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Mysterious and buggy lake appearance in high-wealth residential zone

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So I just started building in my second map, being this Trinity point, and it happened that  when I zoned for residential in the boundaries of a high-wealth zone effect(provided by the aquarium plaza on the left) some kind of lake originated instead of a building. At first I thought.. Ok..maybe it is some kind of high-wealth pool.But honestly I think it must be a bug. I can't bulldoze it and can't query on it. It's indeed a lake and not a visual glitch because If I try to build a road on it a pop-up message notifies me of wrong bridge placement.

I am not using any mod, just the vanilla simcity with the official DLCS.

So, has it happened to you before?




EDIT: Oh wait after inspecting the lake I found the building using my x-ray vision(Happiness MAP). It is in the bottom of the lake.. COOL
PD2: Lakebug2 is a gif(so the low quality)

EDIT 2: Bulldozing the now clickable mansion beneath levels back again the terrain




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    • By Wiimeiser
      It's common knowledge that only one controller file can exist at a time, and only one will ever be loaded, but does anything else exhibit this behavior? From my experiments, this happens with anything that modifies zones as well, ReZone Plus is incompatible with the NAM, for starters...
    • By cantremember
      Hi there.
      I suppose I will post a screenshot if people are curious or my explanation isn't clear enough, but in my city there is a small section (maybe 4x10) of zoneable squares that appeared in the middle of nowhere.
      There's no roads there, but I painted the squares yellow and buildings appeared. Soon they go abandoned due to garbage/crime because services can't get there and they have no road. Now though I can't even de-zone or rezone it, hovering the zoning tool over those squares doesn't "highlight" them. Destroying all roads in the area, messing up the terrain with mountains or boulders also doesn't make these zone-able squares go away, they seem to come back as soon as the land they were on becomes suitable again.
      It's a very small zone but it's driving me insane.
      Any ideas ?
    • By denzo
      could mods causing "anomaly" like too much same buildings built in a zone? I have just started to mod my game (NAM, and just a few other ones like BSC MegaProp, Install_BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02, Install Ghetto Pack Vol1-2) and it seems, I did not experience (I do not remember) this behaviour earlier in my other cities, when those mods were not installed, that lots of the same buildings built in a block.
      See pic.


    • By denzo
      I am just discovering NAM's powerful features, and in the phase of learning to use these amazing expansions.
      What about those tiles, where a Curve road has been placed; is it possible to "connect" it to the other elements? I mean cosmetically.
      See the picture.
      At sign 1, there are no bench between the road and the houses. (At here, two 90 curve connected to each other)
      At sign 2, almost similar. 
      Is there any trick to make these tiles more "elegant", or just try to avoid to create this kind of parts?

    • By AmiPolizeiFunk
      I run the Asset Editor in -noWorkshop mode. I've copied the NexT 2 folder (812125426) into my local mods directory and enabled it ingame, yet I still don't see any of the roads. Is there a trick that I'm missing?
      Another question: I'm unable to move pink pedestrian paths when I'm in offline mode, even though move-it works for everything else (move-it is installed locally). Somehow I can move them when I'm using steam. Any idea why this would be the case? I want to be able to move them in -noWorkshop mode.
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