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BTT (CJ section): 20 September 2012

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Hi, Blakeway. Welcome to the Top Ten with your new CJ.

Hi, Mastof. Always good to see you commenting here.

Hi, Jetty Jockey. Last was amazing, but this week was insane.

Hi, blunder. You're one of the five who held on in the Top Ten.

Hi, grstudios. Thanks for commenting.

Hi, MilitantRadical. And even better stuff this week in the CJ section.

Hi, hammysonata. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, Hazani Pratama. Thanks for your comment.

Hi, mystic_destiny. Maybe when you start your Simlympic updates Ata will rise again.

Hi, SimCoug. You'll have to compare last week and this week to see which you think is better.

Hi, NMUSpidey. I the quality this week hit an all-time high.

Hi, sim_link. And even better updates this week.

Hi, Mithrik. Well done last time.

Hi, dubaidude. I think everyone was listening to your instructions last week.


Ben's Top Ten

Wow, that was a lot of comments to reply to. Kinda fits the theme this week of more more more. The difference in scores needed to be in the Top Ten was 20% higher than last week - really an incredible week for updates and comments in the CJ section.

On many weeks up to now, any of the scores for the Top Ten CJs could have seen them hit number one, however only one can rise to the top...

...it's always hard to compete with a stunning update from Journey through Paengia, which is back at number one. I couldn't decide on my favorite image, so see what you think about this week's update.

This was another clear out of half of last week's Top Ten. Zouérat Islamic Federation, Asgard, Hijaran United Confederacy and Westfield are back, and New Philly is new.

Follow BTT on twitter: @BensTopTen for early updates.

Happy CJing until next week!


Ben's +10

Cape May County by Jetty Jockey

Okatabawashi by TowerDude

The Land of Desera by nedal2001

Holt District by sim_link

Hiroshima by art128

Atlantsia by 1000000000000

The empire of Nueva Iberia by SC4L0ver

Ionica by MilitantRadical

Rodentia by hammysonata

The Sensational Six by NMUSpidey

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Recommended Comments

It's getting harder and harder to compete with Paeng. Does everyone realize that was his 10th consecutive 20+ comment update? Damn.

If anyone wants to feel inadequate, go to your CJ's home page and see how many people are using the 'follow this CJ' function on yours. For example, Simcoug and i both have 15, Okatabawashi has 11, and Schulmania has 19. Then go check Paeng, he's got [b]59[/b].

I agree, the .gif background is great. Congrats to everyone!

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Great stats, blunder, although now I feel awful about myself :(

Here's the whole Top Ten in terms of 'follows':

59 Paengia
19 Schulmania
08 Zouerat
11 Cattala
15 New SorGun
08 Asgard
15 Ring of Fire
01 New Philly
07 HUC
08 Westfield

14 BTT

What a disgrace, BTT has fewer followers than some of the CJs!

Must work staff harder... oh, wait...

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Well done to paeng. I thought I had a chance this week with two 20+ comment updates but I guess that is no match for Paengia.

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Noooooooo! I only get on the list because of the haters and trolls... and... other people that are strange people...

Congrats to the others!

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Well, I just [b]had to[/b] celebrate my 100th... ;-)

And don't forget - if at all, this is the friendliest possible "competition"... and the amount of inspiration coming around from [b]all[/b] the CJs is just awsome - which makes the 'ranking' kinda secondary - it's always just a 'snapshot' anyway.

The BTT is always good for a surprise... ;-)

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So much goodness, so much humbling being done upon me whenever I view the top journals. Excellent work, everyone! It's almost unfair that I, of all people, squeaked into the #20th position.

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Well I had expected to crash out of the Top Ten, not go further up! Wow! And I didn't know about the number of people following Cattala either, that's very impressive.
And that gif was fantastic, I think it would be a great idea to keep using that in the future, it's very effective, as long as its not too much work for you!

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