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Kapish, after the reconstruction

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"Gorgeous as always, but my favorite part is your reply to TowerDude."

-- Benedict

Well, if someone makes a reply in a meme format, I tend to reply back in another meme...

"awesome work buddy but how did u made an bridge with glr on picture 2.02"

-- katherman111

It's one of Xannepan's bridges. The instructions are in the manual (I had to read that one before I got this bridge right).

"The city really shows layered development over the centuries. I'd like to know where you got all those medieval, Parisian and modern sets at. Also, the box is on the left edge of the last picture, three or four row houses above the rampart-looking wall."

-- mrblisterdunde

The Parisian set is a mix of buildings from Xannepan and Porkie. The medieval town set is from Paeng...

"Awesome!!! Looks so so real! Could you help me, please? Where can I find plug-in for tram°s catenary? Thank you so much and good luck with new cjs! ;) "

-- davidkopravitko

The catenary set can be found somewhere in the NAM Development Thread over at SC4D, I don't know which post...

"@katherman111 The GLR Bridge is a JENX bridge found on LEX (sc4devotion).

Maarten, where did you get your retaining walls on the slopes of your city? Your city looks perfect and so real."

-- Hellken

The retaining wall are from Jeronij, which can be found here on the SC4D LEX

"Found the brown box!!!2.16 on the left. Good job anyway!!!"

-- Gugu3

Nice catch! ;)

"Awesome work! Destroy all Maxis highway"

-- ee99

Let me rephrase that:


"Very nice. "Problem, citizens?" made me chuckle when I read that."


Yeah, it's self-criticism to my old city building style. I find it sometimes funny how badly I used to plan my cities...

"Whats up with thsoe lawns... DOnt forget to plant some trees my good man!!"

-- fatschmo

That's how my game usually looks like. Whenever I build, I turn the city details to low and the shadows and cars off. That way my game is more stable and faster.

"Spectacular work Maarten!"

-- mystic_destiny

"loved the highway, i like the contrast between old and new."

-- Paulobergonci

"looking awesome Maarten!! =D Really like the looks of your cities


"awesome !"


"Stunning! As always you have done every perfectly"

-- ee99

"Truly Wonderful!!!"

-- City Builder 9111


-- ABHosting



"Maartenism in all its glory! A huge and great update!"

-- TekindusT

"Great Work! Always love the freeways"

-- Mastof

Thank you all :}


Now, after quite some reconstruction, it's time to look at the results!

First, let's have a look at the central business district:


Quite some towers there and a central freeway! Oh, and you may notice I switched between terrain mods...


A picture at night time...


Now here is a pic of something that was missing: an old city center. Kapish is one of the oldest cities in Imaginia. It was one of the capital cities of the Old Kingdoms of Borealia a thousand years ago. So an old city center would fit in here. And as you may notice, I've succeeded making one with a mash-up of different styles...

Some close-ups...




And here we have a residential district with lots of high-rises, Zuydoever...



Werkhoven is a residential district for the less wealthy citizens. It's characterized by these pre-fab apartment blocks...



And now some badass RHW stuff... B)





Zonzeel is a mixed residential and office high-rise district. It's attractive to the richer elite of the city...


Another look at the CBD....


Kapish "Central" Station. Well, it's central, but that's it. It's actually a pretty poor station for such a large city. There are plans to build a bigger and better station, but so far, nothing is concrete. And so Kapish will remain having this over-capacity station for a longer while...


More RHW badassery...




We've come to the ressidential area at the northern shore, Norraområdyt...




And here we have one of the oddest interchanges I've ever created. Not much has changed, just cleaned up...


And to conclude, the industrial area at the eastern shore, Stenarkårÿl.





I hope you enjoyed this update. In the mean time, I'm reconstructing Konrad. The Hoogerhey area is already done. The central area needs some more revision, as well as the freeway network. Stay tuned!



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Recommended Comments

This is one of the realy interressing city journals. Im one of them who dont like this rural citys.
But yours is a real city, and i find the Old city is realy great!

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@Samerton: How dare you, calling this just "superb"?! :P This is one of the best CJs I've ever seen in all of Simtropolis!!! WOOOOOOW! I will give every one of your entries 5/5 from now on. This... is... epic!

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[quote name='
[b] mrtnrln[/b]

' timestamp='1333897687']
More RHW badassery...

Lol, so true. Love your youtube videos by the way. Their so helpful for a freeway loser like me :P , and great city. Every block is another spectacular combination of buildings :yes:

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Awesome work Maarten! I like the mashing of styles you got going there (in a good way, playing off your words :P )

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Looking awesome!!=) very inspiriational work there maarten =)
Whenever I run out of ideas I always look at your creations ^^

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Fantastic work, it looks great. I like the terrain mod you are using, too. Doesn't look too green. :) The RHW and city centre are my favourite parts of the update.

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this is an amazing set of pics here Maarten !
it had to take you a lot of time and work to do all this reconstruction .


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