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The End; A New Revolution



I've had this packed away for a while now. I've never posted it. Today seems like a fitting day since it is . . well almost the 2 year anniversary of this city journals start. Actually maybe a week or 2. But still.

Mostly a coincidence. I ran across the pictures and pondered about why I never posted it. I never felt it lived up to the rest, but I decided to just show it either way.

I thought I'd just finish up Gansbaai so that this isn't just another declined journal. But a, happily to say, finished City Journal.

And now, without further Ado,


A once thriving country, brought to its knees by corruption and violence. The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms was born through revolution. It shall die the same way.

-2 weeks earlier-

" --Gansbaai. A great country. A beautiful country. Our country.

We have ignored the pleas of the innocent for too long. We have suffered the oppression of our so-called leader enough. This -- dictator -- has reigned long enough. Too many have died by his hands. Now I ask you all today, what will you do for your country? Will you fight for it? Stand up for what you know is right and wrong? Lead our nation into the pride and joy that it STILL is! The only thing concealing it. . is him."

A speech in Khrsybicat Square. The same place the recent Alhuivr Hjmel was hung at, for some simple words against Prince Jahirze, who has recently brought a veil of tyranny to the desert region. After the not-so unknown reasons of the bankruptcy of Nouadhibou - the collapse of an entire metropolis - the already weary people grew more of their leader. The months after that grew more famine in the rural areas of the country. And some major known news anchors and public speakers began disappearing without a trace.

That day in the square people roared in support. Not soon after, a group of military officers marched down the street from an entrance of the Capitol Building. They carried guns, and the people at the rally remained largely unaware of them. Until a loud "bang" blared from their direction.

Hannah Hjmel. Daughter of Alhuivr, hung at that very square she spoke at, was shot and killed by the military officer. A possibly unwise thing to do in front of a crowd of agitated and politically motivated people.

The square erupted into chaos. The entire crowd began attacking the small battalion with rocks, bottles, and whatever else they could get their hands on. At least 30 civilians were gunned down in the plaza before the rest dispersed. Hours later after all calmed down, well word got around rather fast. Many civilians grouped together picking makeshift weapons. Molotov's flew through the Capitol building's windows below the orange sunset.


The people fought into the night . . .


. . . and for 14 days following.

The Gansbaai Revolution still rages on. But the outside world does take notice. Gansbaai is one of the most important economic locations on the planet. And a revolution certainly depletes much production from the world. Should other countries interfere with a national revolution of these proportions? According to the United Nations of Adonia, yes. Moral or not the bombs have ensued. Cities over the country are ablaze, pushing out the Prince's men. This quaint revolution seems more like a full-scale war.


Another battle into the sunset ensues. Fire from the sun and the ground illuminate the landscape.


Some nations supported the Prince. Some supported those nations. Some supported the rebellion. Some supported those supporting the rebellion. . .

Wait what? Chaos basically. A full scale civil war in the planets #1 exporter of Oil and one of the top consumer of many many imports from around the world tends to not just through balance off of the world economy, but make one side of the scale slam against the table.


Al Aaium may be distant from the homeland, but it is still part of it. A major supply source for not only Gansbaai, but the world.


This may not be a simple revolution anymore. . .



Recommended Comments

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]the images posted here literally put tears in my eyes.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]R.I.P [color=#3D3A37][size=3] Gansbaai you shall be remembered as a place of eternal youth like the sands of time you held[/size][/color][/font]

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Wow, what extraordinary editing on those photos. I have no idea what's going on, but it looks so amazing that it doesn't matter to me that much. Fantabulerrific.

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A worthy ending for Gansbaai. Marsh, your CJ has always been one of my greatest SC4 inspirations, thank you for everything.

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Like I said on the forum section, this a great way to end Gasbaai because it wouldn't be another neglected CJ.

Nevertheless, it was a great CJ while it lasted. I hope you make another CJ in the future. It was truly inspirational to all of us.

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I had to look twice, I couldn't believe it. A great way to end one of my favourite CJs on this site. Good luck with any other projects you may be thinking of.

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*Sniff* Goodbye, beautiful CJ.

Although on the bright side, I always find it fun to completely destroy a city I've built. :P (Of course, without saving it!)

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Mind-blowing D: Its sad to see Gansbaai go though, this is where I get all my inspiration and how I improve my SC4 techniques so thank you for this amazing CJ, helped me greatly! :)

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Waow, I love everything about this cj :D

But one thing, why is that arabic writing written awkward? Arabic letters aren't seperate but rather attached to each other and written from right to left, like this: الوقوف


Anyway, I love the photoshop effects and the revolution theme :D
I should make a cj about Tunisia revolution too :D

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So sad to see a country that I've followed for two years now, since way back in its origins and its peaceful, flourishing period, to its violent end on some other planet. Very bittersweet moment.

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[quote name='ThomasSimpson' timestamp='1338054997']
So sad to see a country that I've followed for two years now, since way back in its origins and its peaceful, flourishing period, to its violent end on some other planet. Very bittersweet moment.

Who said it's the end?

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[quote name='IL.' timestamp='1338057240']
ThomasSimpson, on , said:

So sad to see a country that I've followed for two years now, since way back in its origins and its peaceful, flourishing period, to its violent end on some other planet. Very bittersweet moment.

Who said it's the end?

I did, in the first section. Maybe it's kinda encrypted. But yea it's the end. I had this "last update" for a while now. I just never posted it because I didn't think it was good enough. I'm just happy of the notion that this isn't just another thing I've abandoned, but a finished city journal.

Thanks for commenting everyone. It means a lot. :)

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[size=2]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/journals/2774/entry-16762-week-22-52812-6312/"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [i][color=#0000FF]PHOTOSHOPPED[/color][/i][/size][/b]

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