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Page 43: Minimum-Maximum




Check your comments for my replies :golly:


Page 43: Minimum-Maximum

"And every friend I've got has been writing Mars stories. It was pretty clear I'd never catch up."

Larry Niven

Remember an extremely dense colony called Life-6?




By making a lot of changes in Life-6, the colony has now more open spaces and not be an ugly jungle anymore. The result in that now the colony has 250.000 Sims than 700.000










To do this, I made some extra lots for many tall buildings, in order to constructed no matter the zoning size. I never having a lot of apartment buildings in the same block, so I replace them with single but bigger structures. I can release them but not now, it's too soon. Nobody likes empty lots after all...



Remember some shops in the middle of the colony, just next to the railroads? I remove them and build some walls to keep it safe.


Need a walk without spacesuits?



The 9/11 Catastrophe Monument is still here. Never forget, never again



I also expand the spaceport. Maybe I'll try to make a SimMars version of the A.C. Airports, SCAG and RMIP stuff.





The colonies on Mars are alive and fully upgradeable. This is the design and development complex for researching new technologies, manufacturing products and planning the colony upgrades.




This is the Siilijoki Park with it's domes that support cultural activities like art, concerts and various forms of entertainment. This park separates the living zone from the developing zone and it's also separated by north and south part.



In the middle of the south part we'll find the Noah Tower, a tall hotel for SimTerrans and SimLunars tourists who prefer a quiet place to relax.


Somewhere close to the colony I build some recycle centres. This is the place. Notice something different?


That's right, all recycle centres constructed together for a better result.


Same with the nuclear power plants and the water pumps.



Underground hydroponic facilities and indoor agricultural belts grows a wide variety of organic plants without the use of pesticides.


This airfield was the only airport of Life-6. With the construction and the expanding of the spaceport, this airfield now serves airships and V.T.O.L. (Vertical Take Over and Land) aircrafts.


Close to Life-6, the archaeologists discovered an another artificial made pyramid. The mystery of the past of Mar still remains. Most of the ruins belongs to the ancient Martians and are thousands and millions of years aged, but some of them belongs to unknown beings and are only some centuries aged. What's going on? Evidences for 2 individual civilizations? Did they ever meet each other? Are the SimMartians "unwanted"?


Now that Life-6 finally upgraded, I can finally start constructing new mayor colonies with many surprises.





Recommended Comments

Cool stuff, i especially like the addon of Britney :P. Jokes apart, have you heard that they could plan to make explode on mars various nuclear warheads as start-up to create an atmosphere? That would be amazing, but would overrun your hard work. However Russia is going to Mars in 2017 or anything close to that, keep fingers crossed! By the way, how you have a 9/11 monument? Is that american colony?

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Awesome! Really creative, what you do with SIMmars.I love the Evolution-7 section, with the two pyramid like structures. It shows your having a lot of fun creating regions like this which is what makes your CJ very unique. Outstanding, and Cool ;)

But perhaps changing the game to hardware mode in the settings toolbar will bring the textures back to those blue,green, and red spaceships?

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Amazing. So these cities are functional within the game as well? Impressive. I'll surely keep coming back to see what you're building here.

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This new update is great looking.
the transportation network looks fantastic, Mars has the coolest roads :thumb:
The spaceport also stands out as being well-made
5 gold stars! :D

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[color=#0000ff][b]Moskva[/b][/color]: Thank you :) . I'm not sure if nuclear explosions could help in the Martian terraforming, mostly because of the radiation. I really hope about the Russian space program, since Barack Obama declare war against science. As about the 9/11 monument, it's my way of saluting the heroes of this tragic day. There are no American or Russian colonies, because Mars declared as the common home for everybody.

[color=#0000ff][b]10000000000000[/b][/color]: Glad to see that you like my work :) . Trust me, there is a reason of my selection of software rendering :(

[color=#0000ff][b]NMUSpidey[/b][/color]: Thank :) . It's still Simcity 4, not on Earth this time :D

[color=#0000ff][b]Huston[/b][/color]: Thank :)

[color=#0000ff][b]tinoman[/b][/color]: Thank you :)

[color=#0000ff][b]Schulmanator[/b][/color]: Marvin is somewhere here on Mars. Maybe we'll find him in future pages :)

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[quote name='Moskva' timestamp='1334624322']
. However Russia is going to Mars in 2017 or anything close to that, keep
We need a minimum of 100 years before space travel is advanced enough for humans to go to Mars.

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