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Hokkodo (AIN)

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A Look Back



Dear Friends,

Hokkodo has been lost....

Im sad to say this has happened, a random drive wipe has cleared off Hokkodo and all my downloads... not to mention a bunch of my parents stuff...

I knew that I would take a break soon for the start of school and soccer practice, but this is not how I wanted to do it.

I shall live on though, and shall come back even stronger. I am not one to give up..


Things like the Simlympics shall be put off for now.

I will continue to support and comment on CJs and in the forums.

But before I put Hokkodo on hiatus while I rebuild I want to share some of our greatest moments together...


Every single person that has ever seen and liked my CJ - Thanks to all of you to whom without I would not feel compelled to return.

May 6, 2012




May 20, 2012




May 25, 2012



June 1, 2012



June 9, 2012



June 18, 2012


June 27, 2012




July 2, 2012




July 11, 2012



July 19, 2012




July 24, 2012



August 2, 2012




Thank you for enjoying this CJ!

I shall be back ASAP. I may have just lost everything, but I don't stay down for long, and I'm a quick worker.

Oh! aand if you see something in my CJ and you know where to find it, PLEASE it to PM me.

Your great Friend,

- Willy



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It's strange but only a minute before you posted this I was looking back at Entry 6 : Today is a Sad Day. I was just about to warn you that your drive will probably do it again.Then I read this.

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I just backed up my files to a external drive - hopefully this entry can help remind others to do the same. I know tons of hard work went into this CJ and nothing anybody says is going to make it come back, but sometimes starting over can have its advantages - I'm looking forward to your new project.

PS - New SorGun came about after I decided to trash a bugy prop-pox filled region that I had been working on for about a year. You never know what a fresh start can do until you try. Good luck.

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I remember something like this happened on my first CJ, I had a virus on my PC and I had to wipe everything. In my latter CJs, they became progressively better and garnered more success. This could be the same for you, you might make a better version of Hokkodo.

Hope to see this CJ back up again! ;)

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I just had to do early replies...

@Hellken - I was just looking at that too! what unfortunate timing...
@SimCoug - Thanks for the support. Yes a LOT of time went into this... but good news is I have been on a hot streak and found most of the lost downloads.
@Mastof - That is beautiful and touching...
@10000000000000 - Dont be sorry, its not your fault. ;) And yes I hope this can be a message to everyone to back up those files!
@k50 - I never said you wouldn't see me... ;) Ive made the Simlympics my first priority!
@Evillions - It seems that a lot of people have gone through something like this... I hoping for the same results a better more fantastic CJ!
@escilnavia - Hear me dear friend... This is NOT the end of this CJ. ;)
@Shulmanator - I hope so! ;)

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Your city looks amazing it must be frustrating that youl lost it :-(. Next time you should back it up lol. I keep all my Downloads on external HD then copy across what I need. At least you get to create a new one :-).

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Sorry to hear about your computer issues. Does the fact that you're back at number one on BTT ease the pain a little?

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