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Ionica - Veritas: Education District

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aparrot7: Awesome! The pictures look really good!

Thanks aparrot7

SimCoug:The Judges remind me of the Yankees - I think I'll root for the underdogs. Nice sports district!

Yeah, underdogs all the way. I hate teams that buy victory.

Schulmanator: Impressive facilities for sure!

Gotta thank dmscopio for that.

dubaidude303: Nice update dude! ( btw my avatar is Technosphere in Dubai, it is u/c at the moment, just a concept photo ) Really like the stadium behind that one building! Keep it up! 5/5 :)

Hey dude, thanks. Haven't had much time to make updates, hopefully I'll make more time.

Hazani Pratama: Amazing stadium!!!!

dmscopio winning.

Fox: Stunning !! I hope you bid to host the Simlympics later this year.. your city would make a great host nation.. even if it is in the future :P

Thanks Fox. I don't know if I want to bid for the Simlympics. I've been thinking about it, but my city isn't ready for that. I have in mind a kind of World Expo zone that would double as an Olympic Village, but that is still a bit far out (probably where I'll use the National Grand Theater). Don't worry about that being in the future thing, we got Stargates, lol.

Chuck The Mayor: .........................................................................speachless......................................................................

Thanks Chuck

supercitys354262: The original metropolis will play in 2026. and it's comes from 1927.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.


I got distracted with building other Zones where I was experimenting with some canals. On my computer, loading a city as big as Veritas is very tedious and it takes at least ten minutes which always makes me reticent to load it. Also, a big city like this tends to 'crash' while I'm playing and sometimes that corrupts the save file forcing me to use a backup and restart some of the changes I was making. It is so annoying when wasted time is lost and thus wasted. Thankfully I keep frequent and multiple backups in case of catastrophe *knocks on wood*. Veritas still has a few nooks a crannies to be shown off after this entry but I think I'll take a break from this Zone and show some of the newer stuff.

Veritas - Education District

Ionica prides itself on the quality of it's publicly funded education but this quality has only been achieved through intense and rigorous competition with the private sector. When the Ionican Congress passed the Competing Eductaion Act over seventy years ago it allowed citizens to get a Tax discount if they chose for their children to be educated in a private school. This incentive made schools more affordable and created fierce competition between the public and private sector, thus tremendously boosting the quality of education.

This is a typical large Ionican Elementary School, there are literally hundreds of these throughout the city.


On top the left you see the Guo Jing Martial Arts Academy and below it a typical Ionican Public Library. To the right are the Enyati College and Enyati Highschool, both private.


The Tyrell Academic Competition Arena. Funded by billionaire philanthropist Dr. Eldon Tyrell, who believed that mental achievement should be celebrated as a spectacle in the same as sports and that those who achieve the height of human intellect should be idolized like athletes.


Each year, thousands of students from around Ionica come the Academic Competition to compete in various disciplines. Winners (and there are many) are rewarded scholarships by sponsors of the event.



The Camille Paglia School For the Arts was originally planned to be in the Art District but city planners had a change of heart before construction and decided it actually belongs in the education district.


The Temple of the STEX Godess is a Seminary School where Sims can be enlightened by the great Book of Omnibus .




And finally, here is a 'full' view of Veritas. The seaports aren't really that great because at the time I didn't really know what I was doing nor did I really have the tools to make a nice looking seaport. Also, there appears to be a section of seawall which I added recently that has gone transparent in this far away view. The city is pretty 'grid-like' something I kind of hope to break as I get better and more confident with curves and diagonals.



Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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Recommended Comments

You have put a lot of imagination in this: acadamic competition (absolutely awesome idea!), Stex godess, I like it!
Thanks to this some sort of 'identity' is given to each building, important in such an enourmous city.

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Grid or not, that is one impressive, dense, city center. I like how you've mixed futuristic looking buildings along side very old structures - and I don't think they look out of place. Nice update.

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Once again you blow me away with your creativity .. and lol.. stargates[/b][/color] :P

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Really nice. Can you tell me what the "[color=#3D3A37][font='Open Sans', Tahoma, Geneva, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Camille Paglia School For the Arts" building is?[/size][/font][/color]

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