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Another Southeast Asian CJ from Sky Guy

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Sky Guy

Goodbye Park Plaza Hotel

Here's another spontaneous update. Welcome back to Bandar Sabah, the capital city which never seems to stop growing.

Today we will take a closer look at one of the construction projects in the city. Welcome to the Holladay Park Plaza hotel. Once one of the most prestigious hotels in the city, boasting riverfront views and a high (for that time) panorama of the city, it now sits in disrepair. Completed in the early eighties, it was a landmark to construction on Borneo and set Bandar Sabah on the map for the first time as an optional vacation getaway.



There isn't much time for reminiscing here though. The new corporation promises a gleaming tower to help revitalize this side of the CBD



Success! With only a few people minority injured from the implosion, and with the rubble cleared up, construction can begin.


And just like that... Done!



Thanks for checking it out!8)

Sky Guy

Today we are taking a look at Bandar Sabah's old airport. A lot is going on as the city redevelops the old terminals runways, and tarmacs.


This mosaic shows a new road connecting the two major thoroughfares on either side of the river. You can see where a new bridge will go.

In addition, the old runway will also be redeveloped into a road.



Here a shot of redevelopment of the terminals and old parking area



And finally, here is a a shot of the completed Phase One. In place of the old terminals are a shopping mall, and a stadium, as well as offices and parking.

Traditional city development is also spreading in the available space.




Andresta: Thanks for the nice comment! :blush: I am glad you like it ;)

simnewbie: Thank you, I will be uploading them to the stex soon ;)

skyscraper241: Thanks, I hope you stick around :D

1000000000: Thanks, my friend 8)

Nhiro: Thank you!

escilnavia: Thanks! If I understand you, the houses you want will be uploaded to the STEX soon :D

AlexMGLG: Thanks for the comment and suggestion- I will take it into account ;)

Cr4344: Thanks- yeah me too. Unfortunately, I have to run my game on software, so the shadows look weird if turned on :whatevs:

dhani89: Thank you, it took me a long time to get here, and I am not even close to some of the talent around here. You'll get there eventually ;)

Evillions: Thanks, my friend. I am using a building that is somewhat similar, but there aren't really any buildings that look like that :P:whatevs:

Sky Guy

Georgetown Part II

Greetings on this lovely Trixie Season. Today we are taking a second look around Georgetown, and a peek at Bandar Sabah's downtown.

You will also have the chance to vote for a few buildings you would like to see built

Let's take a look: :D

The first mosaic is of one of the smaller islands just offshore from Georgetown. Most of the country's few rich live in the city, and this new development, partially complete, is going to be an exclusive neighborhood. Many homes have alread been built. You can also see another, smaller island awating development. There are many ideas for a luxery resort, but money is the main thing holding things back.

If you would like to see a specific building built on the round island, tell me, and I will take a look at it!




This next shot is again of the traditional downtown. you can see a few more buildings.

You can also see the development that was under construction in the last update is now complete. 8)




Finally, here is a shot of Downtown Bandar Sabah. There are many new buildings, including the new future headquarters of PetroKor.

Here is where you voice your opinion again. If you would like a specific building to be the headquarters, tell me, and I will consider it.



See you soon, and don't forget to tell me about buildings you want!


davemap: Thanks for your interest. The slums are part of this http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/16835-blam-fbp-shanties-pack-1-version-1/ I used the LE to put them on water lots ;)

k50dude: Thanks for posting, as always :D

Huston: Thanks a bunch for the nice comment :)

zahrul3: Yes, That is cool that your dad was there. I will for sure put farms and forests on the list. I have some ideas, but I just have to get the will power to buckle down and build them :P Thanks again.

Sky Guy

Georgetown Part I

Welcome back. Today we will be taking our first look into Georgetown.


As told in the previous update, the small city is an economic free zone allowing for much more development with fewer restrictions than the rest of the country.

Many corporations have set up home here due to the low taxes. Despite being occupied by Britain until the late 90's, there are only a few colonial buildings. Most of them have been destroyed due to the rapid development.


The first picture shows the majority of the seaport as well as a new development on the peninsula. The complex contains a hotel and shopping center.



The next shot of going the other direction. It shows many of the complexes that companies have set up for their headquarters.

Some of them include PetroKor, Sabah Banking, and more.



Our last shot is of the traditional downtown. You can see one of two old buildings, but much of this area is under re-development for new, sleek, high-rises.

You can also see that it has started to rain... again.




The next update, we will take a closer look at some of the construction projects.

Note: If any of you would like to take a closer look at anything in the pictures, let me know and I will also put that in the next update ;)



NMUSpidey: Thank you, I was just playing around, and got the round part- I quite like it too :D

skyscraper241: Thank you very much! I always like the differnt looks airports can have, but I hate building them- I don't know why I do so many :whatevs:

escilnavia: Thank you very much, my friend ;)

JGellock: Many thanks! :)

SimcityFuturist:Thanks for the comment :)

androidboi: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: Thanks, I am glad you lied it :D

10000000000: haha thanks, I am appreciative of the enthusiasm :P

Dubst3p: Thank a lot :)

Sky Guy

Arrival at Georgetown

Welcome back. today, we will take a trip to the North of the country. We are going to Kota Kabu- an offshore financial center.

The capital and largest city is Georgetown (named by the british). There is only one there small town on the island, which we will visit in later updates.


First, here is a map of the country showing the locations we have been to and some to come...







Here is a shot of the terminal and part of the city.






Evillions: Thanks, :golly: actually, I have gotten a lot of inspiration from him over the last while- he was very good at innovative looks for his CJ. Thanks for commenting. :D

Shingure: Thank you very much :thumb: - yes, most of that stuff has been lotted. :ninja:

TekindusT: Thanks a lot TT :ohyes:

1000000000: Thank you! And thanks for rating! :yes:

Towerdude: I LOVE that show! It is an honor to be compared to it :P And actually the roads are very dangerous. :ninja:

escilnavia: Thanks a lot, my friend. Congrats on you BTT rankings ;)

TurkishStyler: Thanks- yes, as Nathan said, I use the SAM ;)

Nathan_spcity: Thanks, I am using Heblem tropical terrain mod, and I can't remember the rock mod, but there are lots that look like it on the LEX ;)

cjwillis96: Thank you WILLis :P I am glad you liked it :D

simmytu: Thanks 8)

k50dude: Thanks a lot k50, I am glad for your support :)

grstudios: Thanks, I am using the RMIP for taxiways and runway. I use Ace's terminals. just search around and you will be sure to find lots of cool stuff ;)

elavary: Thank you! :D The houses should be found by searching "adobe" on the STEX. I custom lotted them. And the minaret was made by frogface in an unreleased pack.

Sky Guy

Kunak and Lahad Datu

Welcome to a special HUGE update number 12 to ring in the new year 2012 :party: (coincidence huh?) :P

Today we are taking a trip into the central mountains, into a province called Kunak. Enjoy:



Lahad Datu City







And now **drumroll** I leave you with the largest mosaic I have ever put together. The shot covers many of Lahad Datus surrounding communities and farms as it follows the river.









hahei: Thanks you very much! :D

Evillions: :P Thanks- I am glad to see someone drooling over it 8)

escilnavia: Thank you, my friend, I am glad I impressed you :D

k50dude: Thanks a lot. I hope to see more from you soon ;)

Towerdude: Thanks, it is always good to see an asian city building master compliment you :ohyes:

tankman999: Thanks for the comment ;)

tmorgan96: Thank you. The apartments are made by many other people- some of them I have relotted. Check out the thread "A guide to Japanese BAT hunting" it has lots of good stuff ;)

matheuspaulo: Thank you very much- I am glad you liked it :ohyes:

111222333444: Oh that? I just threw it together :P JK thanks for the nice comment.

Isrprules2: Thanks, I am glad you think so, I try to be as realistic as possible :D

kakado_to_save: well, thank you very much, but I must break it to you that it isn't real- it is just a game :P JK thanks again :D

More to come soon 8)

Sky Guy

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy this update as we take a look at some of the changes that have happened around the capital city.


Ok, lets start with the new port. Expansion is complete, and things are going smoothly. There is now oil and grain facilities, with plenty more room to expand.



Now lets look at how the city has spread. In this shot we see from the eastern mountains all the way to the river. The small building on the hill is an observatory, a new addition.



Here is a small picture of downtown. With the new airport open, height restrictions have been eliminated, and new buildings are already appearing.

PetroKor, the national oil company is considering building a tower sometime in the future as well.



Now for a picture of the Floating Village, mentioned in previous updates, as well as new development.





lobsterav: Thank you, I love airports too- they are a challengeto build though :whatevs:

JGellock: Thank you very mch=uh- I am glad you like it. :D

TekindusT: Thanks, yeah I noticed that right after I placed the planes, but was too lazy to fix it. I will rearrange some things when I expand it ;) Thanks for the help :ohyes:

mystic_destiny: Thank you for the nice compliment 8)

jakehh: Thanks, and I was considering doing something like that, but since it has affected the growth (height restriction) I think it is best to close it. ;)

dchotzen_hartzell 19: Thanks, I will think about it, but this is a fairly poor country. Thanks for the suggestion ;)

citiesxlfan42: Thanks, haha- I didn't even notice that- I just took the picture from online from flight simulator- so I guess the makers are confused :P

escilnavia: Thanks, mt friend- cant wait for more of your CJ :thumb:

cjwillis96: Thank you a lot!

Isrprules2: Thanks haha. :P Thank you- it means a lot hearing that from someone who is actually from the are :blush::D


Everyone have a great Christmas! :thumb:

Sky Guy

Sorry for the delay in updates- just got done taking my finals- surprisingly I did well :P


Anyway, I decided to give you a treat- the opening of the New Bandar Sabah Airport!


















Next update coming soon ;)



Evillions: No WAY- I love your work. :thumb: Thanks for the reply :ohyes:

mamaluigi945: Thanks, I am glad you liked :D

evanm1487: Thank you :)

kench: Thanks, it took me forever to get them looking decent :P

NMUSPidey: Thanks, spidey- yes the bridge will be a huge benefit to the area. :yes:

escilnavia: Thanks, haha it is sad when a college student can't even spell right :P I need to slow down :whatevs:

kakado_to_save: lol- thanks :D

111222333444: Thank you- yes, but it is photoshopped. ;)

panthersimcity4: Thanks a bunch! 8)

nihonkaranws: Thanks for the comment, yes it is ;)

k50dude: :blush: thanks a lot!

Andresta: Thanks you- I am glad you like it :ohyes:

klr650c: Thanks!

pielover94: Thank you very much!

Mikeaut1:Thanks for the nice comment!

anaratkovicSC4: Thanks, no, the bridges are photoshopped. ;)

Benedict: wow! thank you! :blush:

Sky Guy

Bayokan City



Welcome to Bayokan. This city, long located on the naturally protected harbor north of the capital is an important port for the delta area (WIP).

The city is one of the older cities in the coutry, but as long been a small quiet fishing village- ther is no important history here :P

















10000000000: Thanks- I am glad you liked it. I too would like to drive it :) And once again, congrats on finding that oddity. :P

escilnavia: Thanks, my friend. You are too nice :blush: Thanks again :D

MamaLuigi945: Thank you- I am glad you liked it, I hope the airport turns out good :lol:

111222333444: Thanks, the airport is on it's way (maybe complete in 1-2 updates) :thumb:

Evillions: Thank you, my friend. Grime is good :D (sorta :P)

k50dude: Thanks a bunch, I am glad you liked it 8)

nihonkaranws: Why thank you! lots of practice and inspiration from you :ohyes: Oh yeah, I did re-work the houses. If you ever need them, I could send them to you privately ;)

Panthersimcity4: Thanks, my friend. The airport is hard because I don't have a lot of experience showing the phases of construction, but I am glad you liked it :D

Fox: Thank you, I am glad I serve as inspiration :blush: If you need any help feel free to PM me ;)

kench: Thanks a lot. About the houses, they are a creation of mine. I might release them soon, or if you need them, I could maybe send them privately.

KHRYSTOF: Thank you for the nice comment! :D

shoko: Thanks!

kdog3055: Thank you!

Sky Guy

Welcome back!

Well, the new airport's construction has officially begun.

Here is a rough plan of what the layout will look like (things are liable to change)




With the new activity, city development has already started moving towards the construction site.

The airport will be the first on all of Borneo with two runways, allowing for it to become a major hub for the whole region.


Here are some shots of how progress is coming along:






In the meantime I thought we could take a road-trip to Bayokan, a city north of Bandar Sabah.

The two cities have been linked by a cracking, steep, and dangerous raod for many years.


Recently the trip has gotten a lot safer with the whole highway being re-done to four lanes.

The new highway is a smooth ride, and part of the road has now been put underground.

Work is still being done, but the drive is certainly worth the construction delays:
















EDIT: haha, I will give a +1 to whoever can find the oddity in one of my pictures that I forgot to take out... :P


Stay tuned for the full showcase of Bayokan, and more scenes from the airport.



Panthersimcity4: Thanks, and yep, the city is already moving along the coast. I will show it soon ;)

Schulmanator: Thanks, no worries with the money issue, the sultan has no problem spending, as long as it is for something he is interested in... :P

10000000000: Thanks, yeah, the runways will run east and west. Thanks for the tips :D

NMUSpidey: Thanks, yeah, I can see where you are coming from, but I don't want to be seen as too wealthy of a nation. Thanks again. :)

keder: Thanks, and with the city's growth rate, the distance won't be as far. ;)

TekindusT: Thanks, and Chep Lak is a large influence on this... thanks for the idea :D

Evillions: Thanks, yeah I always thought it looked more realistic to have the streets connected- I am glad you noticed :yes:

Towedude: Wish granted! :P

Smartybylaw: Thanks, as I said to Keder, the city is growing in that direction, so the distance won't be as long. :D

Hazy37: Thank you.

nihonkaranws: Wow! Good to hear from ya Nihon! Thanks, about the language, I don't know if I have enough time to come up with anything, but I will think about it, oh and the houses are part of the LBT house-pack: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=890

escilnavia: Thank, yeah college is time consuming, but so far its been fun. :D

peep12: Thanks, actually everything that I used to build the airport is already on STEX (it is all modular) ;)

Sky Guy

New Airport Proposal

Welcome back! In this update we will look at Bandar Sabah's overcrowded airport and some solutions to solve it. We will also see what the "mystery construction" was, and maybe why people are a little upset. In this update, feel free to suggest some ideas, or designs for the airport problem. Enjoy!














Don't forget to tell me anything you might like to see in the new airport, or RL airports you might want me to look at: you are the architects mentioned before :P



111222333444: Thanks, I am glad I could make you feel good :blush:

escilnavia: Thanks you- wow! I don't know about being one of the best :blush: Oh, and I am so sorry for misspelling your name- I triple checked this time :P

Schulmanator: Thanks! Always good to hear from a veteran like you :yes:

Evillions: Yipes! I was hoping you wouldn't notice :P Actually I did use your idea, but yours are much higher quality than mine :ohyes: I hope you don't mind. Thanks for the comment. :D

TekindusT: Thanks, I always hate those jaggy edges :whatevs:

Panthersimcity: Thanks a bunch for the nice comments. :D

k50: Oh, stop it. :blush: You're embarrassing me. :P Thanks so much for the support. :)

Mamaluigi945: Thanks- college is a pain but whatevs :P Thanks for the comment- I would definitely be honored if my style has been inspiration for you. :D

Sky Guy

Trip to Yabar

Sorry for the delay in an update- I started college, so I am pretty slammed :dead:


non-the-less, here is a small teaser like update of a small town south of Bandar Sabah. It is pretty popular with tourists, and is linked by a small two way raod to the capital. It also has a small airport averaging a few flights a day.






Here is the small airport



A parting shot of one of the beaches



I can't be 100% sure when the next update will be, but I will try and get as much work as Ic an done :D



111222333444: Thanks a bunch!

Mamaluigi945: Thanks for the nice reply. :D

Schulmanator: Thanks, yeah I recently figured out how to make a GIF, and so I have been addicted to it ever since :P

Adrianor: Thanks, that may be because I am such a reckless builder lol :P

Whysomadyo: haha sorry about that. This CJ is not held reliable for any health problems, or odd behaviors that may occur while viewing. :P

simbourgeois: Thanks, ya I am still not sure what it is actually going to be haha. :whatevs:

ascilnavia: Thank you very much!

Panthersimcity4: Thanks, my friend. :D

halenbyname: Thanks, I have thought about it, but I want it to be a relatively underdeveloped nation, where many roads are not widened yet. ;)

Evillions: Thanks, actually the grass is supposed to be dirt, but I have some sort of modd that changes it :P Oh well it worked out ok. :)

IL: Thanks, don't get your hopes up though- I haven't had a lot of time recently. I will try though ;)

AC76: Thanks a lot!

kody_bandmaster: What construction lot? PM me if you need help.

zapata92: Thank you. just do a search for construction the STEX and you will find a bunch. Also if you go to Kurier SImcity website, there is a large pack there that I use.

k50dude: Thanks, my friend- I am glad you liked it. :)

burnzie_16: Thanks a bunch. haha yeah it can be a pain- scrolling through endless menus, and then forgetting what you were even looking for :whatevs::P

Sky Guy

A Growing Capital

Welcome back. In this update we will be taking a closer look at how Bandar Sabah is growing, and what you can expect to see built in the next little while.


Also, I have re-done the history on the first page take a look HERE


Bandar Sabah has experienced rapid growth in the last few years. With new government policies bringing in money and jobs, that growth is only expected to increase. You saw a few of the projects currently in the works in the last update, but we will look at a few more today. Here is a GIF to demonstrate the growth the capital has had.













I am not really sure where we will go in the next update. Maybe a new city? IDK- we shall see :P





111222333444: Thanks, I wish I could go top the Philippines :ohyes:

escilnavia: Thank you, yes it is custom there is a tutorial here on how to do it. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2443.0 ;)

Evillions: Thanks very much, my friend :D

panthersimcity4: Thanks a bunch panther. 8)

IL: Thank you for the nice comment. If you mean the house sets, I made those, but a release could happens soon. :ninja:

FaisalZulkarnaen: wow, thanks, I have taken inspiration from malaysia- good to know it's paying off :ohyes:

spursrule14: Whoot! THanks for that, and thanks to those who supported me :blush:

Sky Guy

Bandar Sabah Part II

Welcome to part 2 of our tour of the capital. This is the final update showcasing it, but there will be many more on it's growth and other things in the future. Enjoy ;)


Bandar Sabah Part II


This update will be on areas I didn't show in the last one, so they might be a bit spread out...







And a little teaser of another area...



And yes, I know this update isn't quite as good as the last one, its more of a "here's some stuff I didn't show, so let me slap it in you face :P



1000000000: Thank you very much! I am glad you liked it :D

TowerDude: LOL wow, thanks a bunch! Maybe I could consider selling these.. :uhm::P

Escilnavia: Thank you, the construction site is part of this pack: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/14359-sfbt-highway-bridge-construction-set-by-spocky/ ;)

Evillions: Thanks, I am glad to hear that. And I look up to you likewise :yes:

Panthersimcity4: Thanks my friend, that picture was just a moment of inspiration :blush:

TekindusT: Thanks, it was no means of mine that it doesn't look cluttery, just pure dumb luck I guess :P

k50Dude: Thank you very much :)

111222333444: Thank you, yeah I love the design of the station, and I finally have been able to use it. :yes:

NMUSpidey: haha Thanks, and yes it has been a good week for 'em :ohyes:

Hadudi: Thanks :D

Blakeway: Thanks a lot. :) lol, yeah, what can I say, I am not very good with new ideas :whatevs:

Sky Guy

Bandar Sabah Part I

Today, I will be showing a large part of the capital, Bandar Sabah. It is the largest city in the country, and is the center for economic growth. I will show how quickly it is growing in a later update. Enjoy:


Bandar Sabah Part I












And now for two little treats...

An overview going from the Pantai Opera House through the city center



And a night shot stretching from the Bandar Sabah Marketplace to the Sultan Khobel Miri Mosque





Replies Before this: see previous page

111222333444: Thank you very much. :)

K50Dude: Wow thanks! Yeah I do a good job of slinking in unnoticed :P Thanks again.

PantherSimcity4: Thanks, haha yeah some flights can get a bit hairy. :P

Sky Guy

Welcome back. Thanks for the comments. Today we look at the Capital, Bandar Sabah's, airport. Enjoy:








A Diagram giving some information about the Terminal and Surrounding Area





A small Mosiac of the airport during a light drizzle.



And finally an overview





10000000000000: Thank you, hope you like it.

Fox: Thanks for the nice comment. :)

Towedude: Thanks, It was my first try at a rainy photo, and Im glad you liked it. 8)

Escilnavia: Thank you, ya I have seen your's around, but I will have to take a closer look now that I have more time. ;)

Adrianor: Thanks, haha yeah I was surprised I won even one round lol :lol:

Evillians: Thank you for the warm welcome, I am glad to back (at least for a while) :yes:

111222333444: Oh you guys didn't need to throw a party for little ole me! :blush: haha thanks

Tankmank: Thanks, I hope it turns out good, I want it to be a little different, but similar enough that I know what I'm doing haha :P

Sky Guy

History and Preview

Welcome friends! Yes this is once again, another Southeast Asian CJ by Sky Guy (I am only good at one thing :P)

Anyway, I have been and will be very busy, but I wanted to have one last CJ fling. I'm not sure how long this CJ will last, but I will try to give somewhat regular feedings to your eyes.

My new country is called Kalu Sabah, and I want to show more of how the country develops rather that just showcase it. I hope to be able to think of some sort of story line too. Anyway enjoy, and feel free to give criticism or any other thoughts. More will come soon. :)

Brief Information



Most of this History is based on actual events in real life Sabah and surrounding areas. I have tweaked some of it to match with the simcity version ;)







We will be spending a lot of time on the capital, Bandar Sabah


Edit- just realized I wrote northwest, I meant northeast (yes I know my directions :P)




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