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  1. Maxis announces SimCity offline mode

    Glassbox concept is not bad, it's even good. It's just not suited at all for a simcity-scaled game. However it would be perfect for a Simtower remake or a Theme Park remake imho.
  2. Engineering SimCity for Offline Play

    The game is not in java... It just uses NodeJS as a scripting engine... It does not require javavm to run, so it's not in java, period. Sad to see Maxis/EA still don't understand after all this time that tons of people of the Simcity franchise fanbase are geeks and they can't fool them with such open lies about verifiable technical points to try to justify extremely slow work (which took a week to do for a modder at game launch). And even more sad to see that some people still do believe them. Offline mode is a good thing, however it's too late now. Only decent map size combined with offline mode could save the game. and decent map size is not comming because glassbox is way too heavy to handle it, and will always be. The only way to get it would be to get rid of glassbox, and go back to a non-individual approach... And since the "individual" aspect of the game sims is a lie since numbers are fudged, it would be a good thing to step back to "macromanagement" instead of fake-individualized simulation. btw that's not happening for this game. You can hope for it for a new simcity in the future, but I wouldn't count on it as long as it's EA who take decisions in the end. EA only cares about their wallet, and the game sold, thanks to it's name only, so basically, they are happy with it now.
  3. Maxis announces SimCity offline mode

    The game was never designed to outsource any calculation to server side. Would have been a non-sense and cost tons of ressources on servers. That lie has been demonstrated almost at game launch, google it and you'll find it. Btw, it's not the only lie EA/Maxis gave us about this "game". Well, I tend to agree with some other comments here, offline mode is a good thing, but it comes too late to save the game imho, and is pointless as long as the maps stay so tiny, and there's no plan to make them bigger (mainly because glassbox is too heavy and isn't adapted to a massive-scale of population like a real simcity would require. promising to manage each individual sim instead of macro-managing them was the biggest conceptual mistakes they did for Simcity... btw, this promise is broken too. pop numbers are fudged except with low-population towns (I can't call them cities due to the size). So, basically, the biggest obstacle to have bigger maps, is glassbox itself. The glassbox concept is great, but it's not suited for a simcity game. The way it works implies forcing you to connect your town to highway, and to nothing else, because you basically have only one entrance point, and we end up with tons of workaround like that. Glassbox would have been perfect for a game like a remake of SimTower, with lower number of sims to manage, and less problems like "1 entrance point" to work around with. It seemed obvious to anyone who already made some game developpement since the very beginning when they announced the game and the way glassbox worked than they were aiming too big to make a proper simcity without having silly limitations like we now have. Many stated it during the game developpement, and as usual, they just ignored those remarks. "Told ya !" Well, short version: Good thing to have offline mode, but too late imho, and I won't come back to the game now since I see no interest in it compared to sc4. sc13 is dead for me... and has been since launch. Maybe if a such glassboxish approach was taken in something like 10 years in the future, when we have better hardware and more ram to address, our comps would have been powerfull enough to sustain glassbox with decent map sizes, however, we're far from that point, and the game is doomed by it's limitation. The best we can hope is that they don't sustain it for too long, and start working on a new, more smartly thinked, macro-managed real simcity (and not casual like this one).
  4. SimCity Update 5 Coming

    One thing is for sure, if you do nothing, resign, and accept it like you suggest, nothing will ever change and worse, things will not improve with next games. That's exactly what EA wants... pass things under silences. And apparently, it worked with you.
  5. SimCity Update 5 Coming

    Another useless patch with no changes that were requested by players. Nice to see how EA keeps listenning to their custommers. - Engine fixing ? - Bigger maps ? - Offline mode ? - Mods ? No matter what you want us to believe EA, most of us will always consider Simcity games as Solo experience before anything. most of us don't care about multiplayer. And no matter what you say, SC is not an mmo and will never be.
  6. EA Wants to Stop Being 'Hated'

    Acts speaks more than words Mr Gibeau. SC is still broken, it's still pointlessly enforced online and the game engine prevents you from manually loading/saving your game, making try fail and retry impossible, watching disasters and rolling back impossible, ... If EA was sincere about their care for custommers and good will, they would have proven it already, by at least announcing the game will be offline later. There is still NO plan about that, custommers still want it from day one... No words about modding, no plan for bigger maps... Worse than everything, they keep pushing on features THEY want and most players don't care, "improving the multiplayer experience". Short version: They pretend to care but they keep camping on their opinion, not caring about what their custommers want. That's a good start for a third Worst Company trophy next year. And don't forget since launch, there have been more DLC released than really critical fixes in the game engine or granting custommers wishes. So, I don't buy it. EA, you're just plain liars, and all you do is killing all your blockbuster licences one by one. If you bankrupt, it would be deserved, and no one would cry you. If you really want to improve your image, stop plainly lying to your custommers, and give them what they want. Words don't prove anything. Acts do. and at this time, acts does not show your good will... it's the opposite. After all the fiascos during recent years, and after seing how you insulted some great licences (Syndicate, Simcity, Dungeon Keeper (even if not outside asia atm), and many more), I won't buy any EA game until they stop to: Online enforcing, Microtransactions enforcing, casualing your games, and removing content from base game to sell it as a dlc. There are enough other companies and even indies who does not do that, or in very low proportions compared to EA.
  7. SimCity Pacing

    I miss the days when Maxis developped SimCity Games with fun gameplay without tons of online crap that almost no one wants. I miss the days when Maxis cared about their players and weren't trying to explain players "They don't know how to play" when they don't enjoy gameplay. I miss the days when "Sim" meaned Simulation. I miss Will Wright.
  8. EA Wants to Stop Being 'Hated'

    What Mr Gibeau don't understand, is that their acts speak much more than their unrevelant speeches. If EA was really concerned about that and really listen to the public, SC would be offline already, and would not have so ridiculously tiny maps (among other things). They would also admit their lies, and lies from Maxis that went around Simcity, and appologies about them. Instead, they add more and more lies each time they speak about it. So basically, they do nothing to "not being hated".
  9. Helsinki: So, instead of complaining about the scandalous online drm like everyone, you embrace it, caution it, and even want to be milked more? You shouldn't have to buy dlc to sustain servers, since this game shouldn't require servers. So, are you ironising or are you a good sheep to EA that makes them everytime think their tactic succeeded and so make worse next time ? If you're in the last situation, you should really rethink... It's that kind of behaviour that leads with more and more scandalous tactics with time, the more people like this there is, the more doomed is the video game future. What will be next ? and EULA into a game allowing the company to rape and kill you if you do something they don't want you to ?
  10. SimCity Update 3.0 Coming

    Matthew: The animation and displayed objects on screen has almost nothing to do with the simulation's raw performances. It's not the same chip on your computer that manages them. Yes, the map size is a dumbing down due to perfs issues on large maps and the heavylyness of their broken glassbox engine, but this has nothing to do with animation, zooming, whatever... Btw, view distance/objects are tweakable in SC4, so basically you can have everything animated constantly with max zoom out... And if you combine with "Persistent automata mod", you have individual cars which don't disappear, just like in SC2013. And it stills runs smoothly. animating 10000+ objects (well, in sc13 it's more like 100k-500k, but that would still applies) is nothing for your graphic card. So short version, glassbox is crap, it's not performant, and has constantly to deal with realism+features vs perfs compromises. It's a great idea on concept, but as I said in many posts the day EA announced SC2013, nowadays, that concept is vowed to fail, because it simply comes about 10 years too soon for our average hardware performances and ram quantity. It was obvious to me when they introduced Glassbox. Lack of pre-coding analysis @maxis maybe ? If you ask me, they should have tested glassbox with a remake of another smaller franchise before jumping into the big too-soon-released simcity... A remake of SimTower would have been the perfect scale to test, fix, and optimize glassbox. And during that phase, our hardwares would have improved, and so, when they'd start working on simcity 1 or 2 years later, custommers would have less to suffer from the realism+features vs perfs compromises.
  11. Sims 4 Announced For 2014

    Sims 3 came out a few years ago, I was disapointed seing the countless bugs and map design (well, pathfinding if you prefer) issues and the graphics dumbed down since TS2. Well, that part was forgivable for me... But I was even more disapointed when noticing that 1) The game only provide a 32 bits .exe (so, a heavyly mod-intensive game which would have use for tons of rams and potentially loaded data is limited to 2 gigs of usable ram ingame, that's a shame !), and that the game wasn't coded in a "Threaded" approach, (so, with the game single threaded, your CPU only uses 1 core/thread, so 25% of my cpu power in my case). This leads in some weirds situations where the game freeze temporarly (I refer to pathfinding issues) where that bug would have not be noticeable with threaded code. I had the same disapointments (I mean the technical ones... 32 bits + not threaded) 2 months ago when Simcity is released, I expect to have the same disapointment with TS4 release. Don't expect me to buy it this time EA. I won't let you fool me anymore. I won't buy any of your game until you stop coding them in prehistorical ways or lazyly recycling your old game engine without putting their technical low level approach up to date. If you don't know how to compile 64 bits exes or to code a threaded engine, hire me, i'll show you how easy to do it is and how ridiculous it is to not do it nowadays Your games engine should have integrated those 2 features for at the very least 5 years now. Stop living in the past. You can't milk your custommers the way you like without keeping up to date. Your custommers now have too much other griefs against you to be as forgivable about that than they were until now.
  12. If they fixed bugs or broken game concepts at the speed they released dlc until now, the game would be playable atm, and the sim wouldn't be as broken as it still is. Good to see what EA priorities are, and that my hate about them since the game release was perfectly legit.
  13. SimCity Update 3.0 Coming

    ". • Traffic: Vehicles can now make right turns on Red. This should improve some cases of traffic. " omg, wtf?!? The game mechanics are soo poor and crappy they have to do such compromises with realism in attempt to make a decent gameplay ? Cmon... Just learn to code pathfinders, and to code threaded games so the game could use more than 1 core, and provide a 64 bit exe, so the game can use more ram, and you can do bigger maps... Oh, and get rid of that online requirement, I won't play anymore except to troll the changes when there is a patch until the game is playable offline.
  14. 2.0 - Initial Observations

    2.0 is a disapointment to me. Yes, it improves some things, and traffic is a bit better... and some things such bugged recycling center were fixed... But that's just a big hotfixes compilation, in no ways it desserves a major version number change. numbering it 2.0 is just another method of fooling us. Here's a few tests i've done: - Residential only cities are still doable with low taxes + parks + no services, even if a bit harder than before to do, the RCI demand graphic is more accurate (0 demand for res, 100% for ind and com in the residential city I made), but res still grow with no apparent limit when I add some zones. (only city in my region, so C/I were not compensated somewhere else in the region) - A test city I built before patch had several vehicles (the trucks that comes from the outside to populate your houses once they've been built) stuck in a loop, making infinite u turns between 2 intersections with no apparent reason. Those vehicles still do that now. - I have another test city in a region with a solar central as superproject, which occasionnally trigger an event "Fire at the central ! 24 hours to stop it." and guess what ? I extinguish the fire 100% of the times the event triggers, but.... I have 0 fire departments. - City busses, garbage cars and tram still rush to the same stop/spot most of time, even if sometimes in smaller packs than before. - Pop numbers are still tricky, the detail tab is still not even close to the (fudged) population number. - I still noted some rushes to the same nearest job/house causing useless traffic jams, however, I didn't tested that deeply, can't say if they still change jobs / house each day yet. And those traffic jams seems, at least on first view, less jamming than before. - Speaking about traffic jams, the traffic lights/stop change on medium density roads caused troubles to some of my test cities. Why not simply giving players the choice for stop/lights? and while we're here, the zone density ? That would make everyone happy about that point... Maybe EA/Maxis simply don't want us to have freedom in the game ? and they want us to enjoy it with all it's limitations ? Maybe they think Simcity is not about City management ? (because decisions such as stop vs lights is typically management). Please, stop dumbing down your games. They don't need to be accessible to the point a retarded monkey could play. It's simcity, it's supposed to be complex. Well, I've done those tests in a ~2 hours session, but was too disapointed to play longer... So, I have not tested all problematic scenarios, but basically, it's obvious to me that the game is almost as broken as it was before this patch. and I insist about the fact this patch should not have been numbered 2.0, just like this game shouldn't have been named Simcity. Sad to see that one of the original "slogans" for previous simcities was "Build the city of your dreams !" has become "Build the city we want you to dream about" with this reboot. EDIT: Before patch release, they pretended to have addressed issues most frequently reported by players, giving the impression they listen to the community... But when I read the changelog, except for a very few points, I only see trivial changes that no one complained about. When will they stop considering us dumber than we are ?
  15. no, we don't need to be able to save/load from the server. What we need is an offline mode for single player, which allows to save cities locally, period. If EA and maxis were sincere about "DRM Sucks, the always online is not a DRM", they would have done it already. All they need to do it is store some basic values about region play locally, then put the save .package in some persistent local directory instead of uploading it to the server (yes, the saves are composed locally, so basically, "uploading them to the server" is an unnecessary, problematic, and annoying step in the saving process). Fact is, Maxis/EA prefer to either remain silent about things they want but makes players angry, either they lie openly, repeating the sames lies over and over until we either believe them or just don't care about it anymore... We must not let that happen. We must keep making our opinion heard until EA/Maxis stops their abusive lies and give player what they want, otherwise, this game is doomed. I simply will not play it again, except some short times to test new major patches (and probably be disapointed with them, just like I was for 2.0), until the game is offline, allows local saves/load file based, and moddable without the threat of bans for modding.