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Celeste | Ignite the Fire




SimCoug: Thanks! I'm not very experienced with RHW, Celeste and that update are really the first times I've used it properly.

LReyome254: It's the Euro-texture RHW, as grstudios rightly says.

grstudios: Thanks! I personally thought picture three was the weakest but if you like it then it can't be as poor as I thought!

Isiah110: I'm not sure if there are many Simcity magazines but thanks!

IL.: Wow, it's an honour to get the thumbs up from you! I've been having issues with my street tree mod lately and it seems my tinkering with it didn't work. I'm hoping to get it working again soon.

spursrule14: Thank you very much for both of those awards. They're greatly appreciated, thanks!

Daniel, SC4L0ver, ggamgus, Blakeway, Mastof, MilitantRadical, Jetty Jockey, sucram17, Hazani Pratama: Thank you very much!

Note: I did rate up all of your comments as I do with all my updates, because I appreciate all comments, but someone malicious has downrated them all again. This is unacceptable and if it happens again I'm going to have to report this to the moderators. I appreciate everyone's comments and think that you should all get some points for it. It's a shame someone feels so inferior that they need to downrate comments for no reason just to make themselves amused.


Welcome back to Celeste, the capital of Cattala and the centrepiece of this city journal. Today we're returning to the bustling city and visiting some more new areas that I've built over the past few weeks. For those who don't know or are new to this journal, Cattala is not supposed to be a perfect creation when I update. It's a constantly growing, evolving entity and Celeste is now entirely different to its original form from two years ago.

Back then, I had the idea and name for a university in the city but never got round to building it. Well, here's Celeste Imperial University, in the west of Aziens. Its urban campus is based in this building, next to the M1, but it continues to operate most of its traditional courses in the original campus outside the city. CIU is the leading higher education institution in Cattala, and the oldest as well.


Since the 1990s, the new campus has created a science and technology park on the edge of Aziens in what is known as Imperial Court. The Ministry of Health and leading science and pharmaceuticals are based here.


North of this is the Alder Court Park, the redeveloped home of Cattalian tennis. The ambitious reconstruction occurred during the boom of the 1990s, and is now the main courts of the Royal Celeste Tennis Club. The city of Celeste, the government and Sport Cattala are all supporters of the Atarashima Simlympic Games.


Behind the glossy exterior of modern Celeste, lies a dark secret. For those who didn't live or know about the city two decades ago, there's little sign of the harsh reality of the rapid and ambitious development of the glass-and-steel district of Aziens. But there remains one small hint of what happened in the past.


In the 1990s the grand regeneration of what is now Amosseri Province's financial and economic heartland forced hundreds of small businesses and low-wealth residents out of their homes and estates. The housing boom was clear for all to see, as street after street of older terraced housing was demolished and replaced by line after line of multi-storey apartments. But one group made a stand, and all that remains of old Aziens is the strip of land with small shops, bakeries and a pub penned in by the towers of the boom. The developers are still hungry to seize the land, even now.


Here we see the boundary between Aziens proper and the university campus-technology park. The M1 ends here as it splits off into various a-roads criss-crossing the capital, and you can get a clear glimpse of the entrapment of those who resisted the change in Aziens. It was only through obstructing the developers after they began bulldozing shops and homes behind the remaining buildings that they managed to save their own livelihoods and a High Court appeal protected them from forced eviction.


And now for another contrasting picture. In the last update we saw the differences between modern and rural Cattala, and now the difference within a single city. Celeste began as a castle town by the coast, and the Castello di Celestica was the grand centre of the first King of Cattala's plan to build a capital fit for a national monarch. Little of the original city remains, but medieval houses and the castle itself still stand as tourist attractions.


Next time, we should be looking at the palaces and cathedrals that the Celestine's built using their vast wealth over the 800 years of their rule. Although, we could end up somewhere completely different. :blush:



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