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Minor leagues, big leagues

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Exla357: Thank you for your comment! I wouldn't want to live there either...

ggamus: Thank you for your comment!

TowerDudex2: Thanks for commenting!

heitomatx2: Thank you for your comment! The RL pics in between SC4 pics is a feature I introduced in a single update in my now cancelled Taxi Driver CJ (it's quite embarassing for me seeing these pics now) and it worked well, so I thought it would be cool to use it regularly now in T&R.

Skymine: Thank you for your comment! The price: very cheap.

111222333444x2: Thanks for commenting, glad you recieved this sensation, this means I'm doing OK!

Alejandro24: Gracias por comentar! Ya habrás notado que me gusta mucho jugar con estos gigantescos edificios de apartamentos y, siguiendo ejemplos cercanos a mi zona, justo al lado de una autopista es donde "lucen" mejor. You may have noticed that I like a lot playing with these gigantic apartment buildings, and following the examples I can see near where I live, they "look better" when placed besides a highway.

k50dudex2: Thank you for your comment! Recreations take always a massive amount of time and knowledge to be well done, but I can give it a try... As for your second comment, as I said in the update, it was just a quick and fast development, if I try building an emirate city I'll go with more variety, and the LBT slums packs will be in the list. But this one has to be a long-term project, though...

10000000000000: Thanks for your comment!

Mithrik: Gracias por tu comentario! Pics come from different sites, I just googled the things I was looking for and went through several pages until finding them...

Andrey km: Thank you for commenting!

Schulmanator: Thanks for your comment! Oh, and keep with your jokes and puns on the status updates, they may be very repeated in English, but as I'm not a native speaker, they're always look like brand new for me!

DCMetro34: Thanks for your comment! Well, as I can't get the automata to show, I think I have to add an "extra"...

Adrianor: Gracias por comentar! En mi ciudad hasta hace poco tiempo se podían ver algunas manzanas ocupadas por fábricas enormes, que fueron rodeadas por los trabajadores que construyeron alrededor; me he inspirado en ese hecho. In my hometown, several blocks occupied by huge factories could be seen until the early 2000s, which were surrounded by the homes their workers built around them; I was inspired by this fact. As for Al Qurayyah's highway, my car automata generators don't work nicely with RHW (pathing issues and stuff) and this is why my only option was showing it without automata.

Evillions: Thank you for your comment! I've had to look up in Wikipedia about Compton because the only thing I knew about it was because of its appereance in a custom Railroad Tycoon II map I downloaded a long ago; but the quote "using data from the FBI's annual report of crime statistics "Crime in the United States 2010," ranked Compton as the 8th most dangerous city in the country" makes it a very tasty place to recreate or to be inspired by...

ROFLyoshi: Thanks for commenting! Well, NYC's subway history is very complex (with all the IRT, IND and BMT stuff) and I couldn't determine which city "copied" the idea of using elevated rails as a measure for public transport, but I guess it looks a bit like Chicago too...

Roberto Robatox2: Gracias por comentar! It's difficult to grow this specific set, so I always plop it when I need to show it... Y por lo de Messi, recuerda que no juega solo, en el Barça está rodeado de jugadores geniales; si la selección argentina logra tener jugadores a mejor nivel, no me cabe duda que Messi podrá triunfar en la selección.

NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment! Some time ago, this CJ was "sponsored" by Ammu-Nation, you know why now!

jj88x2: Thanks for commenting! Making this place (Rankine's first pic) was more difficult than it seems, because one of the factories has transit-enabled tiles that made me CTD twice while I was building the EL-rail and stuff around it...

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for your comment! Lurking is OK, commenting is great!

spursrule14: Thanks for choosing this CJ; very much appreciated!

OrdinarySim: Gracias por tu comentario! So many things to do these days, huh?

Sky Guy: Thank you for your comment! I had been looking to Evillions', suplado!'s, TowerDude's and _marsh_'s CJs lately and I thought: "Why not?" Here's the result.

Skimbo: Thanks for commenting!

MamaLuigi495: Thanks for your comment!

Benedict: Thank you for commenting, answered your question in the comments section.

Jamesrules90: Thank you for your comment!


Whoa, so many comments! It is taking more time to answer them than to prepare the actual update; but this is the most enjoyable time...


Baseball is a popular sport in the NYC area, and Rankine isn't an exception to it. One of the only things this city can be proud is of having two stadiums and minor baseball facilities built within its limits. Let's take a look to them.

EDIT: Sorry in advance for any baseball-related imprecisions or wrong statements I may make from now on. I'm into American football, but I've always found baseball a very boring game and never followed it...


All kids aspriring to be in the big leagues begin in baseball diamonds like this one, bringing their own balls, bats and suffering the neighbours' rage when they break window. In this case, the diamond is surrounded by Rankine's municipal prison, South Rankine Elementary school (with its teachers on strike as you can see) and one of Rankine Estates buildings. A great and brief depiction of what is expecting these kids. School, prison, and/or living in tenements. No baseball.


If these kids are good enough, reaching the AA League Rankine Sounds would be a very good option. They've been the historic team of this city and almost everybody here roots for the Sounds; even though they've never won a single championship. Just for the record, none of Rankine Sounds roster members lives within the limits of the city of Rankine.



And if these kids are good and lucky enough, maybe they could be playing here, the Bank of America Park, home to New York Americans of the American League. A powerful, successful and famous baseball team; which logos are worn by hip-hop followers throughout the world, has its home in North Rankine next to the city limit, where the world goes sane again. Most of baseball goers are from outside Rankine and they prefer taking the public transport instead of taking their cars. The reasons are obvious, this is Rankine.


The few Rankiners who can afford a seat in this stadium leave their worryings and problems behind for nine innings and enjoy. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal, a couple of stores will be robbed, illegal drugs will be sold on every corner and a dozen cars will be missing. Once again.

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A very nice touch to see the 'Rankine Field' sign on the entrance to the baseball stadium. (Thanks for answering my question so quickly last time).

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Nice update, and don't worry, I also find baseball somewhat boring, especially when it comes to watch the game.

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[i]Jajaja, me imagino que ya sabes lo que voy a decir...A mi el baseball tambien me parece aburrido, prefiero el futbol (no el americano). Excelente trabajo![/i]

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@[b]Zulu2065[/b]: Well, you asked for it the first time I show the stadium in this CJ, I guess you may have missed it. You can download the Minute Maid Park here [url="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IPO1X7MB"][link][/url]. It is a direct download link as this file was too large for the STEX when it was created and [b]teemu_om[/b] had to host it off-STEX.

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Great work! Love everything about this CJ! I agree with you, I am more of a fan of football not baseball. What's your favorite team? Congrads on surpassing 100000 views! I hope to get to that mark one day

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Great stuff! I should start adding some sport fields in my CJs soon.

And thanks for my taking my suggestion into consideration and for being inspired from my CJ! ;) :P

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Woo hoo Europeans liking American Football :D Good work, hopefully you don't follow NFL as much as you do college (like me :P). But if you do, at least you are still following a good sport.

Regarding your update, you made Maxis content look fitting, nice work. And of course you're quotes are great :P

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