion

    That was your best entry ive seen. Hope you keep up the goodwork and looking forward to your next enrty.
  7. Updates

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to the updates in the future. Stoney525 PS wish i was still CJing but ill be back maybe next year.
  8. Feature: Imperial Park, Nachtsburg Part 2

    i really love r cj liberator 444
  9. Feature: Imperial Park, Nachtsburg

    Thats a nice park
  10. The Halloween Ending

    Hello viewers On the 31st of o\October or also known as Halloween my computer got a very bad virus which slowed it down heaps.At about midnight the computer crashes and turns off, i turned it on and it would not start propaly so i had to use the recovery disc which meant i lost everthing i did on simcity.Im very srry this has happenend but it did and i hope you really enjoy this cj as much as i did.I have learnt lots of new skills from this experence to improve buildings citys.I hope you also learnt from my skills to make a good cj . The good news is that i will be making a bigger and better cj in the future which i will annouce in the upcoming months.I wont be on for a few months so if you want to contact me ill be playing guildwars and my name will be Lord Dragon Kin.I will be using this cj to show previews of my upcoming cj in about a month. Hope enjoyed the cj and will be back soon Stoney525
  11. Simlympics Closing Ceremony

    wow god job craig whhhooo one 4 medals congrats to the othe nations that competed
  12. Messing with grassy bank canals...

    where did you find theses packs
  13. Richmond Beach State Park

    I really like the boardwalks .Wat are those board walks called.
  14. Entry 4: Pandora's Light Rail

    i think 3 is the best option