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Gilded Quarter

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East Tenne: Gilded Quarter

The new national capital region opened to the public July 1st. The city is not yet complete, but government offices are opening around the city and many residential and commercial districts are now operational. This is our first look at the vast new capital. The capital region comprises both banks of the Wirdle River in North East Tenne and the shore along the Tenne Sea. We are looking at Pellissippi Island, which hosted the town of Hammers and a military installation before they were destroyed by Queensferry. Reborn as Oak Ridge’s District XVI, the island is now the financial core of Schulmania. Nicknamed “The Gilded District” for its concentration of wealth, District XVI is the new home to the treasury, national bank, and main stock exchange. The “Wall Street of Schulmania” is a startling transformation for this island and is a suitable introduction to the capital – which will be revealed in greater detail over multiple chapters to come.


The Pellissippi Memorial Gardens at the south end of the island serve as a memorial to those who perished here in the wartime attacks by Queensferry. Nearby is the ferry terminal and a strong contingent of retailers and offices.


The Columns of the Golden Paws flank the bridges leading to the mainland. Topped with oversize solid gold statues, the columns give an indicator of the vast treasure stored on the island.


The national bank, Bank of the Government of Schulmania, sits behind one column and next to the Royal Treasury.


The Royal Treasury is a round structure which stores the crown jewels, gold reserves and other national treasures. It is flanked on the west by the Finance Office (left) and national bank (right). It sits at the heart of the island and is a very secure facility.



From here, gold and silver and sent to the various regional and municipal mints for coinage. There is a minting facility here as well. This will strike coins for the capital.



The Finance Office works in concert with the national bank to develop and implement monetary policy


The business sector south of the treasury comprises mainly of banks, other financial institutions and traders



As can be imagined, a plethora of upscale retailers has descended upon the island. In the shadow of Whiskers Column, traders bid on the most valuable of all feline commodities: gilded whiskers

On the northern end of the island, the largest stock exchange in the feline world is now open. Combining the various stock exchanges in middle and eastern Schulmania into one, the new bourse is known by the name FelinEx, the International Feline Stock Exchange.


FelinEx conducts trades for companies in Schulmania and Harar and other feline entities


The FelinEx Bourse sits at the northern tip of the island



Various trading houses and financiers have offices nearby. Luckily, our erstwhile feline traders do not engage in questionable financial practices, unlike their humanoid counterparts elsewhere.


I am going to stop at famed jewel’s Van Claw & Arpels for a new collar. And then off to the marble-floored atrium at the Chicken King for lunch. Wanna come?

To close our visit to the island, here are two views of District XVI, one of the northern half and one of the southern.


The northern half


The southern half




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The Schulminion economy is much more complex and robust than I had originally thought! They have gotten together and formed corporations! What shall they do with all the wealth they create?

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b]Benedict[/b] Thanks! I am glad you like them both.

[b]Hammysonata[/b] Thanks! Hehehe! I suppose Rodentia and Schulmania need to have some sort of treaty between them to prevent a feline incursion. We are respectful of our neighbors but some of our feral population does tend to roam about and cause mischief…

[b]Jacob Guajardo[/b] Thanks! Glad you like it.

[b]Ggagmus[/b] Thanks! I like the fact it is different than the usual rectangular buildings.

[b]100000000000000[/b] Thanks! The capital has plenty of this style in it. And some more in a compatible style as well.

[b]Hazani Pratama[/b] Thanks!

[b]Emperordaniel[/b] Awesome! See ya there.

[b]NMUSpidey[/b] Thanks! Our great feline leaders do well for us. We use the wealth to maintain a high standard of living and to continue our growth and development. And we use plenty of gold in our coinage too.

[b]Wesdty177[/b] Thanks! I do too.

[b]Urbanconstanta[/b] Thanks! Glad you like it.

[b]USfighter15[/b] A surprisingly large amount. We have had a huge stockpile since we gained a huge amount of gold in a favorable trade deal around the time of the Supreme Wirdle’s most recent coronation, in May 2007.

[b]Testuser1234[/b] As would merry go round aficionados!

[b]NOTE[/b]: Entry 266 is the cutoff for third quarter posting awards

[right][Volume 3 Update #266][/right]
[right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right]

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