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New Airport Proposal

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Sky Guy


Welcome back! In this update we will look at Bandar Sabah's overcrowded airport and some solutions to solve it. We will also see what the "mystery construction" was, and maybe why people are a little upset. In this update, feel free to suggest some ideas, or designs for the airport problem. Enjoy!














Don't forget to tell me anything you might like to see in the new airport, or RL airports you might want me to look at: you are the architects mentioned before :P



111222333444: Thanks, I am glad I could make you feel good :blush:

escilnavia: Thanks you- wow! I don't know about being one of the best :blush: Oh, and I am so sorry for misspelling your name- I triple checked this time :P

Schulmanator: Thanks! Always good to hear from a veteran like you :yes:

Evillions: Yipes! I was hoping you wouldn't notice :P Actually I did use your idea, but yours are much higher quality than mine :ohyes: I hope you don't mind. Thanks for the comment. :D

TekindusT: Thanks, I always hate those jaggy edges :whatevs:

Panthersimcity: Thanks a bunch for the nice comments. :D

k50: Oh, stop it. :blush: You're embarrassing me. :P Thanks so much for the support. :)

Mamaluigi945: Thanks- college is a pain but whatevs :P Thanks for the comment- I would definitely be honored if my style has been inspiration for you. :D

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I think that new site would be great for an airport! I can see the city spreading out to that coastal area too. I can't wait to see what you do with the airport!

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A new site would seem to be a better choice. I propose you make your runways run east to west (assuming your current runway runs south to north). Otherwise that Mountain would upset traffic. :golly:

-Now if you wish to expand your original airport, make that avenue into a tunnel-like in Charles de Gaulle Intl.

-If you want to run your new airport's runway north to south check out Princess Juliana Intl.

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Hm, a new airport would be great, but that far from the city? It seems like it is not the most convenient place for it. A responsible sultan would end his lavish spending on pet projects like the possibly pointless administrative sector and put money into an artificial island for a custom airport. Water on every side would not affect building height (if runways are parallel to the coast) and you could build it right near the development of the city with rail, highway, and/or subway access. However, given existing budget constraints the proposed site to the east must be the way to go.

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I'm with the others, building a brand new airport seems the sensible solution; besides, I've never been a fan of upgrading city-surrounded airports.

In this case, however, building an artificial island can be pointless, as you've got plenty of flatlands here, just claiming land to make room for runways would be enough. Hong Kong's Chep Lak Kok anyone?

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Its cool, after all, I did post a lotting tutorial on the Omnibus based on my slum kit. :P
I liked the idea of you TE your lots, it adds that special touch. :)

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In this case, however, building an artificial island can be pointless, as you've got plenty of flatlands here, just claiming land to make room for runways would be enough. Hong Kong's Chep Lak Kok anyone? [/quote]

YES PLEASE ! :golly:

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I love the style your city has, it certainly puts it on the globe! Also, may I just ask where you got the building on the forth picture, the octagonal one :)

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Wow that looks amazing Sky Guy! Unbelievably realistic! In regards to the airport, I think you should go with developing a new one southeast of the city as you mentioned. Then you can extend sprawling development eastward towards the airport, which would look great. Imagine that you're in a plane on final approach, flying low over traditional coastal fishing villages and swamplands.

Also, a side question, are you thinking of giving Kalu Sabah its own native language? I think that would be really cool, but ehh, I am one for languages... :P

Sky would you happen to remember where you found the mideast houses in this picture? Thank you!


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Amazing job, sorry college has got you occupied, trust me schools not easy for me either,
keep up the good work and I hope to see more from you

your pal,

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