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Mass Effect: Beyond | Episode #75

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Presenting Mass Effect: Beyond in 2015 (formerly Mass Effect: The Milky Way [2013-15] and The Milky Way [2013])


Most recent Mass Effect: Beyond Episode:



Most recent Mass Effect: Beyond Teaser Entry

Updated 11/05/2015


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  • _____________________________________________________


    Note: Lol, so I decided to post my City Journal here now as well, since I doubt that my CJ gets as much coverage as if I posted on the CJ section alone.

    So I said "why not" and now I'm going to post all my updates here as well. To begin, I'll post all the udpates I've already made each day in order to catch up to my original CJ in the CJ section. Increased exposure here to a wider crowd that don't visit the CJ section often and I"m hoping some other people who may have not seen my CJ might find it interesting :)


    Thanks. Made specially for the game Mass Effect.





    In the North of one of Ferust's major cities, Hanvhar, lies Solidarity station. The privatized research platform has three known designations; the Hanvhar Plateau Station (HPS), Hanvhar North Station (HNS) or Solidarity Station. The station is also located north of the Hanvhar city area and south-west of the capital, Horizon or New Horizon in full form.


    This particular station operates outside of the radar of Hanvhar and Horizon government authorities. Laws set for these colonies do not apply in the Plateau region where land has been restricted to access by Station employees, officials and associates. Despite it's name, the Hanvhar colonial government have no interactions with the station with the exception of maintained communication (base communication does not release any information on its actvities) which is essential for all colonies and bases on Ferust. But of course, many rogue settlements still sit isolated from this chain of communication and remain totally invisible to higher authorities.


    The only information colonial governments have obtained about Solidarity is that the station employs biological research which is used by an unknown source company which funds the research and testing that is performed in Solidarity Station. There are other facilities surrounding Solidarity, and the proximities of these platforms suggest they're interconneceted by subterranean tunnel systems. One facility outside of Solidarity, which is located south from the base and across a river is particularly referred to as


    Mast-One, a name obtained from past communication interception.


    Accessing the remote and isolated Solidarity Station can only be done by flying to the station as there are no known access routes by ground transport. This explains the reason for each main facility to have a hangar area to access the station.


    approx. 1024 x 8600 px. each


    During the evening, the stations seem fairly quiet with no odd occurances. The most significant phenomenon sighted in this area was an increasingly bright blue light eminating from Mast-One. Other reports from wandering intruders originating from Horizon, Hanvhar, Endeavor and Parthense have not been proven to be true and stealth surveillance over the area give colony government's and other planetary system government's; particularly Earth, insight on the activities of Solidarity. Discounting the previous statements, Solidarity poses some interest to governments but is essentially no different to other research platforms.


    By morning, the situation on Solidarity barely changes. Activity outside is low, nothing more than passing transport vehicles and employed scientists walking from facility to facility. Unfortunately, it's quiet status though is becoming a growing concern for the colony

    governments of the neighboring Hanvhar and Horizon.





    Thanks for viewing TMW.

    Look out for the next update tomorrow (lol it almost doesn't make sense).





    For anyone who's visited, Here's a sneak peek on something I'm working on (Episode 34).

    Exclusively posted here.



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  • masseffecttmwseriesbannerreplies.jpg



    Thanks a lot Dan :)



    Thanks! :)



    Note: Just another one of my earlier updates. I think I might update it in a chunk so I can sort out the archives linking for this CJ thread :)






    And we're back in the midst of the future Milky Way.

    But this time, we're out on Ferust's hapless moon. Elmere. Airless, dead, but far from lifeless. The moon Elmere is home to a few stellar colonies. Though most of the establishments here are majorly military based and are a part of the Ferusian Defense network that operates to insure the planet's safety for it's 2.9 million human inhabitants. The moon's mix of communication hubs and military outposts scan the perimeters of Ferusian space, to insure that threats, violations such as smuggling and criminals are detected and kept off from reaching the surface of Ferust. It's almost like border patrol, but far more extreme. It's also a training ground for military units as well as harboring various docking stations for the Aerene System's industrial transport network.

    Here, we are visiting one of Elmere's most vital Alliance communication hubs and military outpost. Being one of Elmere's main stations, it works to manage and maintain the moon's busy communications network as every station works to update their status, to highten and insure the awarness of all bases on Elmere. The station is known primarily as the Tharastis Comm Station. It's located at a reasonably large valley called the Uzbek Sea (named so having a shape that closely resembles the shape of Uzbekistan), an area that's been pummeled by rock and debris, forming nearby craters, some which have long existed before discovery. As night falls, lasting over 33 Earth days, the extreme temperatures and total darkness experienced on Elmere often means that activity outside the station is kept to a bare minimum.


    The intensity of darkness on Elmere allows for zero-visibility outside unless you have a reasonably bright torch or a pressurized vehicle equipped with various fog-lights. A night on Elmere would be one of the blackest of nights you would ever experience. Besides that, all you would be able to see visible from the outside is the illuminated station and the stars in the clear night sky. It'd be another 33 days 'til the light of Aerene and it's reflective parent planet, Ferust shines in the airless sky.


    As you can see, outside of the Tharastis Comm Station is nothing more than rocks. Activity on the outside is at a low, whilst inside Tharastis, are dozens, even hundreds of people operating systems and living their lives in the station equipped with whatever anyone would want and need; be that recreation & leisure, good food, a gym and crew quaters etc.




    Thanks for viewing TMW.






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  • ruinsofselutzstagnummosaictitle.jpg


    Welcome back to the Milky Way, in a time ahead of our time...

    We've now left the Aerene star system and headed for the a not so distant star system called Nesu'luun.

    In this solar system, a marginally habitable planet is situated 0.89 Astronomical Units from the star Nesu'luun. It's a world choked in Carbon Dioxide, and flooded with polluted and toxic oceans of water and significant amounts of ammonia; Kanaze. As a result of rapid industrialization by corporations putting profit first, dirty mining operations and sub-standard industrial factories are scattered all over the planet in small colonies, slowly destroying the planet and increasing it's already scorching temperatures to higher and more intense averages.

    But there is more to this scorching globe that's riddled in swampland. Besides companies and crooks dwelling on Kanaze Archaeologists, scientists and galactic historians alike have flocked to the planet to take advantage of the many still intact ruins of an ancient civilization which were mysteriously wiped off the face of Kanaze - Such ruins as the Ruins of Selutz, located only a mere hundred kilometers north of the planet's largest city and capital; Ark'bor.

    Today, we'll visit the very ruins of an ancient city with the given name, Selutz. Currently being researched and explored by a group of independent scientists, historians and archaelogists who take a prime interest in Kanaze's many millenia old ruins; ruins that have somehow endured the test of time.



    The ruins of Selutz are situated higher up on a mountain and what remains visible above the thick flora is only a tenth of what really once stood here. Although many of the researches based here speculate that the city extends further down underground, and that what is currently visible is only 5% of the entire Selutz city complex.

    But most of the people based here are still more intrigued by the temple, labeled The Sanctum of Selutz, that stands almost completely intact with no extensive damage or faults on the building. Historians after making an extensive survey of the structure believe that it stands as the city's, if not, the mysterious ancient civilization's possibly most holy symbol, being an ancient religious structure. By considering its location, there are further beliefs of the city being built around this ancient temple. As researchers get in deeper into the history and reality of Selutz, uncovering the city's hidden secrets; findings become more intriuging and peculiar.




    Thanks for viewing TMW.










    (new and more awesome planet info display :D )


    Welcome back, oh and by the way, we're still on Kanaze. The very same Filthy and hazardous wasteland.

    We're still on the same island of Ark'bor, which is just another part of the greater continental plain of Ilego-Ark'bor. We've travelled several hundred miles across the island to the very heart of Kanaze, considered the planet's capital. Ark'bor City. It's a relatively small metropolis, compacted on an island surrounded by two rivers. The East Glo'gahn River and its counterpart, the West Glo'gahn River. It's the scum capital of the swampy wasteland planet Kanaze, dominated by criminals, gangs, factions and off-world pirates. It's haven criminal haven in the lawless Terminus Systems, allowing its inhabitants to do almost anything on Kanaze. Therefore, with a mediocre excuse of a government, Ark'bor, as for the entire planet, remains a corrupt, hectic and totally uncontrolled society.

    Crime in Ark'bor City is on a constant high, and ever present brothels, bars, nightclub as well as hideouts litter the edges of the city's civilian accessible districts. In the inner core of the city, off-world corporations base operations here, constructing an endless array of structures, factories, refineries and storage tanks across the inner metropolitan Ark'bor districts. No matter where you are in this city, you'll always find yourself in the worst of situations, but those many used to this form environment and ambience try, manage and succeed in enjoying themselves in a lawless city full of chaos and disorder.


    At first glance, the city looks like any other. But underneath this is a bustling, never ending story of grief, criminality and an underworld hidden from the surface of the city. Its surrounding swamplands are often hiding bases, and obscure the city's position at times. The overgrowth of plants in this planet is often very radical, which causes for concern about the future of the city on many occassions. But with the amount of pollution it throws back into the environment like all other industrial colonies located on Kanaze; many that of which are unknown and unregistered on planetary maps, also causes for question as to how much Stagnum's floral and fauna population can take.

    And of course, on another note, Cerberus seems to have found there way into the planet. Though what could possibly hold much value on this dying rock that Cerberus would want to retrieve?


    As evening falls on Ark'bor, the hazy yellow atmosphere begins to soften into a dark, maroon air. Time doesn't halt operations on the planet, and so continues to spew out pollution into the planet's already fragile environment. Industrial factories like this cover almost 80% of the city's island area, which has been fully developed. Many of these factories and refineries run manufacturing operations which are of an unknown nature, never released, due to the fact that most companies which base manufacturing here operate anonymously on the planet with no given records.


    In the midst of a dark night, wild holograms and bright seizure inducing lights appear out of nowhere; transforming the city's civilian outskirt districts into a vibrant city of color. Though a hard place to live, and difficult to access, many people off-world enjoy the social sites, Ark'bor's clubs, brothels and bars, with endless parties and continuous stream of music playing throughout the night. Ark'bor essentially becomes a nocturnal metropolis; A quiet sleeping city (but of course, still full of noise, gunshots and criminal activity) during the day, a vibrant and cool, yet dangerous social city during the night.

    Though one can never avert, nor avoid the dangers this city contains. There's always something hectic, and life-threatening hiding on the far corner of the street that one walks through. Ark'bor will eternally be a city of danger, criminality, forever spiraling Kanaze into a chaotic world and destined to be lawless for its remaining future.




    Thanks for viewing TMW.










    [below is the map of an industrial, commercial and civilian route between Ferust and Austra during their closest approaches to each other]


    Welcome again. We've now departed the Nesuluun star system, and have arrived back at Aerene.

    Today, we'll be visiting a planet that you'd more than least expect to visit. A gas giant world with a often chaotic atmosphere and weather pattern; Austra, Aerene's largest local source of Helium-3 harbors many orbital stations that conduct mining operations, solely collecting Helium-3, and some extracting Hydrogen from the very atmosphere of Austra. Like any gas giant, there is no tracable surface discounting the planet's rocky and metallic core, therefore surface colonies are not an option to establish. So besides orbital Helium-3 mining stations, what could possibly be of interest here to see?

    An irregular signature, possibly indicating the presence of an orbital station was found in Austra's higher atmospheric band, where weather is much less intense, and gravity almost non-existant. It's determined location was in Austra's Southern Hemisphere Zone S-43, one of 60 helium-3 mining zones which divide the Southern Austran Hemisphere for practical reasons. The specific zone, Zone S-43 is a helium-3 mining territory left unoccupied by Human extraction teams as operations do not yet exist in this area. With no operations occurring here, it can leave room for just about anything to take the area, and a suspicious unidentified station is one possiblity.



    A group of Cerberus Kodiak transport ships are making their approach to Austra. Their destination is unknown, as for their reasons to even go to Austra.


    As they continue through their designated route, they begin to make contact with Austra's atmosphere. They've approached Austra's Southern Hemisphere Zone particularly referred to by Human Helium-3 miners as Zone S-43. It's one of 60 South Hemisphere divisons, used as reference to easily allocate operating Helium-3 mining territories on Austra.

    The transport ships begin to make their decent into Austra's upper band atmosphere.


    As they reach the calmer upper band of Austra's atmosphere, a large mysterious space station is seen further out. Detection of Mass Effect fields around the atmospheric station suggest that shielding is operational to contain a calm environment around the station. The minimal gravity in this upper atmospheric band also suggests that the station requires minimal amounts of propulsion to keep the station in its place above Austra.


    The Cerberus Kodiaks approach ever closer to the space station, and are in the midst of its calm environment maintained by the prolonged use of Mass Effect fields around the station. This unidentified orbital station is increasingly likely to be a Cerberus facility; probably taken by Cerberus for the possible presence of valuable Prothean artifacts and technology and became an operational facility later on.


    The Cerberus Kodiaks being their close approach and eventually make contact with the Station's hangar control. It looms larger as the obscuring clouds being to shift away from the station, and emphasizes the station's sheer size.


    The clouds obscuring the view of Cerberus' ancient Prothean orbital station disappear, as more of the station becomes visible. The Kodiak transport ships now begin to make their final approach before making contact with the station and landing in its various docking bays.

    Such a mysterious facility hanging over Austra's upper atmosphere continues to go unheard and unrecognized by Helium-3 orbital stations and probes surveying the gaseous giant. Only time can tell what this station means to Cerberus.






    Thanks for viewing TMW.








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  • salaciaintro1.jpg



    Welcome again! Nice to see you here. We've moved on again from the Aerene System, and have arrived at a nearby neighboring star system known as Anemoi.

    In this star system, a joint Human-Asari developed colony lies comfortably on the fringes of its parent star's habitable zone, boasting warmer tropical temperatures and beautiful picture-perfect islands that are inhabited by an array of sapient galactic speices. Yet as perfect as it sounds, the lack of land verse the vastness of its oceans has posed a problem for its growing population. At about 96% water coverage and only a mere 4% of known land coverage, it truly is an empty looking world (unless your underwater, then be sure to avoid the monster-sized creatures).

    But with that 4% of land coverage, the vast oceans are dotted with relatively small landmass groups, with islands galore, ranging in size, height and composition. Such Islands are commonly exploited for their picturesque beaches, plentiful flora, and a bounty of resilient land animals that thrive off these tiny habitats. Commonly turned into tropical beachfront resorts and colonies, it truly is the perfect place to vacation, and for many, a place to stay and enjoy; and with a planet content on making safety priority, high-grade defenses insure that you'll never be under-fire or be raided by ravenous Terminus system pirates.


    Here is a map of some of the occupied/colonized/explored portion of the Violet Nebula, and its position in the Milky Way, also displaying the Lera Relay's available destinations that connect the Violet Nebula Cluster to the rest of the galaxy.


    A particular city, known as Fontus, is a special tourist destination, primarily developed to satisfy the wants and needs of it's guests. Though many still do permanently live on this beachfront resort island, amongst off-world tourists, it is definitely a popular destination and people who come to Salacia never pass down the chance to come here.

    Though you see very few pathways to connect all the complexes, they're hidden under the still thick floral coverage on the island. Developers went by the ideology, to carefully respect Salacian nature and NOT to completely destroy or effectively tamper with the planet's natural environment. As a result, colonies all over Salacia are guaranteed Eco-friendly hubs to preserve the natural environment of Salacia and secure the future of its natives species; both land and sea.



    The developers hired Salarian and Human architects to develop the colony and tourist hot-spot. It was built in a very retro yet contemporary style, almost a reminescent of Salarian architectural design, merged with a more retro Human late-20th century apperance.


    The resorts follow the curve of the island, and form a large complex filled with an array of recreation and leisure centers, malls, permanent residences and majestic hotels. All this is protected and monitored by Systems Alliance gunships and defense systems, which insure the threat of attack on Salacia is averted.


    Currently, some Alliance gunships are passing by in a routine exercise over the city Fontus.


    By night, Fontus remains a vibrant and living city, with lights illuminating the island all over.


    A saying quoted by many off-world and out-of-system tourists: "When you're on Salacia, you should never pass down a stay at Fontus. If you're crazy enough to do so, then you should probably do youself a favor and jump into a black hole."


    Thanks for viewing! :D






    "The arrival of the Reapers sends shockwaves around the galactic community, with worlds across the Milky Way undergoing invasion and no sapient being spared. By the time of the arrival of reapers in the Anemoi System during the 2180s, establishments on colony planets in the Anemoi System were immediately subjected to obliteration. With Alliance forces relatively light in this Terminus colony, the likelihood of anyone on Salacia surviving and fleeing is grim; even if reaper forces sent here were only light."




    Current Star System locale - Aerene System


    Welcome again folks! We're now traveling back to the planet of Ferust via FTL travel in the Aerene system, leaving behind the Ocean world of Salacia, from the nearby star system of Anemoi.

    Back on Ferust, we're visiting the planet's third largest human colony named Endeavor. Endeavor is a relatively sizable colony, home to approximately 600,000 - 700,000 permanent inhabitants. The city is commonly dominated by a large amount of original colonial prefabs, built to sustain and house human colonists immigrating from Earth. It was one of four of the most significant colonies, and among the fastest to grow when it was established in the 2170s. The city lies in a wide valley, catching beautiful picturesque views, and a beautiful oceanic sunrise horizon, downhill at its nearby coastline.

    It became a popular place to live on Ferust as it presented the perfect opportunity to start fresh, like all other colonies. But being colored with such great views of mountains, and the perfect places to ski and escape to, it was the ultimate place to live out colony life. Though the building density of Endeavor over the years due to a rapid population increase, has abruptly peaked, its Colony planners are beginning to find ways to better improve and even take advantage of its crowding skyline, to ensure all its inhabitants are pleased with their morning window view. Insuring everyone's window has an idyllic, very calm and natural view.


    Endeavor's skyline, as was stated, is dominated by the colonial prefabs built during the 2170s. A height in Human Immigration numbers from Earth nation-states caused colonies on Ferust to experience a lack of housing in comparison to the large number of people moving into cities. Colonists saw the solution in solving the housing problem by using an adapted version of temporary prefab shetlers, and building them in such a way that would last, and be adequate enough for prolonged prefab living.


    These uniquely designed contemporary living units and prefabs house the many thousands of people living in Endeavor. To get around, people use the narrow pathways that navigate the city. They then reach a branch of main street-ways, which is where people commonly park their sky cars, unless they park them in their Prefab garages.


    Inside the city, comm and radio towers dominate the skies, various amounts of these towers are scattered around the city, tightly knit between the crowding prefabs.


    By night, the city begins to illuminate. The street-ways, narrow pathways, towers and prefab units light up, brightening the valley.


    The electricity generated to power these prefabs are of the use of Nuclear Fusion technology, which is clean and generally safe in the 22nd century. It's reliable power which is used vastly in the Milky Way. By using refined helium-3 derived from nearby gas giants like Arrae Sigma's Austra (Arrae Sigma's primary local source of helium-3) Nuclear fusion, it can sustain substantially large colonies like Endeavor, with minimal power failures.



    The prefabs here on Endeavor are likened to the temporary prefab designs commonly used in colonies around the galaxy. But with a skyline that has a high building density, Endeavor's own skyline is commonly likened to the colonies of the planet Benning, a human colony located in the Arcturus Stream Star cluster in the Euler System. By referring to the images above, you can clearly see the close resemblance of Bennings dense urban skyline akin to Ferust's own dense skyline (Yet not as dense as Benning's).






    "Ferust. Endeavor. A quiet colony in the fringes of Terminus Space. A haven for humanity in the most unlikely of places. But when hyper-advanced sapients from out of the Milky Way arrive through the galaxy's many mass relay's, they begin to threaten the life of many species in the galaxy. When these marauders finally reach the Sochin Relay, Ferust is suitably defended by Alliance naval forces. But with the loss of comm buoys within the Arrae Sigma star system, communication is severed and colonies on every planet in the system go down like dominoes. People on Ferust have little to no clue as to what was coming to them; and one day, they came as if from no where, they materialized."


    "Intense laser beams from Squid-like cruiser ships, began to rain over Endeavor. People spread in panic. They began their attempts to flee the city in their sky-cars. But with the airspace above the city hectic with descending marauder ships, they have little place to go. The beams begin to penetrate the infrastructure below with ease, killing dozen upon dozen every second."


    "As they begin to land, a horrible fate befalls on Endeavor, with more ships arriving. They begin to harvest the sapient life-forms of Endeavor, not just targeting humans, but the various turian, salarian, asari and even small quarian and volus populations that reside of Endeavor. Ashes spread, the city burns and the once dominating skyscrapers begin to fall to the ground. Explosions, fires and smoke litter the city, and many more continue to die at the hands of the 'Reapers'. But in no way will people give up."

    "What is left of the Alliance forces based on Ferust begin to retaliate, firing projectiles at the descending ships. But it's then they realize that these 'sentient ships' have advanced shielding and technology that cannot be easily penetrated by their projectile technology, nor by the use of conventional technologies that they would normally utilize. Hope is being lost fast. However, no one here will be willing to give up quickly."


    "What will become of this world, and worlds beyond the Violet Nebula Cluster at the hands of the Reapers? You're yet to see."

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  • masseffecttmwseriesbannerreplies.jpg


    GeometryMath Algebra

    It's my thread isn't it? It's not like anyone posted a reply :P Thanks though, really appreciated!



    Had to see if I could get any new readers in, but looks about the usual (loyal) audience :P. Always great of you to drop by, Thanks a lot and it was great to see my Journal on the +10 in this section :)



    Thanks Dan, always great to see you reading my CJ, even if you've seen it before haha :P



    Note: A City Journal, repeating itself. Yeah I know lol. But if you haven't seen it or read ME:TMW, thanks for stopping by, and your comments would be much

    appreciated from me :)








    Flying out of the beautiful Antheon Nebula Cluster, we now make our way via the Sochin Mass Relay as well as other Mass Relay's connecting the Antheon Nebula to the wider galaxy, we find ourselves at the outer rim of the Milky Way Galaxy. Here in the Shrike Abyssal Cluster, there are two occupied star systems, one of which Xe Cha, will be the main focus of our voyage across the galaxy.

    In the Xe cha star system, a special duo co-exist; Two previously life abundant garden worlds with intricate forms of carbon based life. Unfortunately, both worlds suffered what seem to be co-ordinated large-scale impacts, and the life on each of the two worlds were extinguished.

    Now, Tosal Nym, one of the two garden worlds in the same system, is almost completely lifeless. The only life that remains on this world are that of single cell life-forms found in the remenants of its mostly reduced oceans and seas. In some parts of the planet, dry arid weather, particularly close to the equator, land suffers vast sand storms due to the arid and barren landscape. Researchers and Scientists though, flock in numbers for expeditions to these two worlds, to find out more about its past abundance and to see if they could find any sign of former sapient dominance on the planets.


    The Delta, a random name given to the area was derived from the dried up Delta feature located in this region. This particular area is a representation of how barren and dead Tosal Nym has become due to its past mass extinction event.


    Its landscape. Vast and dead...Silent and dead. It's hard to contemplate the fact that this used to be home to complex life. That it used to be green with grass and not browned with sand and dry soil.


    Sand continues to blow through its rugged landscape. Its approximate 19 hour day makes wind speeds slightly faster and more intense making sandstorms more frequent and more severe extremely dry and arid regions along the equator of Tosal Nym.


    Up the mountain, dead trees still remain. It seems these trees, which have been standing for several millenia, have stood against the test of time. Though dead, previous research shows they seem to be genetically able to last years on even though scorched, and decomposing would take longer than often suggested by scientists.


    The intensity of the sandstorm peaks and sand is thoroughly blown, making visibility on the ground anywhere between 20-30%. This sandstorm though, is still only relatively small in comparison to previous recordings in this region.



    Finally, the strong wind begins to die down, and the sandstorm with it. An array of trees in the image show its former glory.


    As aggravating as these storms can be, from above, they can look very spectacular. The sand puts on a very beautiful show from an aerial perspective.


    Nearby, a peculiar setup of rocks is found. Along The Delta, researchers are also nearby, surveying these rock formations. This maybe a link to former sapient species. Though it does not clarify if the species located here were of stone age development as the rocks are found to be several thousand years old when they formed the rock setup.


    Nearby, a campsite for scientists and surveyors of the area are not to far from the setup. Equipped with nothing more than tents, essential supplies, research equipment and a heavy Mako vehicle; they can travel virtually anywhere on Tosal Nym.


    Meanwhile, a Kodiak transport ship is leaving the The Delta and Tosal Nym, taking with it valuable information and samples that the scientists and surveyors have obtained from The Delta's sandy mountains and plains. It's destination is set for the Serpent Nebula, where it will take the samples and intel to advanced scientific research facilites located on the Citadel, the galaxy's beating heart of politics & govenrment, art & culture and commerce & finance, as well harboring scientifc research facilities used by all the galaxy's races finest scientists.


    Not far off, after the Kodiak transport arrives at the Serpent Nebula's Mass Relay, they head straight for the Citadel to take the information and samples from Tosal Nym for further analysis.




    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.












    From the Xe Cha system's Tosal Nym in the Shrike Abyssal, to the Citadel in the Serpent Nebula. After hopping from system to system, cluster to cluster, we're now returning to the Violet Nebula to re-visit the Nesu'luun star system's Kanaze. To repeat, Kanaze is a planet, notorious in the galaxy for its criminal links to Omega Station, a carved asteroid joint with an inhabited space station in the Omega Nebula.



    The polluted planet's controversial capital city, Ark'bor, is the center of all the activies between Omega Station and Stagnum. Major mercenery bands and criminal factions in the Terminus Systems like the Blue Suns, Blood Pack and the Eclipse base many hideouts and gang operations between these two locales, often causing extreme havoc and deadly confrontations and in the process, killing civilians caught in the cross-fire or are not co-operative.

    Though often enough, the activities of these factions are not always evident on Kanaze's capital city. Most of the chaos happens in the city's true underbelly. A place where no mere person can survive without a tough outershell. In a place where hostilities are always a possibility, and where danger lurks more often than you'd probably like it to. That is, Ark'bor's Underground City.


    A large underground system of slums and cheap apartments, it's also home to the merceneries and gang factions of Omega and Kanaze. They often take base in the Underground's many abandoned offices and markets, turning them into their hideouts and base of operation in Ark'bor.


    Plunged into an internal darkness, the Underground is lit eternally with lights, illuminated signs and holograms that wildly appear around the city.


    All over the Underground, nightclubs and disguised brothels litter the city, likewise on the surface. Though the action in the Underground is more active than above ground, due to business being under the table, and invisible to higher galactic authorities.

    Every race in the galaxy lives under Ark'bor, in this poverty stricken subterrenean metropolis. Drell, Turians, Elcor, Asari, Humans, Salarians, Vorcha, Batarians, Volus, Quarians and even Krogan live under one city, side by side. And being so close to each other, confrontations between some are always an inevitability; with street fights, riots and widespread violence around the Underground found common.


    Along the sewage canal and some of the supporting beams keeping the city under safe from collapse, a roadway littered with trash and wildly parked vehicles, the Underground's inhabitants walk through as if a normal day, and the signs above their head continue to flicker and glow, illuminating the dark underground city. Pawnshops, markets, bars and strip clubs existing side by side. A popular go amongst all of the city's people.


    Crowds, more stores and clubs along the sewage canal. The poorest of the Underground's inhabitants setup tents along the roadway as affording or inhabiting cheap housing above them is either overated, overpriced, or overly dangerous.


    Meanwhile, in anther part of the Underground, a young Quarian is on his pilgrimage, leaving his previous life on the Migrant Fleet and instead living in Ark'bor's Underground City. He lives out his life in hopes that one day he'll be able to make something of himself. For now, he does nothing more than stare at his omni-tool, dazed and bored, sitting precariously on the weak aluminum and iron roof.


    Some parts of the Underground remain quiet. Empty. But when you look in deeper, there's always something that's bound to surprise you.


    Along the sewage canal again, trash, tents and more stores as well as another nightclub and brothel in the building. And a strange and suspicious looking faint "Blue Suns" logo is painted on the wall of the building. Could it be?


    Skycars pass by, the few who can manage to even own one, yet strange that they live in the poverty-stricken zone of the city, under all the glamor of spacious high-rises that tower above Ark'bor's smoggy industrial skyline. While people walk, minding themselves, the scene of Blue Suns mercs killing an unco-operative Salarian affiliate causes people to stop, watch for a split second in shock, and then scramble as fast as they can. The Salarians blood begins to spread over the roadway, an example of how easy it is to die in the Underground.


    In another part of the Underground, more people are found walking in the streets, obstructing a flatbed skytruck. It's looking more and more like the driver is about to target somebody. Best be outta' the way.


    This poverty stricken city, continues to prevail, at the cost of lives. Mercs hide behind every corner, and it's only a matter of time 'til someone else is targeted. The poor continue to live out their lives and signs illuminate the narrow roadways of the city. And no matter how you look at it, this city will always be shadowed in the darkness of the prevelent gangs that ride between Omega and Kanaze. Forever a city of death, despair, pain and survival.


    This is the Underground.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.











    Eden Prime. A human colony. Located on the fringes of Terminus space. A vast agrarian world filled with arcologies and spanning human colonies, it stands as a symbol of human endurance and their ability to be able defend an extra-solar colony.

    But before Humanity took even a single step on Eden Prime, the planet had previously belonged to the formerly dominant Prothean race. The planet had even been in the possession of the Protheans long before Humans, Asari, Turians, Salarians and other galactic races developed any true intelligence and innovation. They remained primitive against the Protheans who studied them as an occupation, tracking the curve of their evolution.

    The world almost 50,000 years ago was only one of many planets that the Prothean Empire spanned. It harbored many large cities and the presence of Protheans was extremely evident and were vastly numerous in population across the Eden Prime. Though they prospered on the planet and saw no threat to their colony; when the 50,000 year cycle of the Reapers again began and chased their empire down to edge of existance, Eden Prime was not spared the inevitable fate of destruction.

    The Protheans were losing. Their Empire was crumbling. And they had a plan to save their race from extinction...


    Their intriuging cities that once dotted the surface of Eden Prime were beautiful. Towers were only few in numbers and the Protheans lived on without a shred of doubt their colony was safe.


    But upon the arrival of the Reapers, planets across their Empire fell quickly as their chain of command, and government fell quickly first when the Reapers crossed into the Galaxy through the Citadel Relay, through what was the Protheans capital at the time. Eden Prime was no exception, and the planet was ravaged by the invasion, with Protheans facing certain doom as a sapient synthetic race more advanced than themselves assumed the obliteration of their civilization.

    Though to avert the destruction of their race as a whole, they devised a plan which would see 1 million Protheans in stasis...but only 1 who would live to see the next cycle when indoctrinated members shared their plans with the Reapers and the location revealed, threatening their survival plan.


    Their cities were decimated by the Reapers, leaving nothing to stand. The chances of anyone surviving here were next to none.


    The fought with whatever they had and whatever remained of their military on Eden Prime. Their demise was inevitable, only fighting for a futile cause.

    The Protheans. A hyper-intelligent race that existed 50,000 years before the Galaxy's modern sapient races came to take over, were destroyed. What fate do those in the next cycle have?





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.













    After fighting geth, sovereign, the collectors and basically any bastard faction that got in the way of the Normandy Crew, Admiral Hackett gave the crew some well deserved Shore Leave. The Normandy at this point was being given some thorough inspection and routine maintenance to keep the ship in prime condition. Meanwhile... the crew decided to take some recreational time out on the lower end of the Zakera Wards. The Normandy was docked, the crew was settling in and relaxing...What could possibly go wrong. Well just about anything can GO wrong. It is the Normandy Crew, and Commander Shepard could be just about on every mercernary's target list, not to mention his seasoned team.

    After falling high off from a fish tank floor from a French Sushi restaurant, taking heavy fire from a band of unknown mercernaries, meeting up with every member of his team, paying for overpriced Pizza to a Volus delivery guy, infiltrating a high security casino, seeing a dead guy, running through the citadel archives illegally, destroying public property, discovering Commander Shepard has an evil abandoned Cerberus developed Clone, destroying more public and private property and then finally getting locked up in an Iridium Archive cell with only hour of air in supply inside...

    His Cerberus clone decides to take the Normandy along with his identity as a whole and run Samantha Traynor of through a dishonorable discharge while Shepard and his team make their way into the ship using Samantha's Cision Pro-mark Toothbrush that had Mini Mass Effect fields, effectively opening the secure Evac hatch that lead into the Normandy.

    Yes quite a story.

    But that's not all. They infiltrated the Normandy, killed the Clone's mercerneries and tried to kill him in the process before he stole the Normandy his identity, and all his cool cabin stuff that the clone trashed. Seemed to have got Shepard pissed. The mercenery pilot that had the worst piloting skills then tried leave the Citadel and activate the FTL drives to leave Widow. Of course...


    Being as awesome as Joker and Cortez were, they got in the way of the Normandy as bait to stop them and lure them ahead. They couldn't escape, and started firing at the Skycar that Joker and Cortez were flying. With that, Shepard and his team had enough time to kill all the merceneries left, punch the clone in the face who then decided F--k it and commit suicide just has Shepard tried to help him up from the edge of the Normandy's cargo bay doors. They arrested Brooks who was essentially a traitor who deceived his team and gained control of the Normandy again with EDI hacking her way back into, shortly then began harassing the last mercenery pilot in the cockpit.

    Ahh amazing...


    Finally they could relax and blisfully stare at the Normandy. And take some REAL Shore Leave. Ya' know, gambling at the casino, playing at the arcade, eating food...yeah...pretty much.






    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.













    Far off from the Violaceus Nebula (Violet Nebula) at the Human home system of Sol, Cerberus is out raiding an Martian Colonial Archives facility harboring salvaged Prothean data caches and information regarding to the race, technology and data on the early evolution of Humanity during its Cro-Magnon stage. But with the Reapers arriving in brute force, first striking at the Human homeworld of Earth, information from this archives facility could hold the life-line of the galaxy in the new war that has arisen in the back alley of the Milky Way. But Cerberus' mysterious figure head, the Illusive Man is not the only one scowering the planet for vital information.

    After leaving Vancouver, Canada in the midst of fire and landing Reaper ships, Commander Shepard and his team were ordered by Admiral Hackett to search the facility for a potential weapon against the Reapers. But unaware of Cerberus' presence, the potential for losing the vital information was unknown to them.


    The complex was not large, and first thought would see no problem in acquiring the desired information. But with Cerberus involved, their plans would be compromised.


    As they made contact with the Martian Surface, they immediately sighted the archives facility.


    A dust storm was approaching, and the winds were beginning to pick up. They'd need to get there sooner before they began to lose communication with each other and the Normandy. And the sooner they got in and out with the data, the sooner they could act on ending the Reaper war.


    When they arrived at the Landing Zone just out of the facility, they could see in the further out distance Cerberus soldiers executing Facility staff and scientists. Seems like a simple retrieval of sensitive data would be a lot more difficult.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.








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    Wow.  Consolidating everything was a great idea.  Love it!


    Feel sad about the history of Endeavor and the other colonies that have fallen to the Reapers.  So sad to here of the Prothean extinction.

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  • Original Poster
  • masseffecttmwseriesbannerreplies.jpg



    Thanks Dan, those Reapers certainly are vicious. And the Quarian pilgrim is still out and about...just not sure for how much longer now :O


    GeometryMath Algebra

    Thanks :D



    Thanks, it really is sad. So many dead and the extinction of an entire alien race is always tragic D:



    Note:  I thought I'd post a future update as a teaser here on this thread (rather than my official CJ). It's only part of the entire story regarding John's origins.











    To be continued.




    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.








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  • masseffecttmwseriesbannerreplies.jpg



    Thanks :)



    Yep! A teaser, but the actual update won't be around 'til about mid-December. It's gonna be quite a wait :P



    Thanks and will do :)



    It's on the STEX. If you search "tower" it'll come up as one of the search results. It's not a difficult BAT to find :)



    Lol, cool emoticon and thanks :D



    Thanks Will, they took quite a bit of time (not really, just threw a couple of hours of modelling :P)



    I'm not too sure about what your asking for or about. I don't have an aerodome in any of my updates as far as I know. Give me a picture of what your talking about. Unless your talking about the one with the fans, then in that case, it's a BAT made NOB. It's either on the STEX or on his own site which I'm not to sure about.



    Thanks :D



    Dem feels when watching good re-run shows, that makes it a really great compliment! Thanks Ben :)



    Note:  Just another five re-posted updates :D Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with the original sometime! This will also display the numerous planets I plan to do after exams since I'm running short of time. That'll be around late November and early December during my Summer Holidays! :D









    The world of Feros is situated on the far opposite side of the Galactic Core from the Violet or Violaceus Nebula cluster located in the Attican Beta cluster. The planet's land masses are covered by two-thirds of a former Prothean Megalopolis that once dominated the surface of Feros. Now dead and aging, Feros' only sapient inhabitants are mainly researchers, scientists and a small group of colonist from Earth. They take shelter on Feros' tall Prothean skyscrapers that are of unknown stablility. With a small population of about 300, it accounts for the small independent colonist group and teams of scientists and researchers employed by the Earth Corporation, ExoGeni.

    Though unknown to the independent colonists who practically became ExoGeni's own test subjects, were exposed to a creature with the power of indoctrination; an ability to manipulate one's mind, effectively brainwashing the target. The creature labeled 'Thorian' dwelled also in the towers of Feros. It gained scientific interest and therefore was not terminated nor mentioned to the independent colonists of its risks and dangers.


    With the Thorian's and ExoGeni's activities under the radar of the Alliance, they send the crew of the Normandy SR1 to see to the supposed turmoil experienced on Feros. Alleged Geth sightings were reported, and in response by the Alliance to evacuate any colonists, they sent the SR1 as reinforcement.


    Of course, the situation was for worse.


    With Saren's hopes of helping Harbinger bring the arrival of the Reapers closer, he sent is allied Heretic Geth to retrieve the Thorian 'plant'. With its indoctrination abilities, it would have been a great creature to take advantage and put to use. The dispatched geth assaulted the small colony of Zhu's Hope in search of Thorian plant in the very aged Prothean towers.


    The crew of the Normandy SR1 were ready to take on the geth. Though the amount of units taking on a small colony was staggering. The Thorian must've had some great importance.


    And when the Normandy crew found the Thorian with the help of indoctrinated colonists, this is what they got. For a 'plant', it was highly unexpected. Didn't even cross anyone's minds. Huh.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.














    Orbited by the single moon Aniteria and explored by the Turian pioneer Corren Kronis, the planet Kronis is shadily located in the distant and quite isolated star system Liberator. Early explorations of the planet were quite sketchy, providing little information which prompted any true interest for the average but small dead rock. With a nothing more than a thin atmosphere of argon and krypton, the likelihood of even simple cellular life thriving here would be like asking if a Human could breathe without a pressure suit on the moon. While orbiting a very active Orange star, the sterilization of its surface by oncoming solar winds and no protection by a viable atmosphere assures that nothing lives on this world.

    But by the time Turian suveyors came around to scower through the planet again for any viable resources, something interesting sprang up on their readings. Unusually large deposits of Element Zero caught the eyes of the surveyors and immediately brought up the topic to the Turian Hierarchy. When mining companies received word of this interesting discovery on Kronis, there was a land rush surge between Turian mining corporations from Palaven. The recovery operations began as quickly as the Hierarchy received word.

    Now one of the prime sources of eezo in the Violet Nebula, it churns out large amounts of eezo which is taken to Palaven or nearby Turian colonies to be refined for use commercially or industrially. Since no other significant Turian colonies exist in the Liberator system, large shipments of eezo are taken out of the system by transport ships and brought to the Arrae Sigma system's Sochin Relay to travel to other star clusters. Unfortunately being in the Terminus systems, transport doesn't come without sacrifice and loss. Investing in the recovery of eezo from Kronis is costly and can come with certain risks. A main risk of operating industries in this very lawless zone galactic space is the risk of losing potential profits and eezo stockpiles to aggressive and sometimes cunning pirates. Raids on Kronis' spaceports and mining outposts themselves are so common that they can almost be said that they're regular. Pirates who often raid Kronis typically learn from there mistakes and have made some successful operations, but amateurs who often deceive themselves with whole lot of firepower think they could easily blast away the Turian defeneses on Kronis' mining outposts and Spaceports while easily by-passing the lunar defense on Aniteria, Kronis' only natural satellite.


    Now an amateur band of pirates are making their own 'first' raid. They're targeting Kronis' designated system capital, Saterix Spaceport, the heart of Kronis' stockpiles of eezo. Mined eezo is taken from the various mining outposts located around the planet and are sent to the few Spaceports built on Kronis. The largest of all Kronis Spaceports, Saterix Spaceport holds the largest number of transported eezo on the planet, and handles the transport of eezo off-world and out of system to be shipped elsewhere around the galaxy.

    Though when targeted by foolish amateur pirates, a defense mechanism the station has which has effectively kept its eezo from being seized by those under the law, is being activated. A station wide lockdown is implemented under these situations. Automated Laser Defense turrets are then fully active, ready to target any hostile forces. Massive Blast shield doors then seal the station's Docking Bay entrances and windows are sealed with smaller blast shields as well to prevent any risk of breach or de-pressurization. The station is now fully protected and virtually impenetrable.

    Well, all except for the fact that there's an obstruction preventing the blast shields from closing on the 3rd Docking Bay.


    And what else could that obstruction have been but nothing more than a transport ship trying to dock before they're targeted by the amateur pirates. This could be a problem.


    Meanwhile, as the transport ship tries to get its act together and make it into the spaceport, the automated turrets begin firing on the hostile pirate forces making their way towards the station. Turian pilots based on the Spaceport are dispatched and began the very exhilerating fight to bring down the marauders, something that doesn't typically happen but still happens on the well fortified Saterix Spaceport.


    On the other side of the battle, the amateur pirates aren't doing so well. Thinking rigged crop shuttles and Mantis gunships with serious firepower was going to get them anywhere into a fortified Turian Spaceport obviously wasn't getting them anywhere. Their ships were being downed one by one by the laser turrets. While an eventual dog-fight with military trained Turian pilots wasn't going to make it any better for them either. They began firing at the Spaceport defenses and Turian fighters but with such distracting and destructive lasers shooting towards them, the pressure built up and they obviously weren't holding out.


    Some proof of their futile endeavors were evident several kilometers before when a ship was shot down by one of the Spaceport's long-range Laser turrets.


    Raids like this are common on the planet, though are not as likely to involve attacking the primary Spaceport on Kronis. Though the pirates could've gotten some significant eezo piles from the Spaceport Docking Bays and storage containment facilities, it would take a lot more than firepower coupled with disastrous tactics to take down the main Spaceport. Especially if its occupied by a species with the galaxy's most notorious military force.




    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.













    We're visting again the beautiful joint Human-Asari water-world colony of Salacia, home to massive underwater predators, spectacular oceanic environments, tropical archipelagos and platform cities. With its 96% ocean coverage and only 4% of the surface having dry land in the form of broken islands, Salacia is also home to one of the galaxy's fiercest and largest of tropical hurricanes. Weather reeks havoc on the planet on a regular basis, though it's not likely to completely ruin the planet's still long hours of sunshine and blue skies. As a consequence of the planet's close proximity to Anemoi, Salacia's parent star or system Sun, the immense heat it receives that supports a very consistent tropical climate on Salacia triggers storms of unparalleled ferocity with wind speeds gusting to about 350 kph in an average occurring hurricane. F4 to F5 class hurricanes on Earth are the equivalent of F1 to F2 class hurricanes on Salacia. Hurricanes with such high ferocity often only develop during a peak in particular seasonal changes. With the planet's axial tilt, there are two particular seasons that both hemispheres of the planet will experience during different times of the year. The hemisphere receiving the most direct sunlight will experience a peak in Hurricane weather; the season is known as the Terbinum Magnum or Procellae Maximum (Big Hurricanes / Hurricane High) by Human meteorologists. The second season experienced is during when a specific hemisphere is facing away, at its least direct contact with the Sun, with less erratic weather and cooler but still tropical climate; the season is known as the Terbinum Parva or Procellae Minimum (Small Hurricanes / Hurricane Low).

    To keep from encountering these monster superstorms, it's inhabitants of a vast array of species have adapted by constructing underwater infrastructure, sometimes housing small populations but not exceeding 5,000 in a single station. There are also scattered amounts of underwater research outposts and labs that are privately built under the noses of the Salacia Planetary Government based in Hydropolis; the capital of Salacia. Though there are still many identified and charted underwater outposts, many still get away with how vast and large the oceans of Salacia are. Searching for illegal infrastructure and settlements is pointless.


    The Northern Hemisphere of Salacia is currently experiencing a drastic high in erratic Hurricane weather. With the moons Volturnus and Tiberinus in the background, 2 of the planet 3 moons...Kodiak shuttles are flying high over the planet's turbulent atmosphere to rendezvous at the patrolling Alliance cruiser and dreadnought in the distance that's flying over the Hyper-Hurricane Thali, a Hurricane that's endured for about 2 weeks over the very turbulent Hunderolt Ocean. As you can see, it's currently about to engulf settlements along the New-Pacific Archipelago.


    Violent winds and turbulent ocean currents are brought by the havoc of the Hyper-Hurricane above. Thali is no obscure occurrence as storms on Salacia can last for weeks on end being fed by the heat of the planet's oceans during the Terbinum Magnum or Procellae Maximum season. But below the violent hurricane and the turbulent ocean, a calm prevails and it's aquatic inhabitants are left undisturbed. So are those living in artificial environments on the subsurface.


    An underwater station lies unknown to those outside. Likely a privately operated research outpost, it's not a station that's listed on charted maps of Salacia's oceans and seas. Diving Mechs are seen interacting, observing and scowering the environment around the station, overcoming the darkness of the deep waters almost 3500m below sea level. Aquatic marine life like strangely large Jelly-fish and small fish-like creatures roam the deep waters, adapted to the immense pressure as they've evolved to thrive in the darkness searching for prey in life abundant subsurface where deep-sea corals and marine animals live amongst.


    The darkness is immense and only specially built and installed lighting and the use of magnesium allows divers to roam and explore the areas around. It seems a fellow researcher has found amongst the ocean's thick flora and fauna, a lost relic; the remnants of a long lost Alliance survey craft that once probed and explored Salacia. Likely to have encountered one of Salacia's monster storms, the craft was greatly overwhelmed and control was lost, sending the crew to plummet into the ocean. Though aged and rusted, likely to have been here for the last decade, it still upholds the Alliance symbol proudly, though its crew lost many years ago.


    Meanwhile farther afoot, a Salacian Aquatic Thresher Maw hastily rages through the ocean floor. Essentially the aquatic version of a subterranean Thresher Maw, spores that arrived on the planet had allowed the species to adapt to the planet's mostly oceanic environment. It was first found on Salacia by Human pioneers who first sited the beast flying out of the planet's ocean, narrowly hitting the craft they were occupying. Little is known about this species except that it's a counterpart of the Thresher Maw. It's population is relatively low, with only about 3,000 (estimated at 2,905) across the planet. It's massive size (being under the classification as mega-fauna) has made it a common problem when encountered and has triggered a revision when building underwater stations. Often penetrating stations within a matter of seconds, it's unlikely escape when these beasts smash open underwater infrastructure. There have been 27 known breaches in Salacia's colonial history, none of which have had any reported or recovered survivors (they would've been eventually killed by the pressure underwater alone when a station was penetrated).





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.












    Israfil. A human colony located in the outskirst of the Milky Way in the covert Valhallan Threshold cluster. It was solely settled for it's deposits of Element Zero which miners extract from the depths of the dwarf planet's crust layer. With about 1,000 setteled on the small world, they're scattered around a vast number of mining facilities. A major facility known as the Mecca Eezo Mining Facility or MEMF/MEMO is home to substantial number of miners who both live and work at the station.

    Currently being monitored by the SSV Manila; a dispatched patrolling Alliance Cruiser, the perimeters of Israfil Airspace is being closely watched in case of any suspicious activities and landings on the planet after an incident relating to the attacks on Gagarin station prompted a correlation with Israfil's microbial organisms.


    A chunky dwarf world located in an asteroid belt, it's currently not in direct contact with many asteroids; in between a break in the asteroid belt where there's a significant clearance with only a few asteroids floating around the area.


    The Mecca Mining Facility, home to several dozen to hundred miners extracting and recovering Element Zero from Israfil's mineral rocks. A transport ship is making a stop at the station to take in any recovered Element Zero minerals to transport off-world to refineries on larger Human Colonies.


    A little further south, the SSV Manila Alliance Cruiser is making a run by the station in part of its patrol route over Israfil. Though there haven't been any real sightings of any suspicious activity, they still watch the aispace cautiously, and the cruisers on-board scientific crew continue to research the microbial life of Israfil, though pose no correlation with those used on Jump Zero.


    With it's patrol route crossing paths with the Mecca Facility, a small contact crew is making a routine check on the facilty's status. Leaving the Manila, the crew board a Kodiak Shuttle to the station. Still no signs of any activity, it's looking more and more like a waste of time to monitor Israfil's airspace.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.















    From the Valhallan Threshold, treking back to the Violet Nebula. We're visiting the quite recently charted Enessa System. The system was only first visited in the early 2170s by the Asari who monitored it to confirm and explore the detected planet's of the still unmapped star system.

    After more than a decade, the system is now confirmed to have 5 known planets orbiting the F-class Orange star Enessa One of these worlds that was surveyed by the Asari crews visiting the system had their spirits lifted when they found a habitable temperate nitrogen-oxygen garden world in the Enessa System; a truly unexpected turnout. It's now inhabited by over 1.1 Million Asari and other minor population groups. The population is concentrated in several settlements ranging from a small city to rural agrarian towns. Feylos' inhabitants have been greatly impressed by the display of the Fall seasonal changes, where vast lands are turned into vibrant and colorful plains. It's one of the features of the temperate planet that is exploited by the planet's tourism industry, bringing in tourists of all races to the world.

    But more intriguingly, the recent findings of ancient Palaeotechnology on the planet from a sentient species drew scientists from all corners of the galaxy and had the Asari on edge when they found it was intact. Though no Sentient and Sapient species were found on the idyllic Feylos, nor any evidence of a past civilization like Kanaze's mysterious civilization, when more of the artifact was revealed, it was clear to the scientists on site that the artifact they had uncovered was of Prothean origin.


    The location of the Prothean Artifact is in the Azalis regional subdivision, in the vast Tomerek Hills. At the dig-site that was located almost in the middle of nowhere, the clearly active Prothean Artifact, appears similar to data caches and storage artifacts that are found on other worlds such as Sol's human colony, Mars, a technology that had uplifted Humanity and advanced Human technology and sciences by over 200 years (The galaxy's sentient species alike were uplifted by these intact ruins which contained information that advanced civilizations by centuries more than they were at.) Like other data caches and artifacts, this could likely hold information or store weapons blueprints which could improve the state of current galactic technology and understandings.


    While monitoring and investigating the newly found Prothean Artifact, many Asari and Alien scientists alike have established temporary shelters during their stay on the site of the artifact. Before the artifact can be transported to a more secure facility, scientists make a thorough inspection and on-site analysis of the tech to insure it's stable, and to give a quick overview of what it may and how much it may contain.


    The Asari scientists run an analysis of the artifact, if possible on site, even analyze the content of the Artifact and confirm that it's a data cache or stored archive.


    As the sun rises over Feylos' Tomerek Hills during the fall season, scientists start to get to work on investigating the state of the valuable Prothean Artifact. Feylos truly is a wonder of a world.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.












    When exams pass and I have all the freetime in the world...watch Mass Effect: The Milky Way flood with updates in the SUMMER HOLIDAYS (NZ/Southern Hemisphere) <3


    So yeah....I have plans....



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  • Sometimes it's worth looking at the STEX and searching "NOB" Here are some of the downloads I have from him on this site:


    <--- This has the turbines.

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  • __________________________________________________________________________________


    Note: Another five "re-run" updates :P


    Five planets and One station in the following entries (ordered by release date):




    Lera & LGS








    (And a new addtion to the information section of future udpates as well as this. Yes, it's tedious, I know. But I like a little creativity and just felt like adding this; An Orrey Star System map)


    Welcome to Polus, an uninhabitable frozen world with a rich nitrogen, argon atmosphere with traces of oxygen. Polus is also the largest of the 'terrestrial trio', a common Salarian reference to Ilix's three largest terrestrial planets.

    It's fourth from the Red Dwarf star Ilix, neighboring the system's only marginally habitable world Kor'lesh, which is tidally locked to Ilix. Polus and the lone gas giant, Nira are the only planets in the system that are not tidally locked to Ilix as they present the right distance to allow planetary rotation. Though since its distance is far out enough to allow Polus to rotate, it also means the planet lies quite far out of Ilix's narrow habitable zone, in which Kor'lesh lies near the center. Though this obstacle has not stopped many from eyeing the possibility of terraforming the very arid and frozen Polus.

    Currently, cooperating Salarian, Human and Asari scientists are testing there theory in which the introduction of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere would aid in warming the planet. Unfortunately, funding for these projects are limited by any Salarian or Human governments and/or corporations. Still, many bases exist on the planet and have begun the slow process of introducing gases like Carbon Dioxide and amounts Methane to trap heat and warm Polus.

    Such stations like the Sekdril Observation Center monitor the progress and in its various station sectors, convey various covert research operations; such research operations include the research of the Polus' numerous microbial life forms found in the caves and crevasses of Polus' glaciers and mineral loaded mountains. There are also rumored Prothean artifacts being researched at Sekdril, but there have been no substantial evidence to prove they exist. With that, no further investigations were carried out. But if the station is holding covert research on Prothean artifacts, their staff risk incarceration under Council law, despite Polus being in the Terminus Systems.




    As the Salarian transport ship enters the Aerene system, they depart the Analase Relay located near the gas giant world, Analase. The Salarian scientific research crew leave the Aerene system by FTL travel, reaching the Ilix star system in mere hours.


    They finally reach the Ilix system and have the planet Polus in sight. The scientists onboard the ship take a shuttle to enter the planet rather than going by ship; the reported weather over the Mintet Mountains proves to difficult to maneuver by ship. In the background, two of Polus' four moons, Cenatis and Tilara also appear.


    As they descend further into the planet's atmosphere, just above the clouds, weather becomes more evidently erratic as a strong blizzard system passes over the Mintet Mountains.


    Visibility is extremely low, as they can barely see through the oncoming snowfall. The mountains below them are a grave hazard as they could easily crash into the ridges and elevations.


    The scientific crew pass by a Greenhouse Diffusion Plant, one of many plants which pump gases like CO2 into the planet's atmosphere to increase the greenhouse level on the vastly frozen world.


    The crew take a detour as the station as taking their regular route would lead them to an area currently dominated by significantly dangerous conditions.


    The Salarian scientists reach the Sekdril Observation Center, a base which is carved into Mintet's vast mountains. It's well hidden, especially during strong blizzards such as today. They begin leave the ship without haste. Unfortunately, due to malfunction, the station's docking bay doors won't open. Instead, the crew don their essential Enviro-suits in order to walk only several feet outside to reach the station's pedestrian entrance. Because Polus lacks the Oxygen to support a more brethable enviroment, Enviro-suits are an essential and very basic neccessity when visiting Polus.

    As they enter the station, only those inside would know of their intentions to visit Sekdril. Could it be related to the rumored illegal possession of Prothean Artifacts? May be.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.














    In the depths of the Sentry Omega cluster, its gateway system, Hoc, hosts a beautiful garden world dominated by a wide equatorial band of humid tropical climate.

    Though a seemingly great world for colonization by a Carbon-based species like Humans, the world is left in the dark for colonial prospects by any species in Citadel Space. The planet lies in a chaotic and mostly ungoverened space, along the ridges of the Attican Traverse and Terminus Systems. Because of this, warlords and local powers make it difficult for the Council to reach any reasonable compromises and negotiations in terms of the world's colonization. Power struggles make it even far more complicated than it should be, forcing the Council to disregard any possiblity of the planet ever being colonized by any species at a large scale. Political instability in the Traverse and Terminus systems truly impedes any chance of colonization for Virmire.

    But it doesn't mean that there is any exploitation. It's highly overlooked status means that it's rarely surveyed or investigated upon by any significant galactic organizations or government bodies. This creates a very well hidden veil over the planet, leaving it to be taken by anyone who has the means to settle the virgin garden world of Virmire.

    In this case, the Ex-Spectre Turian, Saren.


    A typical day would usually see wandering Pod-Crabs along the coastlines of Vimire's tropical equator. Its stunning beaches and coral coasts as well as its beautiful rock formations make for a great place to settle. Unfortunately, no power in the Terminus Systems or Traverse see a feesible future on the planet as they lack the means for large scale occupation.


    Providing a remarkable view, though weather can typically be quite sketchy at times. It is a tropical world, and tropical typhoons/cyclones/hurricanes can become a common threat along its coastlines.


    When the Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy arrive at Virmire, they're greeted with unwelcoming, very hostile Geth forces. Broken up in bands along the picturesque coast, they eliminate each one with the aid of their quite trusty Mako. They're not far out of Saren's base as they await to make contact with Salarian assault forces on the outskirts. Meanwhile, several innocent Pod-Crabs die in the process.


    Numerous Pod-Crabs died in the making of this update.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.















    Welcome back to the capital of the independent planetary system of Kanaze. Home to a diverse number of species, merceneries, hideouts and criminals of all backgrounds. The city is a magnet, constantly attracting criminals and low lifes from Omega and like it's Eezo rich Asteroid station counterpart, is at the center of all chaos.

    The scum capital is a city sub-divided into districts. These districts are often borders set by local powers, gangs and factions. The districts also are clear definitions between industrial zonage and residential to commerical zonage. Residential and Commercial zones are located mainly in the outskirts of the city's island; these districts and areas are often referred to as Civilian Districts as they're mostly composed of the homes and businesses of local peoples as well as the area being freely accessed by Civilians.

    However, Industrial or Privatized districts to be more accurate, are areas of which are restricted to authorized persons. These areas are not typically occupied by any civilians as the areas of industry are of restricted zones, regulated by the ruling coroporations upholding ownership of the district. Tresspassers that are found are often shot on site, or if not, are just "shown the way out" or in any case, detained.

    A map illustrating the borders of districts in Ark'bor and the definitions between Civilian Districts and Privatized Districts. You can see which zones are occupied and zoned for Civilians and areas which are under Coroporate ownership, containing mostly industries, factories and scientific labs.


    By looking at the map, you can see that most, if not all Civilian Districts make contact with both the East and West Glo'gahn Rivers. All Civilian Districts are located on the outer edges of the island, while the inner city districts harbor dirty corporate industries, with districts names designed by a letter and number with A representing the word "Area" as its title. There are 17 Industrial or Privatized Districts in Ark'bor while the rest consist of 22 sub-divided Factions or Civilian Districts. Tizo District, the area being visited currently is located along the East Glo'gahn River, around the city's northern CDs end bordered by Caleston and Tenzae.


    The Industrial/Privatized District coded A4D is under an unknown corporate ownership, likely to be a company located off-world. With no real standards, poor conditions and aiding in destroying Kanaze's natural environment, it really is no place for any civilians to be in. But many of the city's inhabitants are employed here, often desparate when they find themselves in a tight financial situation. The employees are typically only allowed to be on the district premises within work hours and the areas designated for employees. Those who break these regulations are often never heard from again.


    The "Inner City's" endless skyline composed of dirty factories and labs with water treatment plants and resevoirs in between. All districts within the inner zone like A4D are composed of this kind of infrastrcuture, exploiting the former eden of Kanaze. Extracting heavy and light metals, minerals and rare ores, refining, manufacturing, testing... you name it, it all happens here.


    Meanwhile, along the river, a part of the Tizo District area is a buzz with activity, like all other of Ark'bor Districts. The skyline seems to boast wealth, yet only miniscule population hold that wealth and live luxurious lives on a dying rock.


    A metropolis of gleaming skyscrapers, flashing holograms and lights with buzzing sky cars in the foreground. Whilst an endless industrial skyline lies in the background, degrading what is left of Kanaze.


    Tizo District, Ark'bor City, Ilego-Ark'bor Continental Region - Kanaze / Nesu'luun System / Violet Nebula -- 2186 C.E.


    Through the eyes of a Salarian and a Human


    The Filthy city of Ark'bor and its various districts run through yet another typical day. Carbon Dioxide's in the air, and Ammonia is in the water, and other than the CO2, the Volus would be loving it on Kanaze. In the midst of it all, two friends employed at the A4D district are taking on their usual daily routine occupations in one of the district's underground mining facilities. In a not so well sealed building, they make their way towards the exit and are heading into Tizo for food after a lengthy shift.


    Leo (Human) - Damn toxic air, can't breathe properly in all this crap. I can't even believe why I'm still even living here. Living here, we might as well be in merc group, sounds better than this f***ing dead end job.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Hey, the money's pretty good, without it, we'd be screwed anyway. It's not like we could go anywhere else. I mean, the people on Illium are so uptight and so "concerend" about security. I'm not living on some planet that's gonna tell me what to do.

    Leo (Human) - I guess, if it weren't for all this smog, hell, it'd the best place to live in the galaxy with no laws and freewill. What I think anyway.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Damn right.

    Leo (Human) - So where'd we park the skycar? I swear it was right over here!

    Nelos (Salarian) - It wasn't here, it's on the other side. We parked in Zone 5.

    Leo (Human) - Oh.

    They took the skycar and took a route over A4D.


    Leo (Human) - Can't wait to eat, I'm starving after that shift.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Same thing. Hey, did you hear anything about some invasion?

    Leo (Human) - Yeah. I heard Earth got hit hard, I was lucky my parents were on Eden Prime, they evacuated. Heard from them a this morning about it. They said they were on the Citadel in a refugee zone. I'm gonna try get there too see what's goin on, make sure they're okay.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Damn, sorry. Haven't heard much about Sur'Kesh, seems pretty okay so far.

    Leo (Human) - Right. (Looks at ominous Holoboards regarding evacuation) Looks like that invasion's gettin' word around here, they've got holograms goin' about evacuations.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Meh, I'm going to get myself some food before I even think about leaving the planet. Even if it kills it me.

    They drive through the rest of A4D, and arrive around the outskirts of Tizo. But out of nowhere, without warning, th piercing sound of an ominous siren blares throughout the city. The hazy yellow sky is painted with red lasers, penetrating the city below. Shrills and screams from its inhabitants grow loud as marauder ships rain over the city.


    Meteorite like objects pummel the city's surface and the buildings around. Fires rage out of control as the destruction spreads.

    Nelos (Salarian) - S**T! WHAT THE F**K ARE THOSE!?


    Nelos lands the skycar while trying to dodge the flying debris, lasers and marauding ships. He crash lands the car into a bar, and the two barely escape with their lives. The city's sky above was turning into a saturated red, while the roads and paths were being painted in a saturated sickly red, full of the blood of the innocents being massacred by the Reaper Destroyers and invading Capital ships. They were obviously coming in force. 93 Million sapients on one planet is a lot to gain for harvesting. Several million in one city makes an even greater target.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Dammit, we have to find a way outta here or we're gonna die like the rest!

    Leo (Human) - I know! I know! (Looks up at the top of a building) LOOK! At the top, some shuttles! They're takin' people and evacuating! We have to get up there, it's our only chance!

    Nelos (Salarian) - This day just gets better and better...first, a long crappy shift, I'm hungry, and now there's buildings exploding above us. And we have to catch up to that shuttle before it leaves us here to die! Ughhh!

    Leo (Human) - Just shut up and start runnin', we don't have much time!


    Dozens of shuttles like the one above around the city were taking in evacuees. Unfortunately with little time to prepare and little received word of the invasion, has left Ark'bor and the rest of Kanaze extremely vulnerable to Reapers. But people weren't about to stand down and give up without a fight. Kanaze was a planet full of outlaws and criminals. They weren't about to die in vein.


    But as one could imagine, survival instincts would tell people to leave the planet ASAP. And that's what many were doing. Jumping at the chance to leave before dying. But many would stay behind and take their chances to save their world.


    Even though their city was crumbling at the seams. And even with evac shuttles at the ready, those shuttles weren't guaranteed to leave the planet.


    The falling meteorite objects held Reaper ground units, set to overwhelm and kill any Civilians on the ground. A ground assault began as Reaperized beings began to savagely exterminate and round up the population on ground zero. All a part of the plan for the planet's submission to the Reapers. But with an unparalleled resistance, many began to rebel, weapon in hand and killed any Reaper units chasing them down. Thousands who have not been able to reach any evacuation ships have even retreated to the thick overgrown jungles that lie across the river. It would start a length game of hide-and-go-seek with a guerilla war stuck in the middle of it all. A great tactic for such a massive enemy.


    Leo (Human) - We're almost up, where's the door to the rooftop!?

    Nelos (Salarian) - I see it, that sign, that should take us to the rooftop!

    Leo (Human) - Hold up, can you hear that? That growling noise?

    Nelos (Salarian) - What !? Are you serious? We can't stop now, we have to catch those evac shuttles!

    Then suddenly, behind them appeared an armed Marauder, Cannibals and pack of Husks which sighted them.

    Leo & Nelos - Awwwww, S**********T! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!


    The Husks came running towards them through the hall, ready to maul them. The Cannibals were eyeing them, and readying to target and shoot. All until they disappeared behind the walls and out to the door which lead them to the rooftop.


    Leo (Human) - There, the shuttles!

    Nelos (Salarian) - Hurry up, we need to get to those shuttles! (looks over to the person helping people board) HEEEY!! WAAAAAIT!! We need a WAY OFF-WORLD!

    Shuttle Evac Attendant (Turian) - We haven't got any more room!

    Leo (Human) - WELL MAKE SOME DAMN ROOM! I AIN'T STAYING ON THIS ROCK for all of this!

    They along with the Shuttle Evac attendant squeeze into the already tightly packed shuttle. People were face to face, shoulder to shoulder with barely any room to breathe. The pilots and evacuees were hoping to make contact with the system's several Helium-3 refueling planet's. A short FTL jump to Jarnten's moon Menera, at the closest gas giant to Kanaze would help them escape the system. They were receiving reports that Reapers were being engaged by the Kanaze Defense fleet over Jarnten's moons, buying time for the precious Helium-3 and Hydrogen refueling stations.

    The Shuttles lifted of the building and into the hectic skies above them.


    Below them, and endless skyline filled with terror, raging fires and destruction laid the landscape. The city was ablaze and they watched it burn as they left Ark'bor behind. Thousands continued to die every second, thousands more every minute. Even with resistance, they could not be truly stopped. But at least they would manage to survive and hold on to the world. Even though Ships and reinforcement from surrounding regions were en route to the capital, for now the city would lay be sieged.


    Leo and Nelos made a narrow escape from Ark'bor and Kanaze. In just a short hour, they managed to run through marauders, laser firing ships and falling skyscrapers. Not to mention face to face with Reaperized beings. But they managed to survive and live another day...For now.

    Leo (Human) - Where are we headed?

    Shuttle Evac Attendant (Turian) - We'll need to get to a Spaceport at Menera and board another evac ship before we leave the system. After that, we'll likely head for the Citadel. They're advising civilian traffic to head for systems that aren't under Reaper occupation. Don't know exactly where that would be at thsi point but they're sending in info about it.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Here I have a vid on my datapad. The Citadel's crammed with refugees.

    Leo (Human) - Better headed there than anywhere else, no where else seems as safe. We really just dodge a bullet there.

    Nelos (Salarian) - Let's try not doing that again.

    As they leave the planet, people begin to converse in a panicked sense as they desparately try to contact relatives in other systems. But with several severed system Comm buoys, they have little option but to wait.





    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.















    Yes, we're exploring two places in one, but one's more interesting than the other. Especially when you take into account that one's a gas giant. But unless you're at Austra, you have squat to look at.

    Along the fringes of the large Aerene solar system lies the planet Lera, a gas giant much smaller than Austra, Aerene's largest gas giant world. It was the first object that Asari pioneers and researchers first saw when they ventured into the unknown system after the Relay was illegally activated by an unknown Terminus outlaw group. The founding Asari later in the 1950s then decided to construct a fortified research station, set out to explore and observe the star systems of what was then the newly discovered Violet Nebula cluster. They're objective was mainly to observe the vacuum of space and find and chart planets in the Aerene system and closer surrounding star systems; eventually, if they were lucky enough, they would find another garden world for habitation in the process. In the following decades, the Asari who observed this region of space were without luck, finding no garden worlds, yet discovering a number of planets in the gas giant range, to worlds that were charted that had no viable atmosphere. It would only be in the later decades of the 2000s and 2100s that they would find more garden worlds than first expected. They would also find out that they would be beaten by the Human Race in finding a garden world that was right under the noses of the more technologically superior Asari.

    When the peak of interest in scouting for worlds and researching this region of space began to dissapate, the station was gradually abandoned, and funding was cut short, leaving it vacant. By then, a host of profitable Helium-3 and Hydrogen mining stations were setup, and their corporate owners had eyed the formerly designated Lera Outpost, with a confidence in the idea to repurpose the station for monetary gain. An Asari entrepreneur from the colony world of Illium set out to expand her activities from extraction, refinery and refueling in a dulled fuel depot environment to create a welcoming and more hospitable rest-stop and resort to cater the needs of those passing by the well used Lera Relay. With such an idea in mind, she saw the opportunity in using the vacant Lera Outpost, and sought to repurpose the station to her liking. These days, the station thrives as a refueling station, rest stop, and even opened to housing permanent to temporary citizens, further establishing a thriving commercial and trading culture on the Asari

    built station.

    The station in the later dates of renovation, was given a new designation by its new tennant. The Lera Gateway Station.


    The station is built quite high over Lera's atmosphere and ring system. The simplistic design of the station, though dulled, still gives it an elegant contemporary feel, and has won over its inhabitants and passing traffic, luring them to this hospitable station. Raids by Terminus Pirates are avoided as the station remains quite heavily fortified and small fleet guards the system. In the background, the Lera Mass Relay, the Violet Nebula's only connection to the wider Milky Way is seen floating over the gas giant. A number of ships seem to be arriving through the relay, indicated by the eminating linear blue lights.

    Around the station, several merchant freighter ships are navigating their way into and out of the station. Two ships are readying to enter the station docks for refueling. Meanwhile inside, people of all races in the galaxy come to call the station home. About 20,000 people live aboard the station and live their lives in solitude above the purple-pink gas giant planet below them.


    Meanwhile, in the gas giant's lower atmosphere, mass amounts of pressure generated by its thick gaseous atmosphere of varying elements have compacted the Hydrogen below into an almost liquid form. Here in sight is the closest thing Lera has to a surface. An ocean-like coverage of Hydrogen in metallic form sits, colorless, only given a purplish-pink hue due to the atmosphere's tint, though the reality of this would be that no light penetrates through the clouds far enough to illuminate this layer of metallic Hydrogen. Simply meaning that you wouldn't be able to observe this rather dull scene. Yet, here you are, looking at it. Nothing more than mere speculation.


    Lera Gateway Station, Lera / Aerene System / Violet Nebula -- 2186 C.E.



    Warnings of an incoming Reaper force blurted through sirens and warnings given by galactic authorities and nearby clusters. The inhabitants of the Lera Gateway station were in panic with the number of ships running low to evacuate its 20,000 inhabitants. Fleets were beginning to mobilize, some stationed alongside extraction facilities closer to Lera and some stationed with the LGS. Human manned fleets reinforcing the front were sent from Ferust to aid in evacuations and join the defending fleets.

    Unfortunately, time was running short, and luck wasn't on their side.


    Dozens of Reaper ships began to arrive through the Relay, and their numbers began to overwhelm the defending fleet. With little outside help, the various stations above Lera, including the LGS were left vulnerable to Reaper attack. The Reapers arriving through the Relay spared only a few ships to destroy the infrastructure of Lera, as they had more important worlds to attend to rather than waste time on an insignificant space station.

    The defending fleets' ships were no match for the Reapers, finding that their resistance was truly futile. The war over Lera remained nothing more than a spat for the Reapers, succeeding in destroying the stations. Explosions from above the planet began to brighten in the background, and when the Reapers sighted the Gateway station, an ominous red light tormented the civilians abored the station and fired on its protruding arms, knowing what would come next. Bit by bit, the station was decimated, and the thousands of civilians aboard the station killed in the process. The Reapers job was done here, and they could move on to more promising targets.

    ...The few ships that managed to escape the attacks lie in wait in the dark, in hopes that the Reapers don't spot them on a nearby moon. Once the Reapers left to target other systems, they retreated to the Lera Relay in hopes that they could find refuge on some other system, or the Citadel farther reaches of the Serpent Nebula...




    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.














    Welcome to the Human homeworld, Earth. Home to a crowded 11.4 billion people, the planet is clearly vastly overpopulated. Over the course of a hundred years, the number of nation states decreased when organizations and countries began to unify under new supreme governments and designations.

    The ocean levels have risen two meters, submerging low lying lands and the world's environment has been greatly disrupted causing vast climatic anomalies and severe repercussions after the damage Humans inflicted on the Earth between the early 20th century and the later 21st century. Fortunately, during the same hundred years, Humans have also been able to thrive after the discovery of the Prothean Ruins on Mars. This set for a more unified Human society, eliminating social and medical ills such as racial discrimination, genetic diseases and even improving the average life-span of a Human being. Unfortunately, for poorer regions of the planet, most are still stuck in poverty, poor health and are limited to 20th century advancement, though this does not impede economical development on a national level. And the economic development on global level has reached new heights, no longer bound by the confines of the Earth system.

    Meanwhile, in the United North American States, along the interstate in the Mojave Desert remains eerily quiet with little traffic in a particular area dozens of miles away from the city of Las Vegas.


    Just north of the interstate, lie two radio towers. These towers are largely unused by mainstream telecommunications as they're rendered outdated by the vast fiber-optic networks that span continents, the effective satellite communcations network and Quantum entanglement communication developed from 22nd century FTL technology. Radio communications is commonly instead used as a secondary option in times of crisis when vital telecommuncation networks are severed. Stations and towers like these are still maintained, but are not a sole focus and therefore have limited on-site workers who do nothing more than monitor and make regular maintenance checks around facilities. If any radio transmissions happen to come across, then they're there to manage it, yet this is no longer a common occurance.


    Just south of those radio towers is the interstate crossing the Mojave Desert in Nevada state. Several dozen miles from Las Vegas, and traffic seems scarce on what would be a more busy freeway. Alongside these much vacant roads are signage with holographic labels. Even when the billboard's from 1950, there's a holo-message there flickering.


    A seemingly rare scene in which little activity presents itself on the Mojave. Only can you see flickering holograms, a pimped sky-car and a lane-changing truck. Not much else.




    Thanks for viewing ME:TMW.








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