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New SorGun

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Replies to The American Civil War - Part 2

Blunder: "The only thing more terrible than a battle won is a battle lost" Marvelous execution, simcoug.

Thank you Blunder!

nedal2001: That has to be one of the finest historical updates I have ever seen. The accuracy of the historical facts coupled with relevant and breath-taking pictures - bravo, my friend, bravo!

Thanks for the kind comment!

TowerDude: Amazing


dubaidude303: WOW!!! This is very awesome! Great work!


LastTrueChamp: I love that manor in the last picture.

I was really happy how that turned out as well – It took some time to find a BAT that would pass for the Appomattox Court House, but I think I got pretty close.

Mithrik: Incredible work you did there! I like a lot who you built Atlanta. And kakado really made an excellent work with his photo-editing skills.

Kakado blew me away when he sent over the Atlanta pic – the fire and smoke effects are amazing.

Schulmanator: Well done! Congrats to both of you -- this collaboration is truly impressive!

Thanks Schulmanator – I had a lot of fun working with kakado.

Ggamgus: This has been an excellent historical SC4 lesson from SimCoug and Kakado. GREAT JOB, GUYS! *applauds*

Thank you! Who knows, additional collaborative projects may find their way into this journal in the future…

Jetty Jockey: Outstanding work, once again. Without a doubt, the most impressive thing I've seen on Simtrop. 5/5 , only because they won't let me rate any higher.

Thanks Jetty!

Kevenbro: Once again, I'm Amazed

Thanks for the comment bro!

Evillions: I have no words for this epicness... O_O

You depicted all the major battles with great accuracy (given with the game's limitations), used a great selection of BATs, and made everything look lively. All of that with kakado's photo editing; let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks Evillions. The game definitely has its limitations, but the enormous volume of BATs and mods allow for some pretty creative scenes :)

Blakeway: -_- you make my work look like crap -_- damn you too Eytan! :3

Hardly – you have some spectacular journal entries. Besides, Eytan can make anything look good with his editing skills :)

Mastof: You guys outdo yourselves every time. Just, this is spectacular, a great show of effort between you guys, one of the most horrific wars of that era displayed in such a beautiful way, makes me want to cry in the amazement. Bravo. All the stars.

What a great compliment, thanks Mastof!

Huston: Wow, spectacular updates, the lotting, photoshopping is all great! A great re-creation of the Civil War. Truly Amazing!

Thank you Huston!

Hahei: This was amazing! I honestly loved that final picture, with Atlanta in flames. It was beautiful and poignant.

Thanks! It took a little time putting that mosaic together, but kakado hit it out of the park with the fire and smoke effects.

Kruness: this is history in a very easy way, cause its fun, and i already like history


Grstudios: Well done! This side project was one of the most detailed and beautiful posts I have ever seen! I admire your and kakado's work, and this really blew me away... Have a good day, Guy

Thanks for the kind comment Guy.

NMUSpidey: This is probably the most epic update I've seen this year. I could not even imagine stretching SC4 this far before, but here it is. Just incredible.

Some interesting General Sherman trivia: General Sherman failed at almost everything he tried in his life to that point, notably a number of banking endeavors in the west. His wife was from a wealthy family, and he had to swallow his pride and send her and their children to live with his family while he tried to figure out how to make money outside of military service, as losing it came naturally to him. His failures hampered his military service as well, and there was no certainty at all as to his leadership and strategic skills prior to the March to the Sea. People in The South still hate him, and I believe there are places where it is simply impossible to name your children William or Sherman.

Thank you Spidey. I sort of had an idea of how this would shape up in my head, but it ended up turning out much better than I could have imagined thanks to kakado. Sherman was a very interesting character – I read a book about his Atlanta campaign a while ago and the author argued that the ‘march to the sea’ probably wouldn’t have happened (or been as successful) without his leadership. He was definitely in the right place at right time.

Mr.Lin: very nice !


MilitantRadical: Really great SimCoug, don't know what else to say. This kind of thing brings SC4 to new levels, thanks for showing us the possibilities.

Thanks for the kind words Militant.

Jephonesewarrior: I've been to Appomattox before. That is a great representation of the town. Not be mean, but Lee surrendered in the McLean house down the street.

Thanks for clearing that up. I chose the courthouse because I was trying to recreate the scene from the real life photo, but I can see how that may have confused folks. Thanks for keeping me honest :)

Next up - It's been 5 years since we last visited New SorGun. The end of the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln are big topics of conversation, but the new Hotel that opened up recently near the mill is the hottest gossip around town. One word... Girls.



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