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Behind the Scenes: Kapish City Reconstruction

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I decided to give a look behind the scenes in a four-part update. I took the city of Kapish for this opportunity. It's the first city I build in Imaginia, and therefore it contains some "sloppy" city building:

  • There's still a lot of Maxis Highway left in this city. Only 4 other cities in Imaginia still have Maxis Highway at this moment, of which two are directly linked to Kapish.
  • The city layout is quite a chaos and not well thought. At some parts it's over-dimensioned.
  • Lots of repetition and quite Maxis-ruled in an ugly way, sometimes a mess of skyscrapers.
  • There's no old city center, while this is actually an old city in my timeline. This should be added.

As you can see, I have to do a lot to rebuild. But before we start rebuilding, let's have a look at the old situation. Note that all images from these Behind The Scenes updates are unedited, so you can admire the city in all its ugliness :D Click on the spoilers to see each part of the update



Here we have the south-western part of the A10/C75, which is all Maxis Highway in the old situation. I've successfully converted this part to RHW. The N25 (here still before downgrading) still connects to the A10, but in the new situation, this connection has been left out to prevent weaving. Other than that, the city itself here is characteristic for my old city building style: random and not well thought out.


More bad city planning! A way to tightly build stack interchange and some buildings build very near railways and freeways, which generate a lot of noise pollution. Problem, citizens? ;D


Gotta love my city planning! $%Grinno$% A nuclear power plant is located in the middle of a residential area. Not such a good idea, but hey, I didn't care about environmentalists back then. Also, the building style is just... chaotic...


And more bad and redundant MHW stuff. Also check out those red signs... Ugly, eh?


This whole half-abadoned neighbourhood screams for reconstuction. And even more bad MHW stuff...


Here we have one of the oddest interchanges I have ever created. It hasn't been changed that much in the new situation; I just tidied it up...


This is an good example of over-dimensioned infrastructure. Two of the three avenues here have been downgraded to a road or a RHW-2. Only the one on the left still exists...


More bad city planning, MHW stuff and over-dimensioned networks...


... and even more...


And here we have a look at the messy and ugly CBD of Kapish and the surrounding ressidential area...


So, we now come to the re-construction of the south-western Kapish. This place is still filled with Maxis Highway. That will be replaced with Real Highway as a first step of reconstruction, and it's a time-consuming one...

So here we start with a dual half-turbine Maxis Highway interchange. Note the red signs (ugly!) and the very tight spacing between the interchanges...


BOOM! There goes that one!


... and we lay down a fresh layer of asphalt here, a brand new RHW...


Now let's make up the ramps. You see that I tend to change the general layout while constructing. Quite some times a different setup just lines up better





And finally some bridges...


So, one interchange is done, but there's still quite some MHW left...


Now on to the next interchange. This was once a stack interchange, but it's going to be downgrade. First, I have to line up the RHW...


... then I build an overpass, add some ramps and we have a new diamond interchange here! It's not the best solution, but the area is too crammed to build something better, so therefore, I downgraded the A1 to N1 here...


Here's an embanked section of the A10. This leads to a bridge. Since I can't build three-tile RHW-6C bridges at the moment (even us from the NAM Team can't do this yet), I split up the RHW-6C to RHW-6S for a dual RHW-6S bridge.


Here you see that the old connection with the N25 is gone and that the N25 now has a different route. The RHW-6C has received some smooth curves too...


Another picture of work in progress that has been changed. At first, I decided to replace the elevated MHW with a elevated AVE-4, but as you can see the T21s are screwed up. In the end, I decided to go for a ERHW section...



Now we move on to the Northern Shore. Here we have to replace some Maxis Highway interchanges with RHW interchanges (and some of these interchanges will be sacrificed for the reconstruction. You see I already cleared the area for some RHW construction.


Dragging out slopes... You see one of my tricks here at work: I use another network (rail or ELR) to smoothen out my RHW slopes, making them more gentle and realistic...


The strange TOTSO (Turn Off To Stay On) connection with the A2 is replaced by a simple trumpet interchange...



But wait! We had another stretch of RHW running parrallel to this stretch. Well, let's add that one too...


... and let it mix with the main lanes just up ahead...


What a difference! Compare that old MHW with the new stretch of RHW...


Cutting through the hills...


And hey! Another new connection!


Now here we have the A2 going through this half-abandoned neighbourhood. Shouldn't be too hard to replace... (I have to rebuild this neighbourhood anyway!)




And an small overpass at the other side of the tunnel. This city district has been vastly reconstructed in the end...



And this is our final Behind the scenes update. We are reconstructing some stuff over at the eastern shore...

Here we have a new bridge over the river Kareel. It's a yet unreleased bridge, and probably will be released at the next version of the RHW. Anyway, this bridge has a sufficient width of 3 lanes per side...


Some small reconstruction here, to connect the new RHW with the older RHW trumpet interchange. One exit is only realized as a half-exit, since there was no room to build the other side of it (and it would result in ultra-short weaving areas). I'm planning to widen this section a bit if some RHW-6S smooth curves and RHW-8S-to-8C Transitions are ready...


And here's another section of Maxis Highway that has been replaced by RHW. A small section still remains, still waiting for that RHW-4 over AVE-roundabout piece...


However, I didn't like how the ressidential area turned out here. It was messy and not properly developed, so I replaced it with something the city needs more: industry! This looks well more organised...



... and after some growth...



Next update: the final result of the reconstruction. Stay tuned!



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