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I'm having so much trouble with my zones at the moment. Here's what's happening:


I keep getting the message "Not enough freight producers", which makes sense since I don't usually zone industrial - something I'm changing since this message started showing more and more. But no matter how much industrial I'm creating, it's not making that big of an impact. In fact, I find that I'm caught in a weird cycle right now.


I can't build more industrial because I don't have the residential population to fill jobs. I can't build more residential because of space issues, and the current residential population is moving out because there is not enough commercial. Commercial isn't doing well because there are not enough freight producers. How do I get out of this cycle?


I'm building an arcology at the moment hoping that that will make some sort of impact. The region I'm playing has 7 cities (5 inhabitied) and one Great Work zone.


Is anyone else having this problem, and how do I get around it?

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Is it a particular wealth level causing the grief? Sometimes I have found that upping the wealth of a bit of residential and commercial can fix some of these issues.

Are you needing to up the density of your residential to provide more workers?

I have had issues with the balance on the RCI and I think it comes down to the way the game builds what ever you zone regardless of demand.

So as an example you zone a bunch of industry and the game builds it. In SC4 you could zone beyond demand and it just wouldn't develop. In a lot of ways this system was more forgiving (or in my case idiot proof!).

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks for your reply.


    Not sure if any particular wealth level are creating the problem, though I do have mostly medium-wealth inhabitants. Also, since there are less sims taking up the space usually inhabited by a lot more lower wealth sims, there are jobs that now don't get filled, so my industry basically slows down and goes abandoned. I've tried upping the density, but in the past this effect was immediate, whereas now it takes quite a long time to up density.


    I agree that the SC4 system was more forgiving - and I'm sure this will get sorted out in time.


    Thanks again -

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    I built a 600k RCI city yesterday and noticed traffic has major impact on the demand cycles.  Make sure you have enough mass transit and you don't zone by RC or I heavily in one area only.


    Also, ignore what the helper says, go into the population menu, change to details and see what the freight producers say for numbers.

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    Can I have a screenshot of the city? I'd think it'd benefit me and you if you posted one :) but try upping the wealth level like Noobi-Wan said above. 

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    I've heard balancing RCI at higher levels is very hard if not impossible. Something to do with higher density industrial not producing enough freight. The important part is that everything functions.


    - It's better to have unfilled jobs then it is to have workless sims

    - It's better to have too few freight then it is to have too many

    - It's better to have too many shoppers then too few

    - Learn to ignore the 'not enough freight' message, just check if your commercial is happy enough


    - Arcologies provide extra workers

    - Trade depots can accept extra freight (with the addons)

    - The new House of Worships can accept extra shoppers

    - Tourism can provide extra shoppers

    - A smooth traffic flow is vital to good RCI balance


    If your zones are being abandoned, check the happiness tab (smiley icon on the bottom). If residential is moving out because of the lack of commercial, maybe you can take away another annoyance they have to compensate. Lowering taxes on struggling zones also works well.

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    Agreed, go in the details and balance the equation. Educate your Sims, police them, and keep them healthy. If they are building on polluted ground, delete them and clean it up. Your Sims will be happier and they will be more efficient. Take out loans if necessary or gift from another city. It takes a few hours but it will balance itself that way.

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