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  1. Hi Nego16.  Been nearly 5 years since you made some highway markers for me.  Was wondering if by some chance, if RL allows time for, is there a chance you could make a series of Interstate highway signs, the main 1-2 digit numbers (0-99) and their 3 digit spur/loop numbers (100-999)?  Oh man would I greatly appreciate that.  I like playing big maps with enough room for intricate freeway systems, like 10x10 large tiles or bigger.  Let me know if you could, or perhaps refer me to someone who can.


    Thanks for your time,


  2. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Wonderful! Thank you! Here in New Jersey, as was previously stated, a bill to legalize gay marriage was in the process of becoming law. On Thursday, though, it was vetoed by the governor, Chris Christie. Currently, civil unions are legal, though I was hoping for more.
  3. What's the best parallel to use?

    Hello, jwsteele! You have a few options for running the PC version of SinCity 4 on your Mac: • You could choose to use Bootcamp and create a partition on your Mac, that runs Windows, to play SimCity. Although this will allow you to use 100% of your Mac's speed and memory, you will have to restart your computer every time you want to play SimCity. • Another option is to use a parallels program like Parallels Desktop 7 or VMware Fusion 4. These programs don't require you to restart your Mac every time you'd like to run Windows, but unlike Bootcamp, they cost money ($79.99 for Parallels Desktop and $49.99 for VMware). Not having used either of these programs, I am not sure how well SimCity runs on either of them. My guess is not that bad, but don't take my word for it. • Your final option is to use a program called VirtualBox. It's free and allows you to run Windows on your Mac without having to restart. The only draw back is that although speed isn't noticeably (if at all) compromised when playing the game, graphics are slightly degraded (though not to where it's super noticeable). Note: With any and all options, you will need a separate Windows install CD that you must purchase separately. I personally do have a Mac and run SimCity using Windows XP on VirtualBox and everything runs perfectly fine without any problems. I am able to use custom content without any issues, as you should be able to with all three options (the first and the last definitely, but you'd need to find someone else to confirm with the second option).
  4. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Hello! I was poking around in the threads today and noticed this one, so I decided to drop in and see what was up. Sorry I kind of interrupted your conversation about marriage.
  5. I'm not dead (yet... =P)

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      @Ganaram: Same goes for me towards you. And thank you for the points BTWs. That was extremely kind of you. <=)

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      Oh, he's not dead. Not yet. -Obi-Wan Kenobi, speaking of himself

  6. TuLEP Texture Mod

    [quote name='willsim' timestamp='1313785720'] I tried this and it didn't work for me I also have the TuLEP only mod (non dashed version)please help I love the dashed lines. ps I installed it in Plugins/network addon mod/ZZZZZZZZZTuLEP texture mod [/quote] You have to install it [u]outside[/u] of the [i]Network Addon Mod[/i] folder. Try placing it into [i]Plugins/zzz_TuLEP Texture Mod[/i]. [sub]P.S. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not really active in the SimCity 4 community anymore. [/sub]
  7. Blade2k5's Sign Request Pack

    [quote name='SimGuy23' timestamp='1310172833'] I'm guessing this is Mac only?? Mine do not show up on a PC. [/quote] Actually, it's 100% cross-platform compatible, so it should work on both Macs and PCs (and has been tested on both). Make sure that you are [u][i]extracting[/i][/u] ALL of the necessary files into your plugins folder. [sub]P.S. Sorry for the [u][i]extremely late[/u][/i] reply. I haven't been very active in the SimCity 4 Community lately.[/sub]
  8. Word Association Game v3.0

  9. Word Association Game v3.0

    Apple Inc. 
  10. Word Association Game v3.0