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Lexington Bay- Towers and Houses

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Mars250: Thanks for your comments! I think i'll include some more short story's. Hope you drop by again!

panoz360xbox: Thanks! It takes me quite a while to compile a regional satellite map or transit map, but that will be my next project!

Anarcho-X: Thank you for your comment! Seems like people liked the story, so i'll try to keep with it, as well as with the regional map. Hope you drop by again!

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for....the...


The Trip back to LexingtonBay was a bit uneventful, much of Valencia, Tavlon, and Calgary seemed the same, but Calgary was growing and growing and growing. Part of Phase III of the highway project was completed, and I passed through this interesting interchange:



Things seemed to be coming along nicely, and only half of the Calgary/Lexington Bay connection was yet to be completed. Other than that, not very many interesting things on my way to LexingtonBay.



However, as I entered LexingtonBay city lines, I noticed some large differences, it seems that while I was gone, the city had experienced an explosion of growth! On the city outskirts, a brand-new residential area had been built, with a connection to the highway. It looked very ritzy.



As I got closer to the city center, buildings just got taller and taller. These were once a few homes, and now they’re condo’s and apartments and shopping centers.



Many of LexingtonBay’s residents are in fact middle and low class, despite having prestigious Marina and boardwalk, much of the citizens that live here travel to Lockheart to work in the logging or manufacturing industry. This is how about ¼ of LexingtonBay looked like; tall apartment complexes with a few condos in between.



As one got closer to the boardwalk, the houses and commercial areas got more glamorous, and the buildings seemed a little less cramped. I don’t know what happened, but it just seemed like LexingtonBay was getting a bit poor.



That is, until I traveled up to see how the new development was going, and passed by this. It was a completely new subdivision, at the top of the tallest mesa in LexingtonBay.



This was where all of Lexington Bay's affluent members were, sitting on top of the city!



The streets were well-paved, lawns well-groomed, and it was a very quiet area, as the main road was sunken. It was getting late, so before dusk, I went to check out something that was just built in the city.



The LexingtonBay Sports Stadium! It was a very nice stadium, the first in all of BrookStone! Albeit, it was small, but fitting for the city. I looked around, and at night, all of the lights were turned on, so I decided to take a shot.



On my way back to the city center, I decided to drop by the mayors office. We greeted each other heartily, and he showed me some new plans that were going to be voted on very soon.



This is where you can Vote! City officials and residents have voted on making a new tram line that will run along the boardwalk, in order to help with things like congestion, and pollution. Electric streetcars are planned to be used on the line, as they fit in with the city better. The proposal will not cost too much money, however some residents doubt whether it will be used or not, and recommend using the funds towards gentrifying the area, in order to bring the city more money. Still others are voting on elevating the line, in order to leave road capacity the same, and have a new line! Thus, there are four options:

A) Build the Tram line, you know you want to! Trainz!

B) Don't

C) Use the funds to make the area more appealing to higher-wealth residents!

D) Build and Elevated line. May look ugly, but there won't be congestion for a long time! 

This would be LexingtonBay’s first tram line, and the mayor was a little doubtful about it, he wanted to use the funds to gentrify the area instead. That brought me to ask him why there are so many low wealth apartment complexes, and he said that the rich have moved to the outskirts of the city, where they can still have their own parcel of land, and where things are quieter. He told me the city center was bustling with boutiques and high-end stores, but no ones wants to live there, as its too loud.



Finally, he gave me a great night shot of the city, and I went to my hotel. Tomorrow, I’m headed south, towards Trenton. I’ve heard that growth there is exponential, and if the trend continues, it could take over Calgary and LexingtonBay as the largest city in BrookStone!


On another note, the Kandex oil terminal has just been completed. The terminal, along with serving Kandex, also holds supplies for Shell, BP, Exxon, and a few smaller companies.



One of the two platforms, these are always bustling with ships.



Many ships bear the Exxon and Kandex name. Shell mainly uses this terminal to store oil that has come here by train.

The oil storage areas are massive, and there is even a small refinery.



The oil is pumped through underground pipes to storage tanks, or to be loaded onto tank cars, where they will be hooked up to trains, and taken to the US or Eastern Canada.



The Terminal is so large that it requires its own source of power, which is provided by the little amount of petroleum that arrives and flows through the Terminal.



In the overview, you can see that the Oil piers and loading centers are separated from each other. This is because Kandex could not buy buildings rights for the area in between. City officials are planning on using that in the future, as a major train yard or industrial complex.


Thats all for this update! I suppose the next one will be next week, since days are getting hectic for me. However, look forward to a new satellite and transit map! have a good day/night everyone!

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Recommended Comments

i say make the area more appealing to higher wealth residents! or maybe you could level some terrain and build high wealth commerce on it that may attract richer residents. great cj btw!

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The best CJ is getting even better with every update!
I really like where your region is going :)

Mars250 has made a great suggestion here: I'd be the first to download it!
It would be nice to build a region on the BrookStone map, because you CJ is an inspiration for my playing style.
I was getting bored building soul-less metropolises and and then I read your city journal.
I'm now aiming for realism, not for high population count.

Oh and for the proposition, I vote C.
Every big city has poverty problems, but Lexington Bay deserves a nice town center!!!

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I Vote for Tram-In-Road. It will give it small town habor New Englander feel. And will add a little character to be able to get on a little trolley next to the piers and the quaint little shops there!

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 I vote A. I also think it will look really cool if you make a sort of plateau's in the hills, that will make it a little bitlike San Fransisco.

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