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First War Memorial




First War Memorial

Now more than two years into a war with Queensferry, Schulmania has gained approval from the Supreme Wirdle to build the first war memorial in the nation. Most of the battle sites are either in enemy hands or in areas too dangerous to build such a place. But, in South Wirdleonia, where the garrison town of Little Castle stood before it was destroyed by enemy missiles, the area is safe enough to allow plans to proceed.

All that remains of the town now is a large crater. It is that crater which the War Memorial Commission, in association with the Office of Military Construction and Schulmania National Parks wishes to preserve and make into the a memorial. Below is information about the plans and how you can help contribute to make this happen.


First, a reminder of what was there before the attack…


And what was done by Queensferry…


How you can help:

The plans drawn up for the memorial will cost 16,300 gold schulmonetas to execute. Once the sum has been raised, construction can begin. Schulmania is counting on the Simtropolis community to help raise these funds. Luckily, 3,000 schulmonetas have already been raised, so only 13,300 remain to be collected. How do you contribute? For each “like” on the Schulmania topic in Volume 3, a contribution of 1,000 schulmonetas will be recorded (thus, the 3 likes there already provide the 3,000 aforementioned coins). Where’s the proper place to like? It’s here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/698-schulmania/ . A “like” of the War Memorial post in Volume 3 will donate 350 schulmonetas. Where’s that? It’s here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/698/entry-15547-first-war-memorial/. And, a post of support in either Volume 2 (here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/topic/24185-schulmanias-gated-community/) or Volume 3 (http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/698/entry-15547-first-war-memorial/ ) will donate 200 schulmonetas. And, there’s one more way to contribute. A posted comment on the Schulmania Blog in support of the project will donate an additional 200 schulmonetas. Where’s that? It’s here: http://schulmania.info/blogengine.net/ . A running total of donations received will be posted on the Volume 3 update page until the amount has been raised.

Thank you in advance for your support!





Recommended Comments


[b]Donations Collections Total[/b]
Volume 3 Likes: 8x1000= 8000 schulmonetas
Volume 3 Post Likes 3x350 = 1050 schulmonetas
Volume 2/3 Posts: 9x200= 1800 schulmonetas
Blog Comments: 3x250 = 750 schulmonetas

[b]Current Total: 11,600 schulmonetas![/b]

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[b]Donations Collections Total[/b]
Volume 3 Likes: 10x1000= 10,000 schulmonetas
Volume 3 Post Likes 4x350 = 1400 schulmonetas
Volume 2/3 Posts: 17x200= 3400 schulmonetas
Blog Comments: 4x250 = 1000 schulmonetas

[b]Current Total: 15,800schulmonetas!

We're almost there!!! :ducky: :ducky: :ducky:

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[b]Donations Collections Total[/b]
Volume 3 Likes: 12x1000= 12,000 schulmonetas
Volume 3 Post Likes 4x350 = 1400 schulmonetas
Volume 2/3 Posts: 18x200= 3600 schulmonetas
Blog Comments: 5x250 = 1250 schulmonetas

[b]Current Total: 18,250 schulmonetas!

We made it!! Construction will start soon!!!! :ducky: :ducky: :ducky:[/b]

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b][color=blue]NMUSpidey[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

[b][color=blue]100000000000000[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

[b][color=blue]Emperordaniel[/color][/b] Sure! I am certain he will be granted leave to do so.

[b][color=blue]Ggagmus[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

[b][color=blue]Lyhoko Leaci[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

[b][color=blue]Escilnavia[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

[b][color=blue]Dumanios[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

[b][color=blue]Wiecher[/color][/b] Thanks! It is ever-growing as well… just added a new country yesterday!

[b][color=blue]Emperordaniel[/color][/b] Woo hoo! :D

[b][color=blue]Hiddentemple[/color][/b] Thank you for your support!

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[right][right][Volume 3 Update #213][/right][/right]
[right][right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right][/right]
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