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I was just wondering if anyone knows how to send feedback to EA? A group of friends and I had met to start a new region and the sever went offline some  20 mins later. I think it would be great if they could at least warn you when signing that the sever is scheduled for maintenance, or with a pop up that the sever is going offline in 5 mins. If STO and others online games manage it, EA should be able to provide this simply service as well. Its better than simply kicking the users without warning and pushing the frustration factor unnecessarily



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I can guarantee that as long as your feedback is not in line with the desired affirmation of EA's strategic directives your feedback will never make it up any sort of internal foodchain whatsoever. As I understand this is still part of EA's communications policies. 

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      For what I’m trying to accomplish, as far as I can tell, I should be using either SC4 Tool or the iLive Reader. I would like to be able to edit certain parameters of buildings in the game. For example, changing the radius for police, fire, education, etc. I would also like to change how much power is generated from power plants, how much water is generated by water pumps and towers, etc. Basically do everything (hopefully) that can be done in SimCity 3000 here.
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      Trying to learn to mod, and I've set myself a project: to automatically populate police stations with different names. Eventually to be extended to other service buildings, along the lines of transit rename mods. So for starters, they would simply get numbers: Police Station #1, Police Station #2, etc. Fancier schemes later (maybe).
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      hi all... i hv just created a custom building from scratch to end.. which included downloading sketchup pro, gmax, bat, plugin manager, lot editor and so and so..the end result was fine.. i made Aladdin Hotel and Casino from the 90s vegas.. using castle castle hotel and casino mod lot...some props were there... i ws in a hurry to test it in the game after placing my building to the lot.. now when i entered i SC4 Deluxe game... and placed the lot in my city... the props were all there but the main building which i placed wsnt.... what should i do????? please help step by step as im very new to the DIY scene.. i wanted to create and showcase my own creation of las vegas as we lack alot of hotels and casinos and resorts and  neon lights for the casino/holiday town! please help me someone!
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      I get this error message after installing  and run the game.
      Hope someone helps.
      Thanks in advance 

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