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What do the stars under our usernames mean?

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I was just taking a look to the Milestone thread and realized I have no idea what those stars under our usernames and ranks in the forums mean. Sure they have a logic behind but it's a bit difficult to see for me, except that the users with most posts have their first star inside a shield or inside a banner...? But why some users with less posts have 5 stars and others have only 1 but the first one is shielded... ? Are they tied to our post count? You get it. Any Simtropolite ready to shed some light on this matter for me?

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I'm not sure about it, but I believe it's related only with the number of posts and the different shields are like levels. For example, until a certain number of posts there are no shields, only stars. When the user surpasses the posts limit number for 5 stars the first shield is added with only 1 star. The same thing will happen until the user reaches the next limit for that shield. So when the member has only 1 star, but has more posts than a 5 star member, he/she probably has a higher shield level.

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  • @JP Schriefer Yeah, more or less that I could deduct after writing my post (when I really started thinking hard about it and looking at people's stars), but for example... it looks like at some point the stars which are "blank" inside, like yours, become at some point "full" like mine...*:???:.

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    I can confirm @JP Schriefer's observation is spot on. *:yes:

    They're ranks tied to your content count (posts + other site items). As this increases, you'll reach levels which provides:

    1. A new custom user title (e.g. "Resident" to "Foot Soldier").
    2. At certain levels, a new accompanying rank image.

    Reputation is not a factor here, as that uses a separate rank system.

    These images essentially contain a maximum of 5 slots featuring stars or shields. Each subsequent rank will add a new star, until you receive the 'upgraded' style. In theory, they are supposed to increase in grandeur the higher you reach.

    The rank earned by @A Nonny Moose is the highest active, and was specially made gold in tribute:  pip_a_31_5222a.png.45aa0f4605099d8a69459

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