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MOD: University Pedestrian Paths in the Roads menu

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Lekker Bezig! epic mod! , will you also be able to do this for the service roads( the one's only service vehicles can drive on)?

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Awesome :)


I don't see why this would be a problem, you could plop a University and then draw the paths, so it doesn't add anything brand new. Just makes it a heck of a lot easier to use.

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  • Original Poster
  • I don't see why this would be a problem, you could plop a University and then draw the paths, so it doesn't add anything brand new. Just makes it a heck of a lot easier to use.

    I don't think it'll be a problem either, but so far Maxis and EA have been unclear about what's 'officially' allowed and what isn't. We'll soon be able to introduce things that might potentially influence the leaderboards (when they finally get enabled again), so it'll be good to have word from Maxis themselves. I've tweeted Ocean and Dan - hopefully they can clear something up for us.

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    awesome. Thankyou!


    ..would love to have an alleyway for only utlities, like trash, recycling, deliveries.

    Agreed! Just yesterday, I created a new city but I could not plop an oil well since there was no oil present there. But I needed its service road for my delivery trucks due to some traffic here and there. Anyways, nice work op!

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    I simply don't care if Maxis allows it or not. If a mod is available (or doable if I want to do it by myself) and I want to try it, I will (on my private region btw).

    I want my simcity to be modable... Maxis choose to insist on the online aspect of the game, which complicate the "approach" they'll do with mods, but that's not my problem, that's theirs... Mods are doable/available and I want to try them ? I'll do. Maxis is unhappy? just give us an offline patch and stop whining us with lame excuses for not doing so.

    I also don't want to limit the term "mod" to some retexturing/redesing of some bats, I want them to be able to affect the gameplay mechanics, and Maxis already started calling that kind of mods "hacks", which they are not... They're additionnal gamedata loaded just like other gamedata, so they're mods. no matter if they so poorly coded the data loading engine that it's able to affect some mechanism they don't want to.

    I bought a product, I see no reason for not being able to use it as I want and not as I'm dictated to want. At least as long as I don't play in public games. If they wanted to do a closed-environment game, they should not have done it on pc, but on consoles.

    Btw, nice to have a little road for pedestrians available in the road menu.

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    Nice work, oppie! I was hoping Maxis would add the option to build paths on that menu - the community got there first!


    EDIT: Can you place parks along paths? That would be a whole extra dimension of awesome.

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    Does this overwrite a game file? So If I save a copy and add this it won't mess up I am guessing. Do updates reinstall the original file or will this not be a problem to have to keep putting back.

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