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Ionica - The Shape of Things to Come

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10000000000000: Awesome city!Extremely dense, but it doesn't lose any beauty :) The nightlighting is my favorite part!

Thanks. For me, finding buildings with nice night lighting is key.

vivapanda: You have put a lot of imagination in this: acadamic competition (absolutely awesome idea!), Stex godess, I like it! Thanks to this some sort of 'identity' is given to each building, important in such an enourmous city.

Thanks vivapanda, I'm glad it has entertained you.

SimCoug: Grid or not, that is one impressive, dense, city center.  I like how you've mixed futuristic looking buildings along side very old structures - and I don't think they look out of place.  Nice update.

Hey SimCoug, thanks. I like to mix up the building styles because I imagine my city is open to the whole world. I also like a lot of old world buildings so I throw them in here and there as if my city bought them and imported them stone for stone. Maybe I should throw in a couple of American frontier/Western style buildings for you lol.

Schulmanator: COOL! Nice mix of stuff gives it an uber cool effect!

Thanks, there could be a bit more unity, but overall I agree.

ggamgus: Great job! :D

Why thank you!

dubaidude303: Great work agian dude! :)

Hey dude, thanks.

Hazani Pratama: Wow,Nice!

I appreciate your appreciation.

LastTrueChamp: This city is popping with colour! Very vibrant.

All the colors of the rainbow! (And boosted saturation in Photoshop, shhhhhsh)

Fox: Once again you blow me away with your creativity .. and lol.. stargates :P

Thanks Fox, glad you enjoyed it. Bold Purple!

lesgaz: Waw impressive massive city :P I wanna live there :D

Thanks lesgaz, we'll find a nice place for you to live.

DanPeterson: Really nice.  Can you tell me what the "Camille Paglia School For the Arts" building is?

That would be the DEDWD Maddison Gallery

City Builder 9111: You are a god of Sim City!

Thanks. Not yet, but working on it.


The Shape of Things to Come

Okay, this entry is going to be a bit different from the others because I want to talk about where I see my city progressing and what kind of things I have in mind for it.

I didn't start with a nice custom created region and I'm kind of making it up as a go along, so be easy on that aspect.

When I first started my CJ, Ionica looked like this:



Also, Ionica wasn't actually called Ionica, it was originally called Megatropolis, but I changed the name when I started my CJ because I don't think Megatropolis sounds so great, it was just a name I made up on the fly because I wasn't sure if the city would be a success or not.

A few months ago I decided that I needed more space for bigger zones because in my original Region most of the tiles were very small and there were only three big ones. There were also many Zones that were quite amateur so I decided to ditch a lot of them and just keep the core of the city.

This is what Ionica looks like now:


As you can see Avalon is now actually in the center of the map and Veritas has been pushed to the far end.

On the bottom left of the picture above you can see the University Campus I am currently working on. Originally I had a smallish campus in a Zone called Veritas but it was highly inadequate and I wanted something really vast and sprawling. I don't want to show it in detail yet but it is a beautiful combination of BATs, Parks, and MMPs. It is based around the University of Clayhurst which can be found here.

On the bottom right there is the Ionican International Airport which is still a work in progress. There are still bits and pieces a need to collect to finish the puzzle, as well as a bit of trial and error. The idea is that the land the Airport is on will actually be an island but I haven't made the island yet because I don't know how big the Airport is going to be and it seems to get bigger and bigger. It probably isn't going to be ready for a while.

The big tile above Qiu Chuji in the picture below is where I want to have the Ionican BAT Expo and Olympic/Simlympic Park. I don't intend to bid for the Simlympics this year, but I may some time in the future. This is a zone where I want to put some really big and beautiful BATs like the Biejing Grand National Theater, The Center for the Performing Arts by Xyloxadoria and the China Pavilion World Expo 2010 by dmscopio.

As I go along I am rebuilding some of the Zones in the tiles that surround Avalon. Their biggest problem is that they don't make good use of the space. When I first started building cities I used Avenues like a madman and it just sucked out all the space. The Road and Rail layouts aren't optimal, so I have to re-do them.  The first to be done was Illium which I showed in a previous entry. I just finished rebuilding Acropolis, and I'll show that in my next entry, I think.

I intend to use a portion of the top right of the Region, which you can't really see in these pictures, to create a series of 'artificial' agricultural islands to be the bread baskets of Ionica and where I can use a lot of the rural BATs I have collected.

As for the large tile on the top left, I intend to use it for a high class suburban type area where the dense city tappers off and all the rich people live in their huge homes. I have collected a lot of Mansion BATs but I haven't had a place to use them a lot yet. I also think the undeveloped bottom section of the region could serve as a kind of middle class suburb, we'll see. I know I want to have some less dense areas, I'm just not sure where they will be.


Here are a few previews of the newest Zones I've built:

If you look at the map above you will find the tiles these Zones are in right above Avalon. The seven small tiles from left to right, starting with Qiu Chuji, will be named after the Quanzhen Seven, the second generation of the Quanzhen Sect and disciples of the great reverend Wang Chongyang.

Qiu Chuji



Wang Chuyi



Liu Chuxuan

The beggining of a suburb? What's this?




Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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That's is amazing :O
I love those canals and everything

But those airplanes look like bugs or something, very annoying.

Where did you get that marina in the last picture?

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