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Update 4- West Auburn




Toady we will be looking at the Western part of Auburb. This part of the city includes the neighborhoods of the University District, Hilcrest, Mission Hills, Ocean Beach and Auburn Point. The University of Auburn is located about 10 minutes from downtown where as Auburn Point is about 20 minutes from the center of Auburn.

Just an overview of this part of the city:


Lets take a look at the University of Auburn which is home to 25,000 Students!


The Fine Arts building is one the bottom of the picture with the little pond. The Architecture and Urban Planning Department is located above the Fine Arts building.


The college library is the building with the circular glass facade which had around 1.2 million books!


The Science Building with the university's baseball stadium:


The football stadium which is home to the University of Auburn Lions!


Some of the never ending sprawl.....(Please don't bash my grid system! I will always use grid. You can ask me why if you want to)


Hillcrest is home to the gay and lesbian community of Auburn. Even straight couples make Hillcrest their home due to the excellent nightlife in town! Hillcrest will be a major target for revitialization when the time comes. (We are a few updates from this)


Mission Hills is considered one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city. Homes from decades long ago border the tree lined streets.


As stated before in one of the previous updates, Jim Gordon is Auburn's 45th mayor. the mayor is liked by most of the citizens and neighbors often bid the mayor a 'Hello' if he is outside. He lives in this mansion( which has housed all 44 of the previous mayors) with his wife and their four kids. He can often be seen working in the garden, playing with his kids on the lawn, or washing his 5-Series BMW on the weekends. The Mayor's Mansion is a quite and calm suburban home.


Some of the million dollar homes that line the peaceful streets of Mission Hills.



No one really knows why the city built this observation building 167 years ago. It is still a mystery to the residents of Mission Hills. Nevertheless, thousands of visitors visit the Mission hills Observatory Building every year which provides great views of the city!


Summer time is here time so pack your towels and lets head to the beach! Ocean Beach is the only city beach in Auburn which makes OB a crazy place in the summer. Residents and tourists take the beach every day in the summer.


As you can see traffic into and out of OB is a nightmare! Residents often complain of the traffic noise and want the city to put up a sound barrier.


The 'downtown' district for Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach Boulevard is often congested as it meets up with Ocean Street. Lots of bars, cafes, surf stores line the street.


Ocean Street is home to some prime real estate. Ocean Street is famous for multi-million dollar penthouses and $5,000 per square foot apartments thus making it prime real estate! That's what you get for some prime beachfront property!





Finally, we arrive in Auburn Point:


These homes can range from $350,000 to $600,000:


Some of the homes that line the beautifull cliffs along the Auburn shoreline. These are million dollar homes which overlook the Atlantic Ocean:



EDIT: I want to thank everyone who has made this City Journal very popular over the past month! Over 15,000 views and over 100 comments! I am very touched by all this and I really want to thank everyone for their views and kinds words of support. Each comment does wonders for me! Keep up the good work, as will I!


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This city looks really unique. I really like how Ocean Beach looks sort of like the nice part of Long Beach. Every single district in your city seems to look unique in its own way and different from each other. I really like the layout of that last neighborhood, too. Keep up the good work. It's only been a month and you have almost 18,000 views too. :thumb:

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You're on a roll... Auburn is number one again on Ben's Top Ten.

Edit: 6/24 - Auburn number one for a 4th week! Good stuff.

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I've got a question. Is the average family income of this city abnormally high or are there grittier parts of the city that we have yet to see? I think the cheapest houses you have featured were like 350,000 dollars. Otherwise a fantastic CJ.

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Or is the price of living just very high? I know that my hometown and where i am now, DC, have similar ways of living but houses in DC are 5x what they are in Huntsville, Al and Gas is much higher too. They have similar populations too, like demographics and social classes.

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Awesome Mayor Diary! :thumb: And since you pointed it out, why [i]do[/i] you use the grid sysem? :???: I use it too, but I tend to find it boring. I'd like to hear/read your opinion on the subject, since it was brought it up.

Can't wait for your next update! :D

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[quote name='Zulu2065' timestamp='1308323772']
This city looks really unique. I really like how Ocean Beach looks sort of like the nice part of Long Beach. Every single district in your city seems to look unique in its own way and different from each other. I really like the layout of that last neighborhood, too. Keep up the good work. :thumb:

I agree, it really does remind me of the Belmont shore area! Fantastic CJ though, keep it up. My only critique is that you could use some more custom content with the low density commercial/residential areas; although that is personal preference really. Nothing wrong with your grid system though, I mean you are making an American city here afterall.

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Very nice update! I agree with gogosago. I love it without custom content, but more low density cc would just take it to the top! Can i suggest Mattb325 over at sc4devotion? He has some excellent residential lots and a lot of them too! good work! Keep it up! :thumb:

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omg dude this is like 100x better than anything i have anything created, this is absoolutly amazing, i dont think i have seen anything quite like this, but if u can give me a link, where do u get those trees that border the streets, in other words this CJ is godlike

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I was wondering where you found the two buildings to the right on the sixth-to-last photo. Did you BAT them? Or did you get them from here? I'd like to use those buildings in some of my cities. I've been looking at your journal for a while, and I love how colorful it is, as well as the trees and greenery around it. Nice job!

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I just gotta say you're definately my all-time favourite city builder. This is some pretty awesome $%&^! ;)

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@ ESTERNOCLEIDOMASTOIDEO- Thanks! I try to show beautiful suburban homes!

@ skyscraper241- Thanks and agreed!

@ Zulu2065- Thanks! I know almost 20,000 now! Crazy! It helps that I put pics of Auburn on the main page which sends tons of people here.

@ dabadon5- Meh around $23,000 for the university tuition

@ Benedict- Thanks a lot Ben!

@ turdferguson1- It is around $91,000 for this area. It is about $68,000 for Downtown Auburn. There really is no gritty part of the city but I can make some! Thanks!

@ Simsamerica- Maybe....I will just have to move here and find out! Thanks!

@ Nego16- Why grid??? Because it is so easy and I always get abandonment problems when I make twisty suburbs. Grid is fast and easy, thats why I like it! Thanks for the comment!

@ gogosago- Thank you!

@ joinapple- Thanks!

@ PontiacFiero84 Guess that means Im doing a good job! Thanks!

@ Stavis- That's fine, I will look at it. thanks!

@ mongsi- Thanks!

@ evanm1487- Thanks you!

@ NYCisBig- Thant can be found over at SC4D and i think its by andreasroth. If you can't find it, PM me.

@ 111222333444- Thanks boss!

@ Tosh.oh- Thank you!

@ mimolay- The one to the right that takes up the whole picture on the right side is the Marina residence which can be found at SC4D I think. If you can''t find it PM me. The other buildings are maxis condos. Thanks!

@ LemonLime- Thanks a lot!

@ Ihaveaneedforspeed- Thanks for the comment! I am not a BMW owner so I don't know if this combo would work out. A BMW 535i with xdrive

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