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  1. IncGamers: Cities: Skylines Infrastructure highlights

    Everything about the game looks as if it was crafted to make you think "SC 2013 but without everything that made it bad". The UI looks almost identical and the graphics look very similar. Very excited to see how it will turn out.
  2. SimCity BuildIt announced

    There is no SimCity 4 mobile. What you're referring to is SimCity 3000 reskinned to look like SC4.
  3. What I wonder is how much EA is paying them. The video just throws kind word after kind word to SimCity. One does not simply do that without being EA payed.

    Probably should have removed it from the front page...
  5. police heilpad for small staion

    Perhaps you could make the heli ploppable on jail cells?
  6. 2 clean coal plants would actually be a little cheaper than 1 clean oil plant, except that the major expense is the importing of fossil fuel. It would cost 1.5 times as much to ship in enough coal for two plants than enough oil for one, ignoring the fact that oil usage decreases with tech level on oil, as opposed to increasing with tech level on coal. tl;dr Use clean oil instead of clean coal.
  7. Nope, the game server doesn't recognize them as being connected and therefore doesn't simulate anything between them.
  8. The High School

    :? I arez confused...
  9. City gets abducted by aliens.

    Mother of all city loading bugs!
  10. Bag of Trix

    Have you put it in your data folder?
  11. Shoo EA plant, nobody likes you. Anyway, I had this happen to me. I just re-specialized in electronics. My, that worked out TOO well...
  12. Nope. No snap points for other buildings either.