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Middle Tenne: Franciflorianopolis

Welcome back to the town with the longest name in Schulmania! Why, if you were to put this name into Words With Friends ™, you would probably get at least 100 points. Franciflorianopolis is also the first Schulminion city to have a sister city. Of course, it would be Florianopolis (Brazil, http://en.wikipedia....i/Florianopolis)... Makes sense, doesn’t it? Now, the two cities have nothing in common except the name, but that’s ok. After all, Brazil is one of Schulmania’s top visiting countries, with well over 1000 different visitors on the flag counter. (While we are at it, do you have any suggestions for other sister cities with Schulmania?)

And now, more from the archbishopric…


The main street, All Saints Avenue, runs north-south through the town from the port north to the performing arts center


The Maxis Arts Center provides space for both fine and performing arts. This weekend, a new show opens, “Will Wright: A Retrospective”, and in the theater, “Shatner: The Musical”, starring renowned orator T. J. Hooker as the title character.


I don’t see a crowd coming… I wonder if they heard [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1Ar79f8aN8] song from the production… or read the reviews…


After hearing a song like that, theatergoers may seek solace at the Church of St. Purrius…


Maybe the heavenly choir will make up for the extended Shatner version of Innagoddadavida…


One can hope, anyway…


But there’s more of the town to explore. Let’s see what else is out there.


On the west side of town, where the enclosure begins, we spy the largest buildings in the city


The Archbishop’s Palace is the administrative center of the area and home to the archbishop. A pleasant plaza and fountain front the complex, providing a popular public gathering spot. Above, residents gather for the weekly Chipmunk Chase. Soon, happy kitties will pursue the garden tomato of the cat world – Alvin and his compatriots.


Adjacent is the Monastery of St. Francis, the largest monastery for the largest monastic order in the nation


Nearby, the Chapel of St. Flora beckons


If you are interested in Pilgrim’s Progress Park or the enclosure area…


The Pilgrimage Center has all of the information you need, including details about visits to the newest, largest church in the nation, soon to be revealed




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Recommended Comments

Guest hahei


Hmmmm. How about Hamilton, NZ for a small Shulmanian town?

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I'm loving the mix of classical and wtw architecture. I was going to suggest a twin city, but would you really want to be twinned with a city from Ellis Valley???

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Very good, and might I suggest maybe a ferry terminal in an older style of architecture? I think doing that would make it blend in with the rest of the city.

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Fabulous! Marvelous! Magnificent! Dare I say... SENSATIONAL!

George tells me he likes the pictures, too, as he has taken his first glimpse at the wonder of Schulmania with this update.

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Great job.

Florianopolis, the city mentioned has too much european influence. the archicteture isnt as the pics, but has germany, polish and italian classic style houses for example. thats brazilian riviera ;)

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b]Hahei[/b] Intriguing. I have actually been there. Do you have any reason why you selected it?

[b]Emperordaniel[/b] Thank you! I am glad you like it. It is of the same style as the new capital, BTW.

[b]Benedict[/b] Thanks! Well, now that you mention it… probably not :D

[b]Escilnavia[/b] [i]Obrigado![/i] The style seen here will show up more in Tenne. Roane-Anderson has it and so will the capital.

[b]Usfighter15[/b] You are absolutely correct. Currently, we don’t have a functional one which looks appropriate. But I sure wish someone would make one!

[b]111222333444[/b] Indeed! I agree. But we don’t have an extant nice one for cities which works. I wish we did!

[b]Taliz81[/b] Felines have religious freedom. The majority are devout. Some of the common faith options we encounter are Meowthodists, Purrsbyterians, Clawtholic, and who could forget the followers of the Ceiling Cat?

[b]Pourquoituveuxpas[/b] Thanks! I am glad you like it. And, welcome to Schulmania. Please come visit us again!

[b]Macko123456[/b] Thank you! You are certainly welcome to visit!

[b]NMUSpidey[/b] Awesome! I am glad he liked them… perhaps he needs to open another bistro soon! Soon he will be building his own SC4 cities :D

[b]Aaron Graham[/b] Thank you! I am glad you liked it.

[b]Matheuspaulo[/b] You are right. The main resemblance is the name. But that’s ok. One of these days I will need to visit Florianopolis and tell them they have a sister city!

[right][Volume 3 Update #225][/right]
[right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right]

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I'm redownloading a bunch of files for my next couple of CJ updates, and I was just wondering if you knew where I could find the modular set you used for the Monastery of St. Francis - I used to have it, but a quick STEX search didn't turn up anything. :(

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